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New Moon in Virgo

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Virgo is an Earth Sign, representing our natural ways of healing, daily work, order and structure. In the chart above it is represented by the upside down V. Virgos tend to be health conscious, detail oriented, so much so they can’t relax because they notice every single detail. You might call them OCD. Virgo’s like routines, plans and being busy busy busy. This is because the ruler of Virgo is Mercury. The planet Mercury is the fastest one in the zodiac, it can be hard to keep up with.

Virgo is the 6th sign of the Zodiac. The 6th house represents our jobs, our daily routines, our health and being of service, even our pets. This is the last of the personal houses in the zodiac. In the 7th – 12th house we start learning to relate to others.

Virgo is a Mutable sign. The Mutable signs follow the fixed signs, they are more flexible, like to go with the flow. But they can have a hard time sticking to anything for long. Virgo is always changing her mind.

With Mercury representative of Virgo, you can expect those born under this sign to be very logical, smart, and good communicators. This sign is considered feminine and therefore receptive. It is also a sign that doesn’t care for recognition and at work may tend to fly under the radar.

A few famous Virgo people you might know or recognize the above traits in; Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz both have Sun in Virgo. Both are well known for retreating from the public eye.

The body part ruled by Taurus is the intestines. This sign is very health conscience. It would stand to reason for the intestines to operate well you need to have a healthy diet.

Each New Moon you have an opportunity to create 10 New Moon Wishes according to Jan Spiller's book New Moon Astrology. She suggests you write out your wishes within 8 hours of the New Moon. As you write out these wishes you want to be sure to wish for what is best for your soul, not your ego. If you write wishes from your ego's perspective you are most likely writing them from a place of lack or fear. There will be a bit of desperation attached to them and this can lead to a poor manifesting experience. You can choose to write less than 10, but do not write any more than that, as it will lessen the impact of your wishes.

So, what is an example of an ego wish vs a soul wish? I wish to be thin vs I wish to be attracted only to the foods that are healthy for me. Your ego needs to be thin because it thinks it will be well liked or people will be jealous of you, but the soul wants to eat healthy because it knows your body needs proper nourishment to function well. When you put only healthy foods into your body you will be the weight you are meant to be.

You have 10 new moon wishes and you can write more than one on the same topic, so do some experimenting. See which way of writing out your wishes works best for you. Try out different verbiages as well, I want, I wish, I am thankful for. Whatever 'feels' right to you is the best way to write out your wishes. How you connect emotionally to your wishes is as important to how you write them out. If you don't actually believe a wish can come true for you, it won't. So, take your time, feel into each wish as you write it down, then say it out loud. You can save your wishes or use the element of the sign to help you manifest with them. With fire you can hold a candle and speak your wishes aloud, or you can burn them safely in a fire. You could even write them out after completing a strenuous workout where you generate a lot of heat.

Areas to focus your wishes on when it is a New Moon in Virgo:







Releasing Perfectionism


Being of Service

Sample Wish for Healing your intestines: I am easily attracting the right information to provide a total healing of my intestines.

Tarot Card that represents Virgo would be the Hermit. This card speaks of being of service to others and shining a light. The symbolism on the card is a picture of a man on a road holding a lantern to light your way. The same can be said of the King of Swords in the minor arcana. He is logical, decisive, authoritative, and provides you with the answers. You can use either of these cards to meditate with and bond with the Virgo energy. You can take this card outside with you as you walk barefooted and connect to the earth element. Anytime you need grounding it’s good to get outside and be in touch with nature. Gardening, hugging a tree, just run barefoot in the grass. All these activities help you to become one with the earth, and can help to calm you in times of stress.

Love and Light and Happy Wishes!

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