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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Aquarius Full Moon August 3rd, 2020

At 11:58 am ET/8:58 am PT we will have a full Moon in Aquarius. The sign of Aquarius is the symbol of a woman carrying water to the people, the water bearer. But it is an air sign, which rules communication, the astrological symbol for Aquarius looks like to waves. It is a fixed sign, so set in its ways. Its planet ruler is Uranus, along with the traditional ruler Saturn. And it rules the 11th house.

When we have a full moon in Aquarius we are looking to bring to fullness things relating to the planet Uranus. Innovation, humanitarian causes, friends, groups, benefactors, all can show up for you in very unexpected and surprising ways. Uranus likes to use shock and awe to help us along our path.

A full moon in Aquarius means the Sun will be opposite the Moon in Leo, this creates opposition energy. Learning to balance the two energies together is what helps you achieve your full moon goals. Leo represents the self, while Aquarius represents the people. It is me versus we energy. The question is, how do you balance your personal needs with the needs of others?

The Full Moon occurs at 11 degrees and 46 minutes. Anytime we see an 11 there is a portal opening up. Sitting at 10 degrees and 38 minutes of Taurus is the ruler of the Full Moon, Uranus. This position creates what we call a T-square because all three are 90 degrees apart from each other. Squares create a need for change, and T-squares cause a lot of pressure to ensure the change happens. Wherever you have Leo, Aquarius and Taurus in your personal chart is where you are most likely to be feeling an intense need to change. Uranus creates the release point between the Sun and Moon, this means you have to be open to sudden and drastic changes. Of course, this means Uranus in the Earth sign of Taurus is releasing pressure on the earth. This is the weather getting a little crazy. Earthquakes, lightning storms, and hurricanes. These three are the only one’s directly involved in the Full Moon energy. But, what is going on with the other planets at this time will still have impact. The asteroid Chiron is at 9 degrees of Aries, and in retrograde. This makes a sextile to the Moon and a trine to the Sun. The message here is to use our own identity wounds to help others through the disruptions this Full Moon can cause. which pushes us to get outside ourself and see the way our individual pain actually unites us.

Mercury at 27 degrees of Cancer is directly opposite Saturn, the other ruler of Aquarius, and the planet is still in retrograde in Capricorn. This is a challenge to free speech, free thought, a battle between women versus men. Saturn has no problem with any of those things, but he does have a problem with just running around saying anything you want, but having no purpose with your words. To resolve this opposition, you need to put some thought behind your speech. It has to have a purpose, and it has to support your family, not just yourself.

The North and South Node are sitting at 28 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. This puts Mercury inconjunct with the South Node and Saturn inconjunct with the North Node. This again is pushing you to change course. And Venus is right there out of retrograde and within 2 degrees of the North Node. If you are not aligned with your values or your love life, your finances, this is a wakeup call from the North Node. You can’t just ignore the lessons of the South Node, you can’t keep repeating the mistakes from the past either. Relationships not in alignment may reach a conclusion now so you can find the partner meant for you.

The sextile between Jupiter and Neptune gives this Full Moon a connection to spirit. It could also give some a place to escape, so if you struggle with that you need to plan ahead. Used wisely it helps you see the bigger picture, be open to the changes making their way in, and allows you to trust in a higher power.

Let’s look at what you can bring to closure with this Full Moon in Aquarius based on your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign. Keep in mind these are just generalized statements. To know what impact this has to you it is best to get a reading so you understand your birth chart and where the houses are aligned. If you do not know where these planets fall in your houses, it is a best practice to read the sign ahead and behind yours in order to understand all the potential influences

Aquarius – this full moon in your first house of self, pushes you to make a personal change. You are valuing your needs over the needs of others you are in relationship with or in partnership with because the Sun is sitting in your 7th house of relationships. The pressure is being felt at home and it is here you need to make a change. Uranus sitting in your 4th house will help to shake things up at home. Maybe even literally. Best go check the China now.

Pisces – with the Moon in your 12th house and the Sun in your 6th you are doing work to release something hidden. Not everything needs to be clean and organized and structured. There is power in the unseen as well. The 3rd house is where the pressure is. This could bring in some shocking news that pushes you to make a change in your daily life. Forces you to make a change within a large institution you are associated with.

Aries – the 11th house is where Uranus rules naturally. This gives extra emphasis to you in particular. The opposition between the 11th and 5th house pushes you to find a new tribe, somewhere to belong. This could also be about taking focus off of your children and giving some to yourself. There is some sort of surprise impact to the money you make. The 2nd house is impacted by the T-square. A shocking surprise in this area can bring the impetus to change to the money you make.

Taurus – the Sun will be in the 4th house of home and family, the Moon in the 10th house of career. Uranus sits in the 1st house of self. If you want this career goal met you have to make some changes at home, maybe even where you live, and you have to reevaluate the partnerships you are in. It’s time to break free of anything tied to family history that you let hold you back. The trauma can be freed, but you have to break some serious bad patterns where your relationships are concerned first. It’s time to stop reliving and recreating that trauma. You might be shocked by how much you change personally.

Gemini – with the Moon in your 9th house, the Sun in your 3rd and Uranus in the 12th you are expanding your way of thinking. No longer can you just stick to what you think you know. You are going to need to make a major change in your subconscious thoughts. You are stuck, doing the same thing over and over again. It’s time to finish this chapter and open yourself up to new possibilities. Just because you have always done something a particular way, does not mean it was the ‘right’ way. It’s time you expanded your belief systems, how you communicate, and breaking patterns of behavior with how you think and speak will be step one.

Cancer – with the Moon in your 8th house, the Sun in your 2nd and Uranus in the 11th this is all about your creations, your money, your sex life. One of these areas is feeling a lot of pressure. This is arguments with partners about finances or intimacy. With the way out in the 11th house of friends, networks, and benefactors one of those things pulls you out of the battle. Or at the very least distracts you from the problems you are having getting close to one another. The message is to let down your walls, intimacy isn’t impossible unless you do.

Leo – the opposition for you happens in your 7th house of serious relationships, the 1st house of self and the pressure in the 10th house of career and fame comes from the square to Uranus. If you are in a co-dependent relationship you may receive a wake=up call that pushes you to make a move. On the flip side you may be ready to get married and let go of your need for independence and move in with your partner. Surprises in your career could be the driving force to this major change.

Virgo – the Moon is in your 6th house of daily routines, the Sun opposite in the 12th house of the subconscious mind. Uranus sits in your 9th house of higher learning, faraway places and your connection with a higher power. This could be completing a project, changing jobs, or improving your health. Working to release subconscious blocks is favored now, so is letting go and trusting there is a higher power who has your best interests at heart. If you are stuck, expect to get a giant jolt of lightning that forces you to break out of your daily routine and expand your horizons. There could also be sudden solutions to health issues.

Libra – the area where you are bringing something to conclusion is in your 5th house. This could involve a child moving away, a romance ending, a solitary hobby that has served its purpose and it’s time to find one that involves other people. The Sun sits in your 11th house of networking and friendships. Are you where you belong? Is this really the tribe you are meant to be a part of? Haven’t you outgrown them? Uranus in your 8th house says your blocks to intimacy need to be released. Let those walls down so you can find where you belong.

Scorpio – the Moon in your 4th house, means the Sun opposes you in the 10th house and Uranus is in your 7th house of serious relationships. It’s time to focus on home. Work or your need for fame and recognition is taking up too much of your time. Your family is complaining, your work partners are complaining, there is a lot of pressure. In order to have a fulfilling home life you have to make some changes in how you treat others. Shocking changes in your serious relationships are possible if you don’t make a change. You will never have the life you want with those you love if all you focus on is work, work, work.

Sagittarius – the Moon for you will be in your 3rd house of communication. You could be getting ready to sign a contract of some sort. Maybe a new course of study is right for you at this time. With the Sun in the 9th house of your higher learning and Uranus in the 6th house of daily routines you have to shift the way you learn. This is a complete surprise and might feel as if it is coming out of left field, your daily routine could completely change. But when it does, it frees you up to follow this new path of learning.

Capricorn – you have a chance to create the money you want or the job you want with the full moon in your 2nd house. You just have to be willing to take a risk and break away from your sense of security with the money you receive from others. The Sun in your 8th house and Uranus in your 5th could push you into or out of some sort of romantic situation. All of this revolves around you finding your true value, defining your self-worth. When you do the money and job will follow.

There is lots of tension in the full moon for every sign, but it is pushing you to grow. Let it. We focus more and make changes because we are under so much pressure. And when you make the shift there will be a great sense of relief. But if you stay stuck, once the Mars retrograde energy and squares to the planets in Capricorn start hitting in August and beyond, you will really feel the pressure. So, do the work this full moon is outlining for you. If you do, you will have a good foundation to work from for the rest of the year. Don’t stay stuck, don’t just keeping doing what you always do, stay in relationships or jobs that no longer meet your needs. Push yourself to grow in ways you never believed you could.

Love and Light!

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