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New Moon in Aquarius February 2021

Thursday February 11th, we have the New Moon in Aquarius which will also be occurring at the time of the Chinese New Year, and it is the year of the Ox. Sounds like hard work ahead! You can see my previous New Moon in Aquarius article here for more in depth information on what to wish for along with the area of the body that Aquarius rules.

The sign of Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign and rules the 11th house. Aquarius is unique, eclectic, innovative and freedom loving. The 11th house rules our friends, making connections and our benefactors or as I like to call it our fairy godparents. Things like the internet, networking groups, air waves like above, and the nervous system are all related to Aquarius energy. This new moon helps us to find our tribe by breaking free from people and situations that currently have us feeling trapped.

Uranus is the current ruling planet of Aquarius. This is the planet of inventiveness, electricity, lightning, sudden shocks and surprises. This is the energy that moves us along unexpectedly like a sudden drop on a roller coaster ride. Before Uranus was found or discovered the ruling planet was Saturn. This planet brings more restriction to the activities in this sign. It has you work to make connections. It has you coming together to serve the greater good, not just yourself.

The Moon and the Sun meet together at 23 degrees of Aquarius at approximately 11:35 am MT. The 23 reduces to the number 5, which in numerology means a need for flexibility and welcoming in change. Within about 8 hours of this New Moon is the best time for your ceremonies and writing out 10 New Moon wishes. For example, “I wish for the freedom to be accepted for who I am right now.”

There are no other planets directly aspecting this new moon in the more popular aspects we astrologers normally share. Pluto is in what we call a semi sextile, which is 30 degrees away, it is a supportive energy which helps you to transform your New Moon wishes into reality.

Occurring during the New Moon is a blessing between Jupiter and Venus, the 2 benefic planets in the zodiac. When these two combine there is the potential for little miracles to occur involving, love and money, beauty and values. Jupiter expands on whatever it touches. Be sure you add some wishes in for those areas as well. These 2 are meeting at 12 degrees of Aquarius. The blessings could come in the form of some friend or networking group you belong to. This is very loving energy and something we all look forward to every year. How has this affected you? On November 24, 2019 the two met up in the sign of Sagittarius. This is a day for feeling and spreading love. In Aquarius we are sharing this love with our friends. Maybe a friend becomes more as you see someone in a new light.

Saturn is making 2 aspects from 6 degrees of Aquarius, one is a sextile to Chiron, and the other is the square to Uranus. Chiron, the healer and Saturn the leader, both want you to heal your wounded self in the sign of Aries. While Uranus in Taurus is fighting for freedom from Saturn’s control. The lesson here is your freedom is tied to you doing the work to heal yourself. Chiron to Uranus is also in a semi sextile. You can break free from what binds you, if you only make the effort to move forward.

Mercury is currently retrograde at 16 degrees of Aquarius, helping you to review all your personal connections. It is in a square to Mars who is at 18 degrees of Taurus. Mars is also encouraging you to take some action, but the square to Mercury challenges your way of thinking. You can’t just think your way out of this one, you need to do the work. Take a stand, make a change.

Neptune and the Nodes are starting to separate from their square as you are ready to add a spiritual purpose to your life. Mercury making positive contact between the North and South Node in retrograde means someone from the past may be showing up to help you resolve something from the past. An old friend may ring you up out of the blue, who at one time played a major role in your life. Or you could be revisiting some idea you had in the past and now you realize is the perfect time to put something into motion. You may want to wait to take any significant action until Mercury begins to move forward again after the 20th.

Every New Moon we have a chance to start over. The Moon is completely dark as you spend these next several days in contemplation. What does Aquarius energy represent for you? Do you feel connected? Do you fit in? Do you have the right mentor to guide you? If you are feeling stuck you can try listening to my free mini hypnosis session here. This will help you tap into the energy of Aquarius and bring your wishes to reality.

Love and Light!

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