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The Sign of Scorpio

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Imagine if your life was an etch a sketch and you could just shake the screen and start over. Hypnosis in a way is just like that. We can transform the thoughts in our subconscious mind so they help us instead of hold us back. Hypnosis works by reaching through to your subconscious mind, aka super computer of memories, and letting you access them in a way allows you to reshape them. No longer to you have to stay on a loop repeating the same thing over and over, instead you can shake the screen, the memory screen, and reset it. Essentially you can shift your experience and recognize that you are no longer that person who had this experience originally, you also can reshape it and see it from a fresh perspective. Perhaps you distorted the experience and made it into something fearful, when in reality you were safe all along.

We tend to bury deep those emotions, or those emotional experiences that caused us the most pain. Shame, blame, embarrassment are all top contenders for the things we would rather forget. But the subconscious mind never forgets. It just stores the memory away and brings it up, or brings the feeling of it up anytime you are in a new situation that reminds you of this memory. The problem is the subconscious thinks it just protecting you, but this is takes away your ability to make a decision based on current circumstances, not just the past. Now these types of memories can serve you really well if for instance you want to stay safe from physical harm. Don’t touch that hot stove, hot water, or open flame, is good protection. But people aren’t like fire. They are all different and each offers us a new experience. We have to let those happen instead of building walls so high we never let ourselves experience anything new or scary, or risky.

When we worked with the Cancer energy we learned that emotions create an electrical charge in our body. Much like a magnet they attract to you, events, people and situations that match that electrical charge. If you continue to be stuck in some sort of trauma you want to redirect this energy and release the negativity in order to attract in what you want. With hypnosis you can go back and review the memory in a way that is safe and not overwhelming. It is almost like being in a state where you are neutral to the experiences of the past. And from this place we can make peace with whatever happened, because we are not being triggered. The great thing about this experience is once you face this on your own, you no longer need people to show up in your life and trigger you with the same lesson over and over again. You can learn the lesson and be released from it and move on. Sounds pretty fantastic right? You just have to make the conscious decision to find out the truth, which could actually be lies you tell yourself, in the guise of keeping your feelings safe. Perhaps you ‘feel’ too much. For some, emotions can be hard to manage, but learning in a hypnosis session that you are in control of your emotions and thoughts, can give you the power to feel through emotions in a healthy way.

With the energy of the sign of Scorpio, we are working directly with our intuition to recognize that which we are here to transform in our life. The sign of Scorpio is one of the 3 Water signs. All water signs work with emotions, how we express them and how we share them with others. We have already covered the signs of Pisces and Cancer, so this is the last one we will review. When it comes time to change, we usually do so because of an emotional reaction to someone or something that has finally pushed us over the edge. That is not to say that we aren’t at times self-motivated to change, but those times of major change we look back upon, are usually tied to some sort of emotional upheaval we were experiencing. If we are aware, we know that if we tap into our emotions, especially the ones we keep secret from everyone else, we can use them to create the change we want to see in our world. The challenge for Scorpio energy is the emotions are so strong and so deep they can feel overwhelming to deal with them, but that is exactly what makes them so powerful! I have this manifesting trick I use. Whenever I feel super stressed out and overwhelmed, I start instantly focusing on what I want to create in my life instead. I start thanking the Universe for what I want to have, as if I already have it. The secret to manifesting is you have to be able to focus on it with your emotions. The subconscious has to believe you really want it. And when you change your energy level with what you are wishing for, you create the magnet for it. Give it a try.

Scorpio is the 8th house of the zodiac. We move on from finding our perfect partner in the 7th house, to creating an intimate experience with those partners. In order to be intimate with someone you have to create not just a physical, but a spiritual connection. To do that you have to be open to connecting with your feelings and sharing them with others. Scorpio rules our sexuality. A lot of people confuse sex with intimacy. Sex as a physical act is not intimacy. You can have intimacy without sex. Sex can be an intimate experience, but only if your emotions are involved. The 8th house represents death, transformation, sexuality and our partners resources. It’s the opposite of the 2nd house where we have all the control. In the 8th house the control belongs to others. The goal then is to be a resource to others, no just to focus on yourself. If you find yourself stuck, the first thing you want to do is start focusing on how you can be of help to others. When you make the shift life will suddenly start easily unfolding for you. But if you keep focusing on your needs only, then you will find you are in a constant state of dissatisfaction. With the help of hypnosis, you can learn to let go of control and allow yourself to become vulnerable to others, being of help to others, in a safe way of course.

Scorpio energy is skilled at going deep, because it feels so much. The intuition is off the charts. This makes them great psychologists, detectives, private investigators, or any field where delving into and revealing secrets is involved. They thrive in a crisis, so don’t do well in mundane jobs or mundane relationships. They need to feel deeply to stay motivated in their jobs and their partnerships. While the sign of Taurus is here to accumulate possessions, Scorpios are here to release their attachment to them. They are here to be fulfilled by a spiritual experience, not just a monetary one. When off their path, and trying to accumulate, accumulate, accumulate, they are likely very bad with money and instead just attach to things that will soon be taken away from them.

The Scorpion represents the sign of Scorpio in the Zodiac. If you think about a scorpion it prefers the dark. If it comes out in the daylight it is usually sick or poisoned. It’s tail contains it’s stinger and it is quite physically painful. Scorpio’s when hurt will lash out at you. They are quite sensitive and this is their defense mechanism. A Scorpio’s body is soft, there is no hard outer shell. They have nothing but their tail to protect themselves, their pincers will hold you tightly too. Scorpios are very obsessive and protective of those they become attached to. They can rush in to relationships because they feel things deeply and so swiftly. The person on the other side of that emotional tidal wave can be completely overwhelmed.

There are 2 rulers over the sign of Scorpio, Pluto current day, and Mars traditional ruler. Pluto, once discovered, was seen as the proper ruler over the Zodiac sign. Pluto rules over the underworld, which fits Scorpios desire to go deeply, feel deeply, make peace with the dark side. And Mars, the warrior like the scorpion, is always ready for battle. Both then are seen as rulers over the 8th house. It rules over the things we experience with others, or as a result of others, like sex, death, taxes, and transformation. Pluto asks that you face your fears and convert them into strengths. Mars asks that you stand up for yourself, fight for what you want, and live with passion. Your emotions, your intuition, are extremely strong and powerful when you have planets in the sign of Scorpio. But they are not meant to be feared. We are here to experience life and all the feelings it has to offer, good and bad, dark and light. Pluto says transform the dark into the light by making peace with it. Mars says you can win any battle you feel called to win, just try to do so without knocking down anyone who causes you pain. Remember they are just there to help you become more aware of your triggers, they are just doing the job that you asked them to do when you signed that soul contract with them.

Let’s tap in together to the energy of the sign of Scorpio now and learn how to use our deepest emotions to help us manifest the life we want to have. The following is an audio file you can listen to multiple times, but even just once can have a major positive impact on your life. You should listen without distraction, in a quiet place, with your phone on silent. This helps reduce the distractions from the conscious mind and allows you to more easily connect to the subconscious mind. You can access the session here.

For additional work with the signs and hypnosis you can take part in one of my coaching packages where we work with the current energy to help you achieve your personal goals. For more on this please visit my website

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