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New Moon Solar Eclipse October 2022

October 25th, 2022 marks the 2nd solar eclipse of the year. The first one happened at the end of April in the sign of Taurus. What did you end up releasing so you could make a fresh start back then?

Eclipses always occur in pairs, one Solar, one Lunar two weeks apart. They also happen twice a year about 6 months apart. This one occurs in the sign of Scorpio at exactly 2 degrees, where the Sun, the Moon and Venus are all conjunct. Those 3 energies, together at 2 degrees form 222, an Angel number of patience, and a sign that balance will soon be restored. But not before a lot of things get blown up first. A solar eclipse is when the Moon comes between the Earth and Sun, blocking the light of the Sun. It will be a partial eclipse because of the distance to the South Node at 13 degrees of Scorpio. 13 is the number that represents Death and Transformation in Tarot, it is the Death card specifically. Eclipses remove something from your path that is not part of your fated destiny. The farther off your path you are however, the harder the course correction will be. New Moon’s offer new beginnings, but this one won’t come easy. It is said where the eclipse is visible is the area where a noticeable change will occur. This one is only visible in parts of Europe, Western Asia and Northeast Africa. It is no surprise there is a lot of unrest in this area currently, it may come to a peak during this week of the eclipse. My prayer's go out to all in the line of fire currently.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac, ruler of the 8th house. Scorpio is a water sign, but the water is dark, the emotions run very deep. This sign is ruled by Pluto, who just happens to be in charge of the Underworld. Pluto makes you face your fears, see where you are giving your power away, and then asks you to take it back. It is not easy work, it is usually slow work that no one sees besides you. But once it is done, you are transformed into someone stronger and new. For more on Scorpio and how to connect in a positive way to this energy check out my article here.

The goal for this new beginning, is to remove something that is causing us pain. Venus being there at the time and part of this Stellium (3 or more planets together in one sign) of energy in the sign of Scorpio, suggests that women in our lives may have caused us some pain. As a collective the power women have is about to go through a major transformation. Some part may need to die, but the rebirth that happens makes a particular woman, along with women in general, a serious power to be reckoned with. We are already seeing hints of this. The topics are slightly different depending on location, but women around the world are seeing their rights suppressed. This is not going to end well. Venus represents the feminine, it is our values, it is our love language, it is also money and love of course. So what part of Venus do you need to transform, what part do you need to let die away, so it can be reborn? What dark side of love or possession, do you need to make peace with so you can begin again?

This is not the time to take any type of major financial risks. With the South Node a part of this eclipse we are letting go of something in the area of our life represented by Scorpio. In this lifetime if you are a Scorpio or have your Nodes there, you are meant to let go of materialism. The material realm is Taurus, Scorpio is the Spiritual. Taurus things you experience with the senses, Scorpio is all the things beneath the surface. When Scorpios release the trappings of the material world, they experience an incredible amount of abundance. This is not to say Scorpio’s can’t have nice things. They just should never be overly attached to needing them or depending on material things to measure their self-worth. Maybe you are very aligned with Spirit and have already done the work. If so, now it’s time for your new beginning to occur. You may have spent the last six months between the previous eclipses doing the work you were guided to do. Now you don’t have to have a major course correction, now you can just get ready to move on. You may have had a similar path and made a similar choice in 2003, when we last had an eclipse in this area of your chart. Prior to that it was 1984. Do you notice a pattern? Are there similar things showing up for you now? Do you regret the choice you made? If so, now is the time to choose differently.

The North Node is still with the planet of surprises and innovation, Uranus, in the sign of Taurus. This means both are of course opposing the South Node. This is why we have had so much financial upheaval. But also, why we have seen things like alternative investing options. Uranus is retrograde and in its final square to Saturn at the time of this eclipse. This could be the grand finale of the work you have been doing since 2021. You feel a need to break free from something Taurus related, which of course is ruled by Venus. Love, food, money and material things all may have some sort of control over you that you are ready to release. Now you may no longer have a choice to stay stuck with whatever situation this is for you, so spend time evaluating what want to be rid of once and for all. The North Node could actually bring you a surprising gift for doing the work.

The South Node has been inconjunct or in a quincunx with Chiron, which shows us the wounds we need to heal. Strange things and situations may be triggering your wounds, in fact, you may have thought them healed long ago. These wounds are activated, along with your ability to heal them once and for all. But, you have to be willing to let them go. Sometimes our pain becomes like a security blanket. We use it to make excuses for not living life to the fullest in the present moment. We use it also to excuse our behavior, explain away why we lash out for instance. But, your true power comes from recognizing an emotional trigger and making peace, not excuses any more. We are moving away from our pain. We are healing, and we could suddenly find ourselves in the healer role as a result.

Mars is the original, or traditional, ruler of Scorpio, prior to when Pluto was discovered. Now it rules only Aries, god of war. At the time of this eclipse this planet is slowing down to go retrograde on the 30th. It is also going to be quincunx to Pluto for an extended period of time. The ruling planet of the event, like a New Moon Solar eclipse, shows you where in your life this activity may be occurring. Or how the eclipse that occurs in one house influences another in your chart. On the lighter side this is you finding your strength, changing your mind about something in an unexpected way. On the darker side of things this is secretive attacks and powerful alignments made behind closed doors. Strange bedfellows. But they may not be all they seem to be and you might just regret this alliance at the beginning of next year when Mars is moving forward again. The full story won’t be known until the Spring Equinox. Both of these planets deal with power and sexuality, death and destruction. If I was someone in power I would be closely watching my back. Mars is a planet of forward motion and taking action. Retrograde it will be like a spoiled child who cannot have what it wants. The energy will behave very badly, for an extended period of time. You may have been moving something forward and suddenly it comes to a complete stand still. You have to do a lot of rework and slow down. Don't fight whatever this is. Go ahead and slow down, take a closer look at whatever you have been working on and try some different things. Then when Mars moves forward again around January 11th you can slowly implement your work.

Mars is in positive aspect to Mercury, at 22 degrees of Libra. There is a message about things being fair and balanced. The balance of power is about to change, especially at the time Mars goes retrograde. But some hint of what that is about may be shown during the eclipse. There is a chance that there are some partnerships created to combat the darkness. In your personal life if you want to make a plan to go back to school, this is the sign you have been waiting for. Especially if you want to study law. Neptune and Mars are still in a square, and Neptune is also inconjunct Mercury, so the outcome here is fuzzy at best. I would not recommend making any life changing decisions during this energy unless you absolutely have to. And even then, you have to be prepared for things to turn out completely different than expected. So just don’t get overly attached to anything you are doing at this time. Loosely attach to your decision, as in very loosely.

Venus being Cazimi and apart of the eclipse cannot be understated as far as impact on women goes. Cazimi means the planet is exactly conjunct with the energy of the Sun. So, the planet of love and desire is really heating up. It is also exactly conjunct with the Moon, which represents our emotions. Together this energy is usually very dreamy. But the fact that the Moon is dark and in Scorpio, which it does not enjoy, suggests we have somethings to feel and see involving Venus that we may not particularly enjoy. This is like the 3 of Swords card in the Tarot. We may experience a great loss, but on the other side of this loss is great healing. At the time of the eclipse the 2 benefic planets, Venus and Jupiter, are also inconjunct. The strength you find to overcome this shock may surprise you. Or, someone may appear to help you in a very unexpected way. Jupiter is at 0 degrees of Aries, again, as it is still retrograde for about another month. 0 degrees in Aries is a very intense, war like energy. But Jupiter is a gentle teacher, it wants you to use this energy to fight your own battle, not fight with others. However, when we ignore Jupiter’s lessons they get blown up bigger, so we can’t ignore them again.

Not going to sugar coat things this is simply an intense time of transformation. I can make some suggestions about what you need to transform in your life, but how you do this is going to have everything to do with how all the planets in your chart are showing up for you. The below will be seen easiest from your rising sign, but the Sun and Moon sign will also be critically important this time because of the eclipse. You can still book a session with me so we can dissect your chart by visiting my website here.

Scorpio – this is happening in your first house which is going to feel like you are inside of the cocoon of a butterfly. You may be completely liquified and not even recognize yourself now, especially the closer you are to the 2 degrees of Scorpio. But the butterfly emerges beautiful and strong after fighting their way out of the cocoon. This is the time to love yourself again. To step into your true beauty and be born again. This can have everything to do with body positivity, psychological breakthroughs that end the cycle of body dysmorphia.

Libra – the 2nd house rules the money you make and the value you that you create for yourself. Your career may be going through a complete transformation at this time. Scorpio careers may have you doing investigative work, psychological work, maybe you rebuild things that are in decay. If not, you may soon find yourself drawn to a career where you are managing things in crisis. At the very least you are able to bring your career back to life now. Blocks to your career and the money you make are removed so you can have a fresh start.

Virgo – the 3rd house is your community, your communications skills, transportation, it is also your extended family, like your cousins and siblings. Are you feeling stuck in these areas? Blocks to communication or to finding your place in your community can be removed so you can finally feel like you belong. This is the house that rules over our ability to learn, and see both sides of things. If you have felt stuck in your views they may suddenly change unexpectedly. Be careful when driving, you don’t want to suddenly need a new car because yours was eclipsed by another driver!

Leo – the 4th house rules home and family. If you are looking to move you could do so rather suddenly. A family member could move in or move out unexpectedly, likely a female. With Scorpio energy in the house that rules home and family you may naturally move around a lot. If you are tired of moving, you just need to create good energy flow in your home. Have a water feature and move to the desert if you want to stay put. You want to be careful of water leaks, you don’t want to suddenly have repair work to do at home.

Cancer – the 5th house rules the heart. It also rules romance, children and our creativity, blocks to all can be removed at the time of the eclipse. What keeps your heart from feeling passion for life? Where are you playing small and hidden to please others? Where are you protecting yourself from feeling things? You won’t be able to hide from your feelings any longer. You will be shown the way to your heart and feel compelled to follow it. If you aren’t looking for a surprise pregnancy use precaution!

Gemini – with Scorpio energy in your 6th house of daily life you like a lot of change. In the work you do, the exercise you get, even your pets need to be a bit unusual. Perhaps you are drawn to black cats. A major change can occur that relates to your health, your job, or the things that are a big part of your daily life. A job change is possible, or someone leaving at work is possible and this impacts the work you do. Your day to day life may never feel the same after this eclipse. Change is good, that’s the mantra you need to keep on repeat.

Taurus – the 7th house is the one that rules our marriage partners, and business partners too. You may see a serious change in these relationships at the time of the eclipse. Something about them needs letting go. It might just be time for you to establish some much stronger boundaries within your partnerships. Whatever changes occur they are meant to be and the relationship can be rebuilt stronger than ever as a result. Or it may come to an end, but that is also meant to be. Then a new one can begin that is in alignment with your needs.

Aries – the 8th house means your transformation may be more noticeable than most. This of course is the house of death and transformation, which indicates a major upheaval in your life of some kind. Your reliance on other people’s money for instance may come to an abrupt end. But as a result, something better comes along. Something or someone who respects your boundaries and values you just the way you are. This is not the time to hang on too tightly to intimate partnerships that are not meant for you. The South Node says you must let those go. Resolve the karma, learn the lesson, and then move on. No more excuses.

Pisces – the 9th house might have you dreaming of far away places. This house rules foreign lands and people. It is also the house that rules growth and expansion. It is here that we seek knowledge from others that helps us expand our horizons. You will no longer be allowed to play small. Blocks to your growth will be removed in somewhat dramatic ways. When we don’t grow, we die. It is time to live life and do so in a big way.

Aquarius – the 10th house is a new beginning in our career, in the area that rules our fame and recognition. You might be asked to take a giant leap of faith as far as your career goes. You might need to completely change your career. Does your career allow you a lot of flexibility? Is there some tie to the law or military? Or is it more psychological in nature? How are you honoring your Scorpio energy in your career? The good news you might be used to big changes in your career, so this is nothing new. But if things are feeling stale and stagnant, it’s time for a major change. Your status in some way is changing. This could also involve marriage or divorce.

Capricorn – the 11th house rules over our friends, and our networking groups, this is our tribe. Something about the one you belong to is about to change in a big way. Maybe someone in your friend group is about to leave. This can be truly upsetting. But they will be replaced by someone new that challenges you to grow. There is the possibility you receive some kind of financial gift from a friend that is completely unexpected too.

Sagittarius – the 12th house rules over large institutions, like hospitals. A new beginning here assuming this is where you work, could come about because a woman you know suddenly chooses to leave. This house is also known for things that are hidden, and endings. A dramatic one could occur. In its place though is something better suited for you. You love having all the answers in black and white, but those answers may be more spiritual in nature at this time. That is a dramatic change for you, trusting the unseen.

My best advice for everyone is to get in the flow. If you are fighting an uphill battle in a particular area of your life, it is time to let it go. All hitting your head up against a closed door every does is give you bruises and a serious headache! Set your sights on something in your life that you need to transform. Some area of crisis that you are tired of being attached to and let it go. You may be really surprised by what shows up in its place. Imagine a dam being blown up. Where once there was nothing but dry dead vegetation, there is suddenly new life again. Let the new life in, don’t stay stuck with the past. This energy is just a precursor to the major endings occurring with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse that forms a t-square with Saturn. Staying stuck in the past and doing the same thing the same way is simply no longer an option. The pressure to change is unrelenting and the harder you fight the change the more difficult it will be. I am here to help guide you on your new path.

Love and Light!


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