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New Moon in Cancer

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer June 21st, 2020

There is an incredibly monumental New Moon Solar Eclipse happening along with the Summer Solstice or Winter if you are down under. Here on the West Coast of the USA it happens on the 21st at 5:40 am PT and at O degrees 21 minutes. That makes the 21 a repeating message. 21 reduces to a 3, which inspires our creativity.

In Spring we are birthing new things, by Summer we are tending to these new things. We are nurturing them and helping them to bloom and grow. In the sign of Cancer this fits nicely of course, being the constellation that represents home and family. Above this is symbolized by what looks like a sideways 6 and 9, and is meant to represent the claws of the crab, the crab being the zodiac symbol for the sign of Cancer.

Eclipses help us remove things from our life that keeps us from pursuing our path or our life purpose. We often get off track and sometimes as a result the Universal energies come along with a little shove in the right direction. Now we can choose to ignore it, and stay on the path we are on, we can have a hissy fit about the shove, or we can work with the energy and take the new path that is appearing for us. I recommend option number 3.

Since this is also a new moon it is a time of new beginnings with Cancer themes in mind. Since it involves an eclipse this could mean something must be eclipsed out before you can have a new beginning. If you follow my new moon articles you know I like Jan Spiller’s book on New Moon Wishes. She recommends we write out our ten new moon wishes within 8 hours of the actual event.

Themes for our wishes in Cancer are:

Home and Family

Safety and Security






Releasing insecurities

Sample wish: I want to feel an overall sense of security in every area of my life.

Body part ruled by Cancer is the Chest, Breast and Stomach area. A good Yoga move to open up this area is Upward Dog or Cobra.

The Tarot card that represents the sign of Cancer is of course The Moon. This is a great card for meditation when you want to get in touch with your intuition, have things brought to the surface that are so far unseen, and to get in touch with how you really feel about someone or something. New Moon ceremonies with water, since Cancer is a water sign, will add power to your wishes. I like holding a glass of purified water between your hands, speaking your wishes into the glass, and then drinking the water.

Houses by sign impacted during the New Moon are:

Aries – 4th house of home and family

Taurus – 3rd house of communication, local community

Gemini – 2nd house of the money you make, self-worth

Cancer – 1st the house of self

Leo – 12th the house of all things hidden

Virgo – 11th the house of networks, friends, benefactors, gains

Libra – 10th house of career and fame

Scorpio – 9th house of higher learning, spirituality, faraway places and foreign travel

Sagittarius – 8th house of intimacy, sex, transformation, other people’s resources

Capricorn – 7th house of serious relationships and business partnerships

Aquarius – 6th house of work and daily routines

Pisces – 5th house of fun, hobbies, and children

This new moon is also impacted by the fact that Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Cancer. The above areas will be in focus for you for the next 6 weeks. In review for the first 3, and then it will be time for moving ahead.

The above is most impactful if your Sun, Moon or Rising sign is in the sign of Cancer at the earliest degrees, but also if you have any planets in the sign. And then of course it depends on your personal chart all the aspects being made to these planets. This is a great time to learn your chart. You can create a free one on a website like or you can always book a short reading with me just to learn the basics of your chart like, Sun, Moon and Rising sign.

Love and Light!

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