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June 2022 Monthly Horoscope

In the month of June, we will see both Saturn and Neptune turn retrograde and Mercury will end its retrograde. We will be clear of eclipse energy, but still have a full moon in Sagittarius and a New Moon in Pisces. As we begin the month we will be coming off the New Moon in Gemini. Below are some of the key energies of each day.

June 1st – Jupiter in Aries is square to the Moon in Cancer helping us to expand on our feelings and our intuition, especially when taking on any leadership decisions. But the square means the expansion is needed in order to change the current trajectory we are on. Mars is conjunct Jupiter still, but starting to move on. In its home sign Mars is very strong which adds some super strength to your desire for growth, drive, and even your energy. Mercury is also stationing to go direct, it is sitting and spewing out lots of thoughts in our heads, but don’t act on them just yet.

June 3rd – Mercury is direct once again at 26 degrees of Taurus, still making a sextile to Pluto. This makes us feel empowered to take action on all the new ideas we have come up with over the retrograde period. Mercury is sextile to Neptune so this is a good day for creative writing. In fact it will be a good few days since it will take Mercury time to build up enough energy to move completely forward again.

June 5th – the Moon will form a t-square to the Nodes from the sign of Leo. This can be a day full of emotional triggers that push you to walk away from situations that are not fulfilling or meant to be part of your path. Add to this the continuing t-square between Saturn and the Nodes and we have a grand cross as the Moon opposes Saturn. This could be a big day where major shifts happen in the world as well as our own lives. Moon in Leo wants to feel good, Saturn in Aquarius wants to control the masses. It is a Me vs We energy day that is tied to fate, destiny and karma! Especially since Saturn just turned retrograde on the 4th. This is definitely a reap what you sow day. Be ready.

June 8th – we have a brief Grand Earth trine between Mercury, the Moon and Pluto. This could bring you in some sort of financial rewards when you listen to your intuition, hold good boundaries and think before you speak. Trine’s bring success but only when you take action on what is presented to you.

June 10th – Mercury is moving ahead and makes an exact trine to Pluto. This is time to put your big plans in motion. They might not go quite as expected as Pluto is squaring the Moon and it is inconjunct to Mercury. But whatever you have been thinking about during the Mercury retrograde it is time to act.

June 11th – Venus and Uranus meet up at 16 degrees of Taurus. Love and Money may surprise you. The Moon will be in Scorpio causing you to distrust what you are seeing, but instead of going into complete doubt mode, just look at all the information carefully.

June 14th – our first full moon out of eclipse season occurs in the sign of Sagittarius at 23 degrees. This puts the Sun in Gemini of course. In Gemini we are focused on all the little details and in Sag we are focused on the big picture. We need to learn to do a bit of both. Saturn is pushing against both of these to form a positive influence from the sign of Aquarius. It says you need a well-balanced plan that helps others or at the least involves others in finishing up this goal you have for yourself. Mercury also enters into Gemini where it started its retrograde several weeks ago now. So, we are ready to move forward with our plans. Our big ideas are ready to be set into motion. Mars and Chiron are exactly conjunct in the sign of Aries. This could go one of two ways. You are either actively healing or actively hurting. Neptune will be part of a t-square to the Full Moon. Illusions and delusions may be shattered, but doing so will help you experience the closure you need in this area of your life. More details on this in the full write up still to come.

June 16th – Venus meets up with the Nodes which means fate and karma. Venus is strong in her home sign of Taurus. She revels in the energy. Fate is showing up for you as long as you learn to let go of your fears, and the past. Money, love, increased self-worth can all show up for you today as long as you listen to your higher self. Saturn retrograde will be square to Venus for a few days, pushing you to be responsible or take love more serious. This could be the push you need to walk away from situations or people not meant for you. The Sun and Neptune combine in a square to knock off your rose-colored glasses too. So don’t try to hang on to something that isn’t real. Because the Sun and Saturn are exact in their trine this means it is time to do the hard work and face reality. Success will be yours when you do.

June 19th – the Sun and Pluto meetup inconjunct at 28 degrees of Gemini and Capricorn respectively. These two can make things uncomfortable. You could end up feeling really insecure on a day like this and not understand why. When the planet of joy and fun makes connections to the planet of death, it can literally feel like joy is being sucked out of you. The Moon in Pisces is super emotional and it is squaring Mercury in Gemini, now fully clear of any shadow energy. So, you may be uber critical about how emotional you are feeling. This is a good day to plan to take a big time out and be gentle with yourself. It is Father’s Day and Juneteenth so focus on what there is to be grateful for in those areas of your life. And if doing that makes you even more emotional you have permission to do healthy things to pamper yourself and lift your spirits.

June 21st – the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer which brings the Summer Solstice to the Northern Hemisphere. This is the longest day of the year as well. The most light you will have shined upon you this year will be on this day. Cancer is one of the Cardinal signs, which signifies the change of seasons and taking initiative. The Moon will be in the Cardinal sign of Aries which make a square between the two. This is happens each month as the Moon approaches the Sun, the light fades off the Moon. It is a time to check in on the plans you made since the last full moon. What do you need to adjust? Where do you want to experience more joy? The Sun is a fire sign in a water sign, while the Moon is a water sign in a fire sign during this square. They have something to share about each other. A unique experience where even though they are square to each other, there is some understanding about how to adjust to get along. The Moon will later join together with Jupiter in Aries, to help you see how your emotions are shaping your future. This is a good day to realize how you feel, is how and what you manifest.

June 23rd – Venus leaves her cushy palace in Taurus to go back to school in Gemini. Here she has to look at all the details about love and money. And she vacillates back and forth a lot about what she wants. People born with Venus in Gemini need a lot of variety in order to not get bored. Otherwise as soon as they get what they think they want, they immediately want what they don’t have. The key to this placement is to have a lot of options. No that doesn’t mean have a lot of lovers, well maybe it does. But if you want to be happy with the one you have, then you have to keep things interesting. And you have to understand how each other thinks, and communication is your love language. The Moon will enter into Taurus and make a sextile to the Sun, smoothing out your emotions and letting you indulge just a bit in feeling good.

June 27th – Mars and Saturn retrograde meet up in a sextile of bossy energy at 24 degrees of their respective signs. Both are in signs they rule, so both feel powerful on their own, combined they are a force to be reckoned with. If there is some kind of uprising or protest now, it will be shut down hard. This feels like something from the past will come up since both make hard angles to the South Node. The Moon will be sitting next to Mercury in Gemini so there are definitely two sides at odds here.

June 28th – all the turmoil of yesterday leads us into the new moon in Cancer which is an opportunity for an emotional new beginning, especially involving home and family. This energy will be square to Jupiter in Aries. Something about your need for independence is causing conflict within the family unit. This counts on the world stage as well. But Jupiter is a wise teacher and has a lesson for you, if the way you are going about gaining your independence is causing harm to the family. At the same time Jupiter and Venus are speaking in harmony which makes this a blessed new beginning. These are the only planets directly involved in the new moon. The Moon is at home in the sign of Cancer, it rules our emotions, safety and security. These are of course things you are meant to get from home and family. The Sun is helping you reset this area of your life and chart, and start over. More details on this in the full write up still to come.

July preview – The first of July will bring the fireworks early as Mars will be squaring to Pluto in its retrograde. Something involving a power struggle from the past is going to blow up big time. The month will also bring us a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 13th, and a New Moon in Leo on the 28th. Our next planet to turn retrograde will be Jupiter on the same day as the New moon, which indicates something about your new beginning requires some careful thought. Jupiter will remain retrograde until November 22nd, where it will be in the sign of Pisces. The marriage asteroid Juno will go retrograde on the 25th of July until October 22nd, this will have us taking a deeper look into our committed relationships and partnerships. In the sign of Pisces we are looking for a deep spiritual connection to the things and people we are committed to. More to come in next month’s horoscope.

Love and Light.

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