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January 2024 Horoscope

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

As the new year and new month begin we have a lot to celebrate! Another Mercury retrograde is coming to an end. Followed by Uranus at the end of the month. Then we are free of retrogrades until April!! Our New Moon will happen on the 11th and the Full Moon on the 25th. For a preview of the entire year, be sure and check out the 2024 overview article here.

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The events on the 1st day of the year give you big clues about the year ahead. Pay special attention to New Year's Day to get a glimpse of what your future holds. Below are some of the major planet interactions for the month ahead. What you won't see here however, is how they interact with your own chart. For that be sure and book a reading with me, options can be found here. Effects of these events may be felt a few days before and after the actual event. My special rate ends at midnight on December 31st so take advantage of the big savings while you can.

January 1st - Happy New Year! As we kick the year off, Mercury in Sagittarius will slow down and get ready to go direct. It asks you what you have learned, how have you grown over the past month. It is still in positive contact with those hands of fate, the North and South Node. There could be very important conversations had at the New Years celebrations. Venus also in Sag, will be making an exact square to Saturn, reminding you to consider if what you are pursuing in love or money, is truly what you want. How about those personal boundaries you should be holding right about now? There is something more to consider according to Grandpa Saturn. Jupiter just turned direct and is activating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse point from last October. Are you finally ready to finish a project, or let something end that should have ended last year?

January 3rd - Venus and Jupiter the two benefic planets in the zodiac meet at what we call inconjunct, or quincunx. This is an odd angle, that makes it a challenge to get along. This could be again some odd lesson about last year's eclipse that is now being seen from Venus's perspective. This planet is the ruler of Taurus, so definitely has something to say. Love, money, values or your valuables, might not seem as satisfying as they once did. The Moon is speaking in harmony with Venus from her other home sign, Libra, as it is also inconjunct to Jupiter in Taurus. This means we have a brief YOD, a fated mission. Something really important will come up for review today. Don't miss it! With Mars at the last degree of Sagittarius things are likely going to be so hot you won't be able too!

January 4th - Mars moves into grounded, serious Capricorn for the next 6 weeks. It joins the Sun and Pluto both already in the sign, which means there are a lot of heavy hitters in a sign that rules governments, structure, and work. Mars feels bogged down in an earth sign, but that means you can be slowing down and making sure you have a good plan for the year ahead. Well do you? If not, it's time to start setting those goals.

January 6th - The Sun in Capricorn is making a square to Chiron in Aries, meaning something has to change. This can be an old ego wound that rears its ugly head today so the issue can be resolved. Perhaps a leader or two have a major conflict, someone is going to have to make a major change in order to resolve this. With the Moon in Scorpio speaking in harmony with the Sun it's a good day to stay tuned into your intuition in order to know the best way out of this conflict.

January 8th - Saturn and Mars have a meetup today, which has you starting to put those plans you made because of the earlier conflict into action. This could be two political leaders coming together to bring a conflict to resolution somehow. Saturn is the brakes and Mars is the gas, together they help you move forward at just the right pace. Take advantage of the help.

January 9th - Mercury is having its final conversation with Neptune, that started last month during its retrograde, with both planets moving ahead it may be that you have a creative project that is also ready to move forward. You had to change something about your approach, but you should have that all figured out now, and know what is going to work and what clearly will not. Foggy thinking will clear. The Sun speaks in harmony with Uranus bringing you some surprising success. Maybe your project is some invention!

January 11th - we have a very interesting New Moon in Capricorn at 20 degrees of the sign. The Sun and Moon join there and then create a t-square to the North Node and South Node. Something fated is a part of your new beginnings now. A change in direction is needed when you have a t-square with the Nodes, a fated change. Could love be playing a role? Venus will be trine to Chiron, helping you heal. The Sun and Moon will also be trine to Uranus, adding the element of surprise to the new beginnings. Saturn, Mars and Jupiter are all speaking in harmony too. Whatever this is get on board, and get ready to move forward swiftly. More details in the full write up where I break this down by sign for everyone, here.

January 12th - the South Node and Uranus are making an odd angle to one another, suggesting something strange may come up related to the past, perhaps an old lover pops up out of nowhere. This connection will last for quite awhile, so even if something doesn't show up right away hints of it may start now. Uranus is about breaking free, so it's a good time to set intentions to break free of the past.

January 14th - we have another YOD, fated mission, showing up between Uranus, the South Node and Venus. Remember that old lover I spoke of earlier, this may be the work you need to do that is related to the past. Releasing them? Uranus is the exit point of this work you have to do. Venus and the South Node, is money, or love related to the past, or a past love. These both are inconjunct to Uranus. Venus is also speaking in harmony with the North Node, so this work will help set you on the path you are meant to be on. Where do you have that Sag energy in your chart? There are clues there for you about finding love. Mercury also enters into Capricorn, slowing our thoughts right down. Communication takes a much more serious turn now.

January 16th - the Sun in Capricorn is in a sextile with Neptune in Pisces which may have you feeling extra creative, and emotional. It is great energy for creative projects of all kinds. The Sun has been working extra hard as it travels through Capricorn. Neptune adds a bit of dreamy energy that can help you take a breather as well.

19th - It's a powerful day when the Sun and Pluto join forces. Governments or large organizations may end up in the news for some kind of major merger. Pluto does things beneath the surface, so we don't always know what is going on, but we can sure feeI something. At 29 degrees the energy is intense already, then these two combine and you will literally feel a surge of energy. It's a critical, sometimes called a crisis degree. It is a very good day to remain aware and careful. This is a major ego boost and some don't need any help. Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter all combine, making deals between powerful players possible. Mark this day as one to watch for.

Happy Birthday to all the Aquarius's out there! Welcome to Aquarius season for the rest of you.

January 20th - the Sun and Pluto still joined, now move into the sign of Aquarius, we move from power to the Government to power to the people type of energy. We saw Pluto last here in March of 2023, until mid May. It will stay in Aquarius until September, where it will briefly drop back to 29 degrees of Capricorn. Pay close attention to what is going on while Pluto is at that 29 degree mark. Because come September thru November you will see more of the story. Or, find out what was going on beneath the surface last year, that now will get exposed. The election year will prove to be very intriguing. 0 degree means this is something brand new we are experiencing. Want to know more about the sign of Aquarius? Check out my article and hypnosis session here.

January 23rd - Venus finishes her fun time in Sagittarius and enters serious Capricorn, not her favorite place to be. But this is a good time to get focused on your finances, business planning, perhaps you have a business that is beauty focused. If so, now is a good time to work on expanding your business. There is a bit of tension today between the Moon, the Nodes, and Mars. You will want to start something, you just aren't quite sure what yet. The nodes may be what pushes you to make a major change now. Give it a few days to fully reveal what it is you need to change.

January 25th - the Full Moon in Leo happens at 5 degrees of the sign. The Sun shines brightly from across the sky in the sign of Aquarius. Both will be in a square to Jupiter, so there is pressure to end something now, and create significant change. Jupiter is gentle energy, but it is not a pushover. Go where you are being guided, or Jupiter will blow things up. There is a lot of pressure to change right now. More on this is the full write up with the breakdown by sign, here.

January 26th - with Mercury conjunct with Mars there might be some strong words, maybe fighting words. Do you need to stand up for yourself? Now might be the time to do so, as both are still in a square to both of the Nodes. Fate is pushing hard on you to do something about the situation you are in. You are off the path and need to get back in line. The Moon is speaking in harmony with the nodes, so listen to your gut about what you need to change now. Jupiter and the Sun meeting up suggest some kind of blessing for the service you provide to others, likely a financial one. Uranus in the sign that rules finances, Taurus, slows to station direct. Could mean a financial surprise!

January 27th - as Mercury and Mars stand together they will also be squaring against the Nodes for several days. Will there be some kind of restriction? Will there be some kind of Justice battle? Something involving the government is what has to resolve all this pressure. Reminder that North Node in Aries is fighting for your independence, and the South Node is leaving situations where your individuality is not supported. Ideally you find a way to restore the balance in those relationships, that is the goal. Venus is speaking in harmony with Jupiter and Saturn, women in leadership may be trying to bring Justice, or peace and harmony.

January 29th - things become really interesting as Mars and Mercury, Uranus and the Moon meet up in a brief Grand Earth trine. This is when all the planets create a triangle of positive energy. There is a push for you to do something, and when you do this you achieve some level of personal success. This is the diamond that is formed out of all the pressure this past week. With Venus and Jupiter also meeting in a trine, there is a lot of good potential for rewards. Where will this show up for you? Look to the earth signs in your chart for clues.

January 31st - as the month ends we are coming to understand we have some important healing to do. In order for people to heal though, they must first face the pain, or the illness. There is some kind of injustice related to the past that is coming up for healing. Chiron is the wounded healer, it brings up our deepest pain, so we can heal. The North Node is our fated lessons in the sign of Aries about our strength, our self confidence, our leadership. Will a leader become ill? Will there be a new virus wreaking havoc?

February preview - we can move things forward with no retrograde planet energies this month. We will have a New Moon in Aquarius and a Full Moon in Virgo. No planets change signs or directions this month! The conversation with the North Node and Chiron, opposing the South Node, of course, will not reach its peak until about the 3rd week in February. Keep an eye out for February 21st in next months forecast.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

With Love a Guiding Light


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