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September 2021 Monthly Forecast

August ended off with a major shift amid the 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius, also known as the Blue Moon. As September begins we will have a New Moon in Virgo on the 6th and a Full Moon at the last degrees of Pisces on the 20th. This also around the time that Mercury will be in its shadow period before it goes retrograde on the 26th which will be its final retrograde of the year. For more details about each day’s energy please see my Facebook page or Instagram. Below are some of the highlights for the month ahead.

September 3rd - the Sun and Chiron are inconjunct which means trying to heal our ego wounds isn’t all that easy. We really have to make an effort to not feel hurt by some perceived failure. At the same time Mars is opposing Neptune so our actions might be out of sync with what your spiritual guides are trying to get you to actually do. As if that wasn’t enough even Venus and Neptune are making a weird angle to one another. And the Moon is opposing Saturn. Let’s just say the energy on this day is intense and super crunchy! This is a day to not over react, to sit with whatever is showing up and don’t take the bait! This too shall pass, in a few days anyway.

September 6th – the New Moon in Virgo happens at 14 degrees of the sign, which means it is in an exact trine with Uranus who is now in retrograde motion. Once again, our new beginnings may come along with a bit of a surprise or twist. The ruler of the New Moon is Mercury and this planet will just be entering its shadow period for its upcoming retrograde in the sign of Libra. It will also be trine with Saturn, which means you are supported in new ways of thinking, or communicating, possibly signing new contracts. Venus and Jupiter are in positive contact which gives you a blessing in the Air signs of Libra and Aquarius. You and your lover are supported by your friend group, hmmm I am sensing some engagements happening out there. But only if Pluto approves since it is squaring Venus and doesn’t necessarily want her getting away and being all happy and stuff. And Mars is also making a trine to Pluto, so someone in power is completely fired up. Which also could be the earth in general. See my writeup in a few weeks on what to expect for all the signs. And if you want a little extra help tuning into the energy of Virgo, check out my hypnosis track here.

September 9th – Venus will meet up with the Moon today and we are feeling all the love, which we need to hang onto. Tomorrow Venus will drop into her least favorite sign of Scorpio, where she is at her fall or detriment, or basically feels like she is in hell. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and couldn’t be happier to make Venus face her fears. What if she loses all her money, her material things, her beauty?? Can she still be loved without all of those things?? The answer is YES. Love is on the inside. You meant to go deeper to connect at a deeper level beyond the superficial. But it’s going to take a few weeks for that to work itself out. So, take advantage of this day.

September 13th – Mars is at the last degree of Virgo which intensifies the energy. I always imagine the energy like the wind behind a door slamming closed, as the planets move into the different signs. Take advantage of the boost to your health, to your projects, and to getting all those little details buttoned up. The next day Mars moves into the sign of Libra and gives a boost to our relationships, while Venus is making an odd angle with the North Node. Something about your relationships has to change. If you want to explore the passion in your relationships or get active with your partner now is the time.

September 16th – the Sun and Pluto align which has someone’s ego powered up. Now if you need a boost to your self confidence in order to tackle a personal goal this is your day. Especially if there is something from the past you are finally ready to deal with. Jupiter in Aquarius is attempting to keep your ego from getting out of control. What you do has to take into account other people’s feelings and needs. Adding more edginess to the day is the square between Venus and Saturn, love and finances are feeling somewhat restricted. Venus is already unhappy in Scorpio and this is not helping. This is like being in trouble with your dad and then grandpa comes over to make you feel even worse about yourself. Thanks a lot Saturn. Bugger off! His visit is a short one so hang in there!

September 17th – Mercury is making a weird angle, or inconjunct with Neptune. You are simply not thinking clearly. Those rose-colored glasses will not serve you. Don’t sign any contracts that are binding on a day like today. Pluto and the Sun are still making you feel invincible but you are not, so don’t be deceived.

September 18th – now you are thinking more clearly as Jupiter and Mercury meet up in a trine. Jupiter is expanding your mind, which expands how you think and how you communicate. Mars is also making positive contact with the Nodes. This could be the beginning of a fated partnership of some kind. Venus and Chiron are inconjunct today though so the start of the partnership might be really strange.

September 20th – The Full Moon in Pisces happens with the Moon at 28 degrees of the sign while the Sun is at 28 degrees of Virgo. Pisces rules our spirituality, psychic abilities, large institutions and far away places. There is a lot of past life karma involved in this sign as well. With the Sun in Virgo we are balancing the demands of daily life with our need for spiritual connection. We could also be struggling with the need to take care of things at home while someone in a foreign country or far away from you at least needs your help. Perhaps you are completing some sort of spiritual quest. Pisces is a sign that rules medicines, so maybe some good news finally about the virus. Mercury will still be trine with Jupiter, but Venus will be exact in her disconnect with Chiron. Mars is also still making positive contact with the Nodes. Fate is playing a big part in this Full Moon. You just have to follow through and take the action you are meant to take at this time. You can see my full write up for more details for every sign.

September 22nd – right after the Full Moon the Sun will finish its time in the sign of Virgo and head the very next day into the sign of Libra. We feel successful in relationships, we are shining even, in our relationships and partnerships now. Mercury and Pluto are squaring off so we are feeling some pressure to change our mind about something, but we are not inclined to at the moment. Venus is also opposing Uranus who is in her home sign, and this makes the energy of breaking free rather intense today. There is just so much emotional baggage to work through right now, but if you do the work it will be worth it I promise.

September 25th – Mars and Saturn are meeting up in a trine at 7 degrees. Both are in Air Signs, and both are not so nice. While the connection between the two is positive this is like the bad guy egging on the other bad guy to be even badder. Now if you need to be disciplined and motivated today this is a good thing. If you need to do bad things, it is not a good day for some people. The Moon will round out the energies and form a Grand Air Trine, so there is the potential for some kind of emotional break through, but the Moon is definitely over powered by the other two. In your personal life you just need to apply yourself and then a goal can be achieved. Just please use your powers for good today. The Sun making positive contact with the Nodes is a shining beacon of hope that the day will turn out for the best.

September 27th – Mercury is now officially retrograde at 25 degrees of the sign of Libra. This means for the next 3 weeks we are going to review our serious relationships and partnerships, and how we relate to the most important people in our lives. The square to Pluto says we have to figure out how to take our power back in our relationships, and stop being taken advantage of. Of major significance is the Grand Air Trine now between Mercury, the Moon and Jupiter. There are some very important relationships that can be revisited during this retrograde. People coming back from the past that will help you achieve your goals. Just remember it is 3 weeks long for a reason, you need to do a thorough review. Don’t just jump in head first and not look at all the facts.

September 29th – Venus in Scorpio at 21 degrees is making a trine over to Neptune at 21 degrees of Pisces. This is some very dreamy lovey dovey energy that has something to do with the past. Could be a past love come back to pay you a visit. Just remember Neptune is pretty foggy and can be a bit deceptive and it is retrograde season. Don’t do anything you will regret in the morning. They will actually end up forming yet another Grand Trine but this one is in the Water signs as the Moon will be in Cancer. There is the potential to achieve an emotional goal of some kind. The opposition to Pluto from the Moon, will jolt you back into reality if you are kidding yourself about anything today.

September 30th – Venus will make a square to Jupiter at 22 degrees. The two benefics in a square is not a harsh square. But there is something involving your values that needs to be adjusted. The square between Pluto and Mercury reinforces this as well. That situation in the past where you abandoned your values and worth just to stay in that relationship, not going to work for you anymore.

October preview – things are going to start moving forward again as Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury all end their retrogrades. In fact, Pluto ends its retrograde with the New Moon in Libra. Talk about a powerful new beginning in relationships on October 6th. Then the Full Moon will happen in Aries on the 20th. Before we know it Eclipse season and the holiday’s will be upon us. Where has this year gone???

Love and Light!

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