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Weekly Horoscope for July 7th - July 13th, 2019

I am shifting things up with the Mercury retrograde which starts today and makes us reevaluate how we 'do' things. I will post daily Tarot on Facebook and Instagram pages, so make sure to follow me there. On this website page you will see the Weekly Astrology. The them for this week is intense crunchiness! Those who follow me regularly know exactly what this means. While I break the energy down by day you will likely feel this both before and after the actual transit. This is an intense week. There will be lot's of disruptions and surprises. But that just means change is on the horizon and we are being led in a new and better direction. Let's get to it shall we.

Sunday has Mercury beginning his retrograde motion in the sign of Leo. For the next 3 weeks or so we are looking more within to get ourselves refocused in the areas in our chart that have Leo and Cancer energy. This means not just the sign, but the planets that are associated with them. So be prepared as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up in about a week is going to be intense as Leo is the Sun, and Cancer is the Moon, and they are both getting a reboot. During this retrograde it is best to re-do things, revisit things, and ignore those past loves who try to show back up in your life. Unless they have changed in some way, the outcome will be the same. And the lessons you learn all week will be from this past relationship. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Monday Mercury who is now retrograde is slamming into Mars today, as he is flying forward and Mercury is headed backwards. Well not literally of course, but energetically it might feel like it. This is your desire to do something being stopped by your thoughts. But all Mercury really wants you to accomplish here is learning from the past before you act. Slow down and think this thing through. Also big news today is Venus in a sextile to Uranus bringing us a surprise in love, while it squares both Chiron and the Moon. Mars is saying hey we don't need this emotional baggage, let's just run away!!! But everyone else is saying hold on a minute, we need to deal with these emotions once and for all. This is meant to heal you, so pay attention to the wound. It it time to let this festering thing be put out of it's misery. Do the work.

Tuesday the Sun is conjunct with the North Node at 17 degrees and opposing the South Node which is conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. There is a showdown about to happen between home and family. Between the Government and the People. Both of these energies will form a Tsquare to the Moon in Libra. The way out of this tension is a solution that is fair and balanced for all involved. This is legislation that is passed for example that breaks with the tradition of big business and supports families instead. The fate train is showing up today and blowing it's horn extremely loud and it will be heard!

Wednesday Mars will get past Mercury and trine over to Chiron at 5 degrees. 5 is about change, Chiron is about healing and Mars is about taking action. You can potentially finish healing that wound that was opened up earlier in the week. But you must act. And you can't act like you have in the past. Mercury is extremely slow right now as it has just started its retrograde, so you should be slow and methodical as well. When we rush ahead is when things go haywire during a Mercury retrograde. Slow it down Sister/Mister.

Thursday we have a grand water trine between the Sun, the Moon and Neptune. This has us feeling really good, and emotional, and creative. When I see someone with a trine in their Natal chart, I usually see a very successful person, as long as they apply themselves. So when you apply yourself today you can celebrate a win. Now so we don't go run off willy nilly here, the exact square between Mars and Uranus is making things a bit shaky at the 6 degree mark. This is the intense energy that is causing the ground to shake, things to blow up, it is very unstable. So you really need to use that trine energy to avoid being sucked in by Mars and Uranus throwing bombs and thunderbolts at each other. Mars does not like his plans being disrupted, but you know what they say, just when you have a great plan, the Universe comes along to laugh in your face. Uranus says your plan must benefit others not just yourself, and when it does we can all play nice in the sand box.

Friday we have a Fire trine with the Moon, Mercury and Chiron. This turns the heat up in our conversations, our emotions, our desire to heal something, anything. We need action today. And with Uranus and Mars still battling it out this could be a very intense day. The kind of day where I say watch what you say, drive slowly and wear a seatbelt, if you are flying bless the plane for a smooth flight, and get moving. Fire energy needs you to take action, if you don't the fire from within can be quite intense and find an inappropriate outlet. You might just see some left over 4th of July fireworks today.

Saturday as if this week hasn't been intense enough we have the Sun standing across the sky from Pluto, who really doesn't appreciate having the light shine down on him. Pluto has been in retrograde for sometime now so the need to be going within and finding our power is really strong. But the Sun comes along to say hey, you need to remember to lift your head up and come out of the underworld once in awhile. There are important things going on around you and they need to be seen and dealt with. The ego Sun is looking for a way to balance it's inner and outer power. As with any opposition if you are out of balance you will be shown where, and then shown how to bring yourself back. Jupiter is conjunct the Moon today showing us the way through this battle is by tuning into our emotions and our intuition. Seeing the unseen, and having faith.

All of this is pushing you to bring something very emotional to closure with the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Trust me after this week you are really going to be ready to let something or someone go.

Love and Light!

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