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New Moon in Cancer July 9th/10th 2021

The New Moon in Cancer happens at approximately 6:15 pm PST, which for some will be on July 9th others the 10th. The Sun and the Moon come together at 18 degrees of the sign of Cancer. In numerology this adds up to a 9, which means our new beginning comes when we close the chapter on something else. The Moon is completely dark during a new Moon, ready for a rebirth by the Sun. Our emotions combine with our ego and give us a chance to start something new. In the sign of Cancer this is related to home, family, mothers, motherhood, our roots and our foundation. This is an emotional and empathic sign as well, so you can start to tune into your intuition, or stop ignoring it all together. That little voice isn’t going away anytime soon, so make the effort to slow down and hear what it has to say.

There are no planets making exact contact by degree with the Sun and Moon, but Uranus is in a sextile in the sign of Taurus at 14 degrees. This is supportive energy and something that may come about as a surprise. I would consider it more of a happy surprise since it is supportive energy. However, you must always expect the unexpected where the planet Uranus is concerned. This is also very inventive energy so if you need some kind of solution to your living situation you just might get it at this time. You could decide to move somewhere suddenly, get an unexpected roommate, or consider a remodel.

Neptune is in a wide trine to the New Moon, and retrograde at 23 degrees of Pisces. This gives a creative and spiritual element to your new beginning. And since the planet is retrograde there is an element of the past involved here. It might be time to breathe life into an old project, especially anything art related. Of course, this is influenced by whatever house you have Neptune in your chart and this new moon. There is still a bit of energy in the square between Neptune and Mercury so you won’t be choosing to repeat past mistakes or repeat lessons you shouldn’t. But you may finally see them in a new light and be able to release this and move on.

In opposition to the New Moon is Pluto, but it is pretty wide at 25 degrees of Capricorn. Here is that battle between home and family and work and government control. This isn’t a new topic, we had it all during the transit of the North Node in Cancer and all the eclipses. But this is closure and a final resolution. Neptune and Pluto have been in a supportive sextile for sometime now. If you tune into your spiritual side, let this rebirth happen, you will start to see life in a brand-new way. But you have to face your fears once and for all. No more hiding. Besides the Universe does not let you hide, it just keeps bringing new and different people and situations into your life until you do the work and learn the lesson. Maybe now is time to do it.

We still have the square between Saturn and Uranus going on, but it is widening, so that fight for freedom is getting a bit of a reprieve. Saturn and the Nodes are also still in harmony which means fate and karma are leading the charge in a big way this year.

Last but not least, we have this extended period of time where Venus and Mars will be hanging out closely together in the sign of Leo. This means love, passion, fun are highlighted now. You have a chance for a new beginning that allows you to follow your passion, and maybe just maybe have some summer lovin. However, they both will be in a square to Uranus a bit longer and are barely out of their opposition with Saturn so don’t expect to run around and be irresponsible with other people’s hearts or money.

As a reminder I have a New Moon article here that you can reference for completing your 10 New Moon wishes. I also have a hypnosis video here for connecting with the Cancerian energy. Below are some possibilities of a way this may show up for you. However, unless you know your chart these are just general forecasts. You can sign up for a chart reading and see my specials here.

You can see the influence on the below based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. The houses used are based on the sign below being in your first house.

Cancer – this new moon happens in your first house which is the house that represents the self. You could reinvent yourself. Achieve a personal goal. Gain new insight that leads you down a new path. The sky is the limit here, so don’t limit yourself when you write out your new moon wishes. This is your time to really shine.

Gemini – in your second house you may be creating a new source of income. The 2nd house rules things we value, like money, love, pretty things. Something new could happen at your job, like new responsibilities or a new job that is in better alignment with your value systems.

Taurus – the 3rd house rules our communication skills. It also rules our siblings and cousins. There is a chance for a new beginning when you learn to express yourself in a way that values the other person, so they are more willing to hear what you have to say.

Aries – the 4th house rules home and family. You could have a new beginning at home, move homes, update your home or clear out some old family karma. You could put down some new roots or get yourself on a solid foundation. It is time to stand tall.

Pisces – in the 5th house we are getting in touch with fun, romance, children even hobbies. You could be adding a new child to your life, starting to bring the romance back into your life. Starting up a new romance too. Most importantly it is time to start bringing fun and joy back to your life.

Aquarius – the 6th house rules our health, our daily routines, being of service, and our work life. This is a new beginning in how you live your daily life. This could be a new diet and exercise routine, new job, new job responsibilities. You could have a new job you get to do from home.

Capricorn – the 7th house rules our serious relationships and partnerships. This is a new beginning in your marriage or business partnerships. If single this could be the beginning of a new one. While the 5th house is about new romance that is light and fun the 7th house means something started now could be long lasting, including new business ventures.

Sagittarius – the 8th house rules our intimate partnerships, the income we get from others like our spouses, taxes, inheritances. This is also the house of death and transformation. You are going to see big changes at home that have a major impact on your home life. Your partner could be getting a nice raise or win the lottery.

Scorpio – the 9th house is the where we climb the mountain top and seek knowledge. You could also decide to pursue some type of higher learning, like a master’s degree. This is the house that also rules foreign travel or foreign pursuits of some kind. If you are seeking answers or something to believe in, you just might find it at the top of a mountain somewhere.

Libra – the 10th house sits at the top of the chart, it is what we are recognized for. This is often associated with our career. This could be a major change in your career, maybe you are moving into a field related to building homes. You could get to work from home permanently. Or you could get some recognition for the work you have been doing like a bonus that allows you to buy or update your current home.

Virgo – the 11th house is a new beginning in our friend and networking groups. A new benefactor or fairy godparent may show up and offer you an opportunity related to your home. This is also the house of gains, so a good time to go buy that lotto ticket. Your home business could get a lift by joining some new networking group.

Leo – the 12th house is large institutions, and things that are hidden. This is also the house of endings. It rules the subconscious mind and can assist you in clearing out blocks, releasing old karma related to family. It isn’t always something you notice right away, but you may look back on this time and realize it was a subtle shift that created an opportunity for a fresh start.

Since Cancer is a water sign it is a good time to work with the water element to help actualize your wishes. You can write them down then say them into a clean glass of water and drink it. You can say your wishes by a river, pool or any body of water. You can put your wishes in the ground and pour water on them. You also need to connect emotionally if you want them to come true. This is not logical air energy, it requires you to make a heartfelt connection to whatever it is you desire. Be honest and put it out there, you may be amazed at just how fast it shows up for you when you do.

Love and Light.

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