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New Moon in Aquarius

Around 1 PM PT on Feb 4th we have a New Moon in Aquarius at the midpoint, 15 degrees. Closely aligned to the conjunction between the Sun and the Moon is Mercury sitting at 19 degrees. This means new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of communicating. Since Uranus is seen as the ruler of Aquarius, then this can mean technological advances will come to the forefront during the 6 months between now and the full moon in Aquarius. But over the next few weeks, you will feel the impetus to put these new actions into place.

Aquarius sits across the sky from Leo. This is the We compared to Me energy. For the previous 18 months you worked on this energy when the North and South Node were in Leo and Aquarius respectively. Now you get to apply what you learned. Our goal with this new moon is to understand how to better connect to the Collective. So your mission should you choose to accept it, is to go within and determine what keeps you from joining in. If you are already good with this connection then how can you bring it to the next level? How can you reach more people, help expand your cause, bring solutions to those in need? How can you bring out your Sir Isaac Newton, your Mad Scientist, or perhaps your Albert Einstein.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is teaching us how to expand our horizons and start to see the bigger picture. How do we fit in? What is the impact if we don't? How is our thinking and energy all co-mingled? Why does it matter what I think if I don't say it out loud?? All these things and more that have us connected and calling our attention to them is what Jupiter is all about as it sextiles over to the Sun, Moon and Mercury. Jupiter wants us to expand then our ego, our emotions, and our thinking. That's a lot of things to be focused on at one time, but Jupiter is big for a reason, and you have all the support you need to do the work.

This new moon is sitting right in the middle of the sextile between Neptune and Saturn. Again this is very supportive energy. The discipline, the structure you need comes from Saturn, and the inspiration from Neptune. This is a great month for getting your dreams off the ground. Do not let this pass you by. Truly one of the last times this year to launch something successfully that doesn't require a lot of heavy lifting. But give it a few days until you see the light of the moon again.

Use your 10 new moon wishes to strengthen your resolve for anything Aquarius related as mentioned above. Write them down, say them out loud, and then do whatever speaks to you. But this is an Air sign, so work that into your ritual.

So how might this impact you? This of course depends on your own personal chart, but below are some general impacts based on Sun, Rising or Moon sign. And the closer your personal planets are to the 15 degree mark the stronger the impact.

Aries - 11th house brings new opportunities with networks and friends, this could include joining one, meeting one. The 11th house also brings gains, and with Jupiter in a sextile here there is much good luck to be found with these new associations.

Taurus - 10th house is the highest point in the chart. This is where we are rising to or towards. This is related to new beginnings at work, in your career or new recognition. Have you been seeking a career change, looking for a promotion. This is the sign that you are ready to take the next step.

Gemini - 9th house rules higher learning, foreign travel, our spirituality. This brings new opportunities for learning whether they be in the form of an advanced degree, the continuation of a field of study, or even a foreign language. You might be planning a trip abroad and especially with someone special, perhaps a honeymoon. Jupiter is sextile from the 7th house of serious relationships and supporting your new moon.

Cancer - 8th house brings on transformation, resources from others and our intimate relationships can be receiving a boost. Jupiter trines the new moon from the 6th house of daily activities. This could mean a new exercise regimen or diet, gets the support it needs to stick this time. You may be bringing more intimacy into your relationship, and there is also the potential to receive money in the form of a raise or bonus from your spouse, or an outside source.

Leo - Your 7th house of serious relationships is getting this New Moon energy. This is marriage energy, jobs with a contract, any serious type of relationship can start at this time and be very successful. Or you can bring a current relationship to the next level. Perhaps a contractor now and become a permanent employee.

Virgo - This is happening in your 6th house of daily activities, health, work routines, daily routines. Are you ready to start on that new workout or diet program? This house also rules pets. Have you been thinking of adding one to your family? Check out the Seattle Humane society if you have.

Libra - Your 5th house of fun, creativity, children and romance. You can really get your fires burning with this new moon energy. Already fun to be around you will be a force to be reckoned with. Take your creativity to the next level with this energy boost!

Scorpio - 4th house rules home and family, the mother, our security. This new moon has the support of Jupiter from the 2nd house of earned income. You might receive a raise that allows you to pursue moving, starting a remodel, or just buying something for you home. Additionally you may improve your relationship with your mother, or a female figure like a mother to you.

Sagittarius - 3rd house rules our neighborhoods, our communications, our lower mind. You may learn a new skill, buy a new car, improve your ability to communicate with others. You might finally organize all that clutter.

Capricorn - 2nd house this rules the money we earn. This could mean a bonus, a nice tax return, a raise, maybe a new source of income from a hobby. An idea may come to the surface with the sextile from Jupiter in your 12th house of the subconscious.

Aquarius - 1st house and where our new moon is sitting means you have a whole new beginning where your 'self' is concerned. And if this happens to be where you rising sign sits, or it's your birthday, the entire year will be blessed with new beginnings. You will be inspired to reinvent yourself, your look, or maybe just your attitude.

Pisces - 12th house rules the subconscious mind, our spirituality, and large institutions. With the support of Jupiter from the 10th house you may be going to work for a large company. Perhaps this company is more in line with your spiritual beliefs.

Read through all of these and see what applies most to your current situation. To know for sure the impacts you will want to create a free natal chart at a site like Look at the house and sign, then review this article again. Over the next few weeks this seeds will be planted and start to bloom.

Love and Light!

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