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New Moon in Scorpio 2023

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

On November 13th, 2023 at 2:27 am MST, we will have the New Moon in Scorpio. Both the Sun and Moon will be meeting at 20 degrees of the sign. Each month the Sun and Moon join together in a new sign creating an emotional rebirth. The Moon rules our emotions, and our intuition, it shows us what we need to feel comforted in this life time. If you feel insecure, look to the energy and placement of your Moon for clues on how to gain more security in your life.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac, ruler of the 8th house. Scorpio is a water sign, but the water is dark, the emotions run very deep. This sign is ruled by Pluto, who just happens to be in charge of the Underworld. Pluto makes you face your fears, see where you are giving your power away, and then asks you to take it back. It is not easy work, it is usually slow work that no one sees besides you. But once it is done, you are transformed into someone stronger and more powerful.

Scorpio rules power, death, intimacy, and intense feelings. As the ruler of the 8th house it rules over our intimate relationships, it also rules over the money that we receive from others. This is where you receive financial gains that you don’t create for yourself, like you do in the opposing 2nd house, which rules over your income. Scorpios are great at uncovering the truth, they make great detectives. They are comfortable dabbling in the darker side of things, so need to be watchful of excesses in things like drugs and alcohol. For even more on the sign Scorpio and how to connect in a positive way to this energy check out my hypnosis session and article here.

With the Sun and Moon joined in this sign our new beginning can involve receiving funding for something, like rehabbing an old home. Our partner could be getting a new source of income, which would benefit us. We can wish to improve the intimacy in our relationship as well. For help in understanding how to work with the energy of the New Moon and manifest what you want, come join the Sip n Stars group! In the Sip n Stars group, I will help you craft your wishes, and read your chart live, so you know what you are to focus on. Sign up here. And you can even have a friend join you for free the first session.

As mentioned before this is a new moon, so you have 10 new moon wishes to create. It is recommended to do them within 8 hours of the Moon entering into complete darkness. This event happens at 2:27 am MST, use that as your starting point for your ceremonies. This is a water sign, so it is helpful to work with this element when creating your intentions. Activities like taking a bath in the darkness, or going for a swim will all help you connect to this energy. Connecting emotionally to these wishes is the most important step in manifesting them into reality. Make sure these are things that are good for both the ego and the soul. If you are looking for a crystal to incorporate into your ceremony, try Tiger’s Eye. This stone helps transform and release your fear. Take a look below at how all the planets are interacting during this event.

A new moon only occurs when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, and in the same sign. The Sun represents the ego self, it is how we see ourselves, and how our closest friends see, or know us to be. The Moon is what we need emotionally to feel safe and secure. In the sign of Scorpio, both are focused on transformation work. Your Sun side needs intensity in the sign of Scorpio. It is ready to manage a crisis and manage it well. The Moon with the Sun helps you connect intuitively to whatever you need to solve a problem. To contain the crisis, you have to go within and listen. The Moon is not feeling its best in the sign of Scorpio. These emotions are deep and a bit dark. You can set a goal to get comfortable with things that don’t feel safe. Sometimes we need to get outside our comfort zone to grow, now is one of those times. This is not the time to just wish for something new to begin, it’s time to wish to transform something about yourself that affects your ego self, and your feeling self.

Pluto the ruler of Scorpio, is moving forward once again in the sign of Capricorn. It is still loosely squaring the North and South Node, our fate and destiny, like it has most of the year. But the work is just about complete. We are learning since this summer, when the nodes changed signs, not to give our power away to our partners, and to have solid boundaries. If you still are struggling with this, during the new moon you can make a fresh start, face those fears, and place your boundaries once and for all.

Uranus the planet of innovation, freedom, and surprises, will be directly opposite to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. Opposition creates tension. Since both Taurus and Scorpio rule our finances there could be financial tension that causes disagreements at this time. It’s a good time to do a financial review, and make sure there are no surprises heading your way. This is not a time to take on debt, or make a big purchase, because of the financial instability. Uranus in Taurus is about financial freedom. Scorpio is about having spiritual wealth, emotional depth, it is not about attaining physical things. Somewhere in the middle is where you want to be. Have just the right amount of things, definitely not the time to be a hoarder, or showing off your wealth. If you do, you might just be in for the shock of your life. It is the time to find balance between the money you make and the debt you owe. Sometimes taking on debt makes sense, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Where do you need to adjust financially?

Mars, the original ruler of Scorpio, before Pluto was identified, is sitting right next to the Sun, and Moon, in a conjunction. This is going to fuel up those new moon wishes and make you very active, and very passionate about creating this new beginning. That means it also opposes Uranus, and this is the energy that causes accidents, so be careful. It can also create amazing breakthroughs, so choose how to tap in and create what you want on purpose, not by accident. You are going to be in the driver seat here, and be the one who makes this new beginning happen for you. Mars is action, motivation, anger, passion, and can be a bit violent. So again, just be cautious the few days before and after this new moon.

Neptune is helpful energy during this new moon. It is sitting in the sign of Pisces, that it rules, and in retrograde, like it is almost half of every year. This makes this new moon extra emotional, as we have 2 water signs being activated. Neptune can help you as long as you are using your power for good, listening to what spirit is guiding you to do. The planet is still in this very long discussion with the South Node in Libra, still providing us lessons on restoring balance in our relationships. Someone may lend you a helping hand now, that is completely unexpected.

Venus and Mercury while not aspecting the new moon, are in a harmonious sextile to one another. This helps us find the words we need to say during this time, the thoughts to think, the new money ideas come from this energy. Venus in her home sign of Libra is strong, Mercury in it’s not so favorite place, Sagittarius is not. Mercury gets a bit lost in all the big Sag energy. But Venus will help you focus in on what you need to know. If you are dealing with contracts or legal issues now, this is where a new chapter can begin. A positive one.

This new moon with the opposition from Uranus could feel a bit like a Full Moon, in order to start something new, you will have to set something free in the opposing house. Let’s take a look below at what that could mean for you.

Aries – with Scorpio highlighting new beginnings in your 8th house, all the details covered above apply to you this month. This is the house of major transformations. This is also the money you receive from other resources. The money you have coming in could cause you to suddenly want to quit your job! Uranus is bringing some sort of surprise from the 2nd house of the money you make. Does your need to break free from your job cause you to find a new way to make money?

Taurus – the relationship houses are being activated during this new moon. The desire to start a new relationship is strong with the new moon meeting with Mars in your 7th house of serious relationships. But this new beginning might mean you are making a major change in a relationship if you don’t feel like you have the freedom you need to be yourself. This can be business, or personal. Uranus in your 1st house is pushing you to get out of a rut. Can a relationship help you do that?

Gemini – your day to day life is getting a fresh start, and is likely to keep you really busy. In the 6th house things like work, health, pets, or being of service, all get an extra dose of steroids from Mars to create something new. Perhaps it’s just getting into a brand-new fitness routine. Uranus in your 12th house is urging you to break free from something hidden that is keeping you stuck. Maybe this will be the answer you need to a health issue, and you can finally restore balance to your daily life.

Cancer – in the 5th house we are seeking new beginnings that fill up our heart. This house rules children, romance, hobbies and fun in general. This is pursuing something that you love to do just for you. A friend or friend group is where the surprise twist is coming in. Is there a friend that wants to be more than just that? Or is it always doing what your crazy friends want, that is keeping you from doing something you love? Listen to your heart and it will help you know what to focus on.

Leo – it’s home and family that is offering a new beginning for you. A big move is possible with Mars in there giving you a desire to move somewhere new. But Uranus in your 10th house of career might just move you somewhere you didn’t expect. Or, cause a change in the work you do that makes it hard to focus on things at home. Finding the perfect balance to work and family is key right now.

Virgo – in the 3rd house you have a new beginning that could involve your extended family, a new community, maybe some type of new education. Uranus in your 9th house can surprise you with a new mentor that wants you to travel abroad, or do something completely out of your comfort zone in order to grow. Do you stay small or go big? How about finding the sweet spot right in the middle?

Libra – in the 2nd house you are looking at the possibilities for creating a new source of income. This can be a new job, or new job responsibilities that come with a raise. With Uranus in the 8th house that rules your partners income, or your debts, there is some surprise there that could impact this new job opportunity for you. Finding what works best for both of you is key.

Scorpio – this of course happens in your 1st house, something to do with how you are showing yourself to others is about to change. That change could come about because of a surprise in your relationships. This could mean you are suddenly single unexpectedly, or suddenly getting married. Whatever is happening in your relationships it is affecting how other people see you. With Mars in your first house it is time to take action and show yourself to the world as a powerful person regardless of what is going on relationship wise.

Sagittarius – 12th house new beginnings are not always easy to see. This house rules things that are hidden. It also rules large institutions like hospitals, so if you work for one a new job may be coming your way. Of course, the surprise happens in your 6th house of the work you do, so this change is going to throw your current schedule for a loop. However, you can figure out a way to make this new opportunity work with a bit of flexibility on your part.

Capricorn – the 11th house rules our friend groups. This is a great time to get engaged with a group, and get active, as in start working out with them. The Uranus energy is in that 5th house of romance, meaning a romantic partner might be putting pressure on you to spend time with them instead of your friends. However, taking care of your heart is most important. You can find a way to do both.

Aquarius – the 10th house rules your career, and there is something new about to begin for you. However, with Uranus in your 4th house of home and family, there is some type of surprise that might make this new job more of a challenge than you expected. With a bit of communication and planning you should be able to manage through the chaos and enjoy this new start in your career.

Pisces – the 9th house is opening big opportunities for you. This house rules higher education, foreign travel, our connection to spirit. Before you can take off though there is something surprising happening with your extended family, siblings/cousins that might need some attention first. You might have to figure out a way to break free of some kind of commitment to them in order to go do something that could end up being life changing for you.

Of course, with Uranus involved here, this is all just speculation. Remaining flexible with your desires at this time, expecting the unexpected, and going with the flow is the best way to work with this new moon energy. Knowing how these planets will impact your natal planets is most useful. Be sure to book a reading with me here if you want to know more! For even more details go and watch the video Astrology lesson and Tarot card reading for each sign right now. You can find it here.

Thank you for sharing my work with others!

Love and Light,



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