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New Moon in Sagittarius November 23, 2022

We are having our first new moon since the eclipse season has ended, and it may feel like a huge breath of fresh air. A New Moon occurs each month when the light is drained completely from the Moon and it is aligned exactly with the Sun. It is a rebirth each month influenced by the energy of the sign it occurs in. The Moon is our emotional self, it shows us what we need to feel safe and secure in this lifetime. It is representative of the Mother, which is a symbol of being cared for and nurtured. It is a feminine energy, and could suggest women will be stepping into new leadership roles during this time. We are blank slate from an emotional sense, and can begin again with the help of the Sun, our ego self. Monthly both the ego self, and emotional, intuitive self, join to plan the experiences for the month ahead. The Sun represents what we need to feel successful, to feel joy. Both now have the same goal.

Sagittarius energy is an uplifting energy full of growth opportunities. Speaking of, if you want to support someone else on their growth journey check out my special holiday offer for a one hour reading here. You can also still access a free download of my 2023 planner here. Also check out the December monthly forecast here.

I have an article that goes in depth about the sign of Sagittarius here and includes a free hypnosis session so you can better connect with this beautiful energy. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of the Zodiac. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Both speak of growth and expansion, higher learning, exploring and traveling long distances, and our connection to spirit. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It is considered a benefic planet and brings you blessings. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and can make you a voracious learner and/or teacher. Many that I know of have a hard time sitting still and are always up for traveling near and far, but mostly far. We have a chance for new beginnings in these areas at the time of the New Moon.

The Moon and Sun will both be at 1 degree of the sign of Sagittarius, this creates a double message of the new beginning energy associated with New Moon’s and the number 1. You will be focusing in on new growth opportunities, spiritual growth, and perhaps getting yourself moving. Which might be a good idea before a big Thanksgiving meal in the U.S.

No planets are exactly aspected to the New Moon, but Venus and Mercury are almost exactly conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius as well. They are at 9 and 10 degrees respectively, which is a bit wide for a conjunction of the Sun and Moon, however they are still influential. Together these two planets are focusing on moving your communication forward in a loving and caring way. Words may be healing during this time as both planets are making contact to Chiron in Aries at 12 degrees, and still retrograde. This would be a good area to focus your new moon wishes on, to create conversations that can heal the pain of the past.

Mars is retrograde and at 21 degrees of Gemini, going back over information you learned when this planet was moving forward over this degree in October. This means it was squaring Neptune during that time, as it is now. Neptune is retrograde at 22 degrees of Pisces. This may have your rose-colored glasses being forcibly ripped off. Mars is actively pursuing any areas where you are deluding yourself, or others who are trying to delude you. Changes must be made when we are presented with square energy. Since these planets are both retrograde this is something that has been happening for a while now, and can be brought to the surface to be dealt with. Neptune is a water sign and keeps things hidden from view. Mars of course, is a warrior and will find whatever you are hiding, and likely attack it. This is good energy to tap into if you want to find the truth out about something that has been gnawing at your intuition just below the surface.

Saturn is moving forward and loosening its square to Uranus in Taurus finally, but still trying to maintain some order and restriction. Mars in retrograde is heading back towards Saturn and combining in a trine. This is what gives you strength to create this new beginning you want in your life. This isn’t something completely new, but something you thought about doing in the past just didn’t have the willpower or motivation to follow through. Now you can.

Within minutes of the New Moon being exact, the ruler of the New Moon, Jupiter, ends its retrograde and stations to go direct. This is a huge shift in the energy. This gives you a major blessing in your life, if you have been doing the work that Jupiter has given you during its retrograde season, that started at the end of July. In fact, it went retrograde during the New Moon in Leo. What intentions did you set at that time? Leo ruler of the 5th house, is children, romance, leadership, fun and passion. It is also your hobbies. Were you given the assignment by Jupiter to grow your hobby into something more? If so, and you took steps to do so, you may receive some kind of financial reward during this time. Jupiter is sitting at 28 degrees of Pisces. It was also last here in 2010, as it takes 12 years to travel around the Sun. You could be concluding something that you started in 2010, or you could be ready to take the lessons learned, so the next 12 years are not a repeat of the last.

Pluto has moved forward now and is sextile to Jupiter. If you have needed some power in your life to make some big changes this may just be the boost you have been looking for. Sextiles are subtle energy, so you may not even realize where this strength is coming from, just know it is there should you need to tap into it. This is the final conversation that these two planets are having that began last July. Could be you are just now realizing you feel stronger and more hopeful about your life than you have in a long time.

If you want to know some more tips about working with the Moon and Manifesting things more effectively I have a Moon Manifesting package for $11.11 that you can purchase here. This will include a completed personalized planner for 2023 based and your natal chart.

Below are some areas you might expect a new beginning based on your Rising sign, which is most noticeable in your life, then the Sun, which you and your close friends may notice, and finally the Moon, which brings an emotional shift known only to you.

Aries – as a fire sign your energy is in harmony with this New Moon in your 9th house, which as mentioned above is ruled by Jupiter. The 9th house is for new beginnings that could include travel overseas, taking a spiritual course of study, or starting a degree in some form of higher education. Jupiter is blessing you from your 12th house which rules things that are hidden. Could be you are finally ready to be free of your subconscious thoughts and fears. Or you could be working for a large organization and about to get a big bonus.

Taurus – a fresh start in the 8th house could see you gaining some financial gift from something other than your job. If married, your partner could see a raise or bonus at this time. The 2nd house is the money we make, the 8th is the resources we get from others. This is also the house of intimate partnerships, you could begin a new one at this time. Especially with Venus and Mercury both there, you could be ready to communicate how you feel with someone you care for deeply. Jupiter is blessing you from the 11th house, maybe the one you love is actually a close friend.

Gemini – the 7th house brings you a new beginning in your serious relationships, whether work or personal. If you meet someone new at this time it could go all the way. Could be this is with someone who is highly educated, or from a foreign country, or maybe just very adventurous. Jupiter is blessing your 10th house of career, which is your status. Marriage is a definite possibility. You could also be about to make a career move that takes you overseas.

Cancer – in the 6th house it’s your daily life that is getting a surge of positive energy. This could be job, health, daily routines or your pets. You could decide to give back in some way and join some organization that provides service to those in need. New health routines that start when a new moon activates your 6th house tend to be more successful. Jupiter is blessing you from the 9th house which is your connection to spirit. You are being guided on which area you need to focus on growing in, maybe it’s all of them.

Leo – in the 5th house your need for fun is top of mind. As stated earlier this house rules your children, your hobbies, your romance, and things that your heart desires. In what area of your life do you need to experience more joy? Jupiter is blessing you from the 8th house, so it could be that you receive some kind of inheritance. Or you will be blessed with a new lover.

Virgo – the 4th house is home and family. You could be getting a new home, or a new family member. Maybe you are just doing new things to the home you already have. Jupiter blesses you from the 7th house of serious relationships, so maybe you are getting married or just taking your relationship to a committed state and moving in together. If not marriage this could be a new business partner.

Libra – the 3rd house rules our siblings, our extended family, and our community. This is also the house of transportation and learning and communication. This is a good time for a local move, taking classes at a community college, or maybe it’s time for a new vehicle. Jupiter is blessing you from the 6th house. Perhaps you will take a new job that causes you to move, or you are just getting a nice bonus for the work you have been doing.

Scorpio – the 2nd house rules over the money you make, a new source of income may be what happens for you. This house also rules beauty, our self-worth, and the things we place value in. With all the heaviness you have been experiencing during the eclipses you might just be ready for a beauty make over to feel like a new you. Jupiter is blessing you from fellow water sign Pisces, in your 5th house this can bring romance, new children, and new hobbies that fill you with joy.

Sagittarius – the 1st house represents the self and how you show yourself to the world. This indicates a time where you are ready to step into your own power. It’s go big or go home time. You are ready for some major growth over the next 6 months. Jupiter is blessing you from your 4th house of home and family, so yours may be about to grow. Plan accordingly if that isn’t what you were hoping for. A new family member could also be a new pet.

Capricorn – the 12th house brings new beginnings that are not always easily seen, this is the house of the subconscious mind. But it also rules large institutions like hospitals, or large corporations. If you are not working on improving your intuition or psychic abilities maybe you are about to join one of these large organizations. Jupiter is blessing you from the 3rd house giving you a new place in your community, or perhaps helping you complete some type of education. You also may be gifted with a new vehicle or computer.

Aquarius – the 11th house is one you are familiar with, since this is the house your sign is ruler of. Always wanting to fit in and find your tribe, you might actually make some great new friends at this time. They would be the kind that you have around for many years to come as well. Jupiter is blessing you from the 2nd house, so perhaps you get a new job and it is there where you meet and make new friends.

Pisces – the 10th house is our career, our status in the world, fame and notoriety. This could be some big recognition for the work you have done this year. Could be a big promotion or career change. Your status is growing somehow, some may be getting married. Jupiter has been blessing you in your first house. There is an area of personal growth and development you have been working on, and now you may see the results of that growth paying off.

All of the above are just some generalizations. Your whole chart is important to examine during the New and Full Moon’s for more clues about what is manifesting for you during this time. You can always book a reading with me to find out all the details here. Also keep in mind that both the Moon, Sun and Jupiter are at the cusp of both the signs they are transiting, so depending on where your rising sign sits, you may need to adjust accordingly. I recommend you read the signs before and after for more clues on where to focus your new moon wishes. Remember you have 10 to write out, perform them with the help of fire, because of the Sagittarius energy, and do them as close as you can to 4:05 pm MST.

I am wishing you tremendous blessings.

Love and Light!



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