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New Moon in Libra 2022

September 25th, 2022, we have our New Moon in Libra at 2 degrees of the sign. The event occurs at 2:54 PM MST, so you will want to create your New Moon wishes before this time to take full advantage of this energy. Need help doing that? Check out my Moon Manifesting package here it will walk you through every Moon, Full or New, in each sign and give you the tools you need to manifest what it is you desire. There is even a how-to tutorial on my YouTube channel here. It’s 40 pages long and only $17!!

A new moon is a reset for our emotional self. The Moon rules over our emotions, our intuition, and it is what we need to feel safe and secure. The Moon is representative of Motherhood, so it also shows what and how we feel most cared and nurtured for. The house and sign the Moon is placed in your chart tells you specifically what you need in this lifetime to feel cared for.

The Sun cleanses whatever it touches and on the New Moon it is cleansing the Moon so it can start fresh again on its journey. In the sign of Libra, the journey is about our relationships, about justice, and balance. The energy of the 2 (the degrees) is also about these same themes, so it is doubly important that we take a look at our current relationships and see where there is opportunity to create better balance. If they are co-dependent in nature it is time to free ourselves from those types of relationships and realize we need to get our needs met, not just stay because we are afraid to be on our own.

The Sun shows us what we need to feel successful. It’s our ego self, heart-centered and how we experience joy. The Sun in Libra wants us to have successful relationships. It is also seeking justice, so there may be someone who comes into your life to make that happen. If looking to start a relationship this could be a great time to meet someone new. If you need help attracting in the perfect partner and connecting to the energy of Libra you can do so here. It is important to realize that relationships of all kinds, not just romantic, can help us achieve success. But it is a trap to think we can’t be successful or feel joy if we are single. It is always better to be single than give your power away to be in a relationship.

The ruler of Libra is Venus. This planet gives us lessons in love, money, beauty and material things in general. It is a gentle energy, and thought of as one of two benefic planets in the solar system. This planet will be in the sign of Virgo at the time of the New Moon and conjunct with Mercury, who is in retrograde. This could mean we have lovers from the past reaching out for another chance. However, unless they are ready to do the work and make things fair and balanced don’t bother. You can’t both be the same as you were before and expect a different outcome. The only way a relationship from the past works is if you have both done work on yourselves. This will not happen overnight. So, your best chance for success may be someone you have taken a long break from. In fact, Venus and Mercury will both be speaking in harmony with Pluto in Capricorn, also in retrograde. This may be a discussion that is coming up again, from the first time Mercury and Pluto spoke around August 23rd. If you engage in a reunion discussion now, it may not be until mid-October before you know whether or not this is going to work. Don’t rush for answers. If that is your chosen path do the work. As Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces we have some lessons to learn about boundaries. The rose-colored glasses are coming off so we can begin to see the reality of our situation. Venus in Virgo is a bit controlling in love. Neptune in Pisces is a bit too dreamy. Somewhere in the middle is where you need to be.

Our other benefic planet, Jupiter is opposing the Sun and Moon from the sign of Aries. It sits in retrograde at 3 degrees of that sign. Jupiter also has a bit to do with Justice, so it is the reminder you need about relationships needing to meet the needs of both partners. If you are not looking for love this could be about some type of business relationship. Jupiter can make you see how unfair you are being treated so you can make some changes in your current contract. With Mercury in retrograde it isn’t necessarily a good time to sign new ones, but it can be a good time to rewrite an existing one. Jupiter makes everything it touches bigger. In opposition to the Sun and Moon it is pushing you to see where you are out of alignment with your emotional and ego self. You may be fooling yourself into thinking you are staying in a relationship because it makes you feel safe, or makes you feel successful. But, if you are sacrificing your needs to get either of those things, you are deluding yourself, and it’s time to take your power back. Jupiter in Aries is teaching us all that we are stronger than we realize.

At the time of the New Moon, Mars who is in its shadow period before turning retrograde at the end of October, is speaking in harmony with Saturn, while it is still in its square to Uranus. Here is where you get the power to speak your mind. Whether you are in a legal battle, or just fighting for your rights, you will be heard loud and clear. Saturn gives Mars the restraint it needs to make itself heard clearly. Instead of just yelling loudly to get the point across, you are in control of your thoughts and words, and able to explain them with conviction. Saturn and Uranus are building to their exact square again. This is a fight for freedom that has been taking a long time to figure out. You may be ready to lay down the law now and go all in. Of course, this story isn’t ready to end just yet, but a piece of the puzzle may fall into place now. These two continue their square dance until the end of October, then will finally take a bow and begin to separate for good.

Let’s take a look at where you should be focusing your New Moon wishes. The following is most easily seen from your rising sign. The Moon will show you your emotional experience and the Sun your inner world. If you don’t know that because you haven’t every done a reading or created your chart you still have time to do so. You can book a reading with me here.

Libra – this is happening in your 1st house, the house that represents you. Is it time you improved your relationship with yourself? Or, are you simply ready for a makeover? Jupiter is pushing you from the 7th house of your serious relationships, wanting you to stay independent. This does not mean you have to be single, it means you have to stop being such a people pleaser and putting your own needs last, again. Wish – I am easily creating a healthy relationship with myself that attracts in the perfect partner for me.

Virgo – your new beginning happens in the 2nd house, the one ruled by Venus. This is the house of the money you make, so a new income stream, or a new job could be what you are wishing for. You could also be creating a business partnership with someone from your past. Jupiter opposes you from the 8th house, or the money you receive from other sources. If you do start a new partnership, business or personal, their needs can’t overrule your own. Wish – I am effortlessly attracting in the perfect business partner to grow my business with.

Leo – in the 3rd house you may be wishing for a new car, a new place in the community. This is the house that rules communication, teaching and learning. It could be time to figure out the school or course of study you want to be taking. Jupiter in the 9th house may be pushing you to think bigger. Don’t hold back on your dreams and just play it safe. Someone may be showing up to help you decide which path to choose. Wish – I am easily attracting in the right learning opportunity for me.

Cancer – home and family is always top of mind for you, and a new Moon here can bring you a new place to live. You could have someone moving in with you, or you could move to be with someone you love. Jupiter is pushing you from the 10th house, which could indicate your work life is so busy you are not focused on what is going on at home enough. This is a good time to rebalance your focus between your work life goals and your home life goals. As a result, you could have better relationships with your family. Wish – I am easily finding the home of my dreams that is perfect for the entire family.

Gemini – as a fellow air sign you are in harmony with this New Moon in fellow air sign Libra. In your 5th house you may be ready for a new romance, but this time you are going to make sure your needs are met. Maybe in the past your partner was too focused on their friends, you have Jupiter in your 11th house. Now you are ready for someone that is focused on what your heart wants and needs too. Wish – I am attracting in the perfect romantic partner who brings out the best in me, as I bring out the best in them.

Taurus – in the 6th house of health and daily routines you may be wishing for a new business partner that helps you find a new job. Or you may be ready to hire a health and wellness coach to help you improve your overall health. Jupiter is in your 12th house which can be tough work. It is showing you all those old subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck. The goal is to let Jupiter put new ones in there for you to replace the old. Wish – I am attracting in the perfect partner to help me improve my daily lifestyle.

Aries – in the 7th house you are ready for a serious relationship to begin. With Jupiter in your house though, that ego of yours needs a reality check. Is it too big or too small? You are going to have to balance your own needs with those of your partners. This is true whether this partnership is personal or business related. Wish – I am ready to commit to a serious relationship that is fair and balanced and ensures both our needs are met.

Pisces – in the 8th house you may be ready to set some clear boundaries with your spouse, maybe involving the money they make, or spend. It could mean that your spouse is about to get a new job that in some way challenges you or the money you make. Jupiter could be blessing your partner with a big bonus, but how you are going to spend that bonus could cause some conflict. You could be wanting a new business partner that brings some money to the table if you are not in a permanent relationship. Wish – I am easily securing the finances I need to grow my business with the perfect business partner.

Aquarius – the 9th house could have you wishing you could move overseas, or it could be that you want to expand your horizons through gaining more knowledge. With Jupiter in your 3rd house maybe you are so busy focusing on all the little stuff you don’t have time to dream about getting away. There could be an opportunity to do more in your current community if you are willing to take on more responsibility. You can grow while staying right where you are. Wish - I am easily connecting to those who will help me to grow in my current community.

Capricorn – in the 10th house we are seeking an opportunity to be seen. This is the house that rules our fame and recognition, and our career. This could be a chance for a new job. Jupiter in your 4th house of home and family may have you feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities there. Maybe you have had a big responsibility with your family and it is pulling you away from pursuing your career goals. Now is the time for that balance to be restored. Perhaps you are ready for a career in the field of justice. Wish – I am easily attracting in the perfect job opportunity in the field of law that best suits the needs of myself and my family.

Sagittarius – in the 11th house you want a new beginning in the friend group area. This house rules our friends and networking groups. Jupiter in your 5th house of romance and children may have been keeping you too focused on the needs of others so you haven’t had any time for your friends, let alone finding any. Wish – I am easily associating with a group that helps me balance my own needs with those of my children.

Scorpio – in the 12th house you may be ready to do some serious work on your subconscious mind. This is the house that rules your connection to the other side, it is all things that are hidden. A secret may be exposed that helps you make a major health breakthrough. Jupiter in your 6th house may have you so busy at work that your mental health has been struggling. It may be time to find someone to work with that can help you alleviate some of that stress and turmoil in your mind. Wish – I am attracting in the perfect partner to help me manage my subconscious thoughts or any things hidden from my awareness, that are making my daily life difficult.

Of course, all of the above is just some generalized views of what can show up for you. To know for sure, you will want to book a reading with me. Here.

Thank you for sharing this with those you think could benefit.

Love and Light!


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