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January 2022 Horoscope

Happy New Year! January 2022 brings a shift in energy as we move from a 5 year full of change, to a 6 year that welcomes in joy, happiness and reasons to celebrate. The years cycle through the numbers 1-9, each representing a new type of energy. To understand the energy better you may want to look back at 2013 to see what was going on in your life at that time. It does not mean it will repeat exactly as before, if there were lessons learned, this time you can apply them. We will start the new year with a shift of the Nodes into Taurus and Scorpio, a New Moon in Capricorn and a Full Moon in Cancer. We will be in shadow period of the Mercury retrograde which will kick off on January 29th, Venus and Uranus will both end their retrogrades, but will still be in their shadow period. As usual lots to uncover.

January 1st – Happy New Year! The Moon enters the sign of Capricorn and is sextile with Jupiter at 0 degrees of Pisces. This could be a major financial blessing, at the very least feeling blessed emotionally. Mercury will be at the last degree of Capricorn as well to adding to the desire to set new intentions for the New Year that involve our finances.

January 2nd – We have a New Moon in the sign of Capricorn, as the Sun and Moon meet at 12 degrees of the sign. New beginnings in finance and at work are possible. The two will be trine to Uranus, which is still in retrograde. This could be some surprise from your past showing up in a way that is helpful. At the same time, Mercury will enter into the sign of Aquarius, in a fellow air sign so the energy is compatible for all things Mercurial. Our thinking will be much more creative and inventive during this planet’s stay here. Which will be extended because of its retrograde. Currently in its shadow period, as it will make its way back to about 24 degrees of Capricorn before it heads forward again on the 4th of February. So, it is a good time to pay attention to your thoughts and what kind of communication you are getting. Especially as during this new moon Mercury is in a trine to the North Node and sextile to the South. Karma train is coming to town with the New Moon. Be ready to get on board!

January 3rd – the Nodes shift to 0 degrees of Sag and Gemini as the Moon shifts into Aquarius, and joins up with Mercury. The fate train has not left the station yet and you may receive a major download as to why you need to get on board. The square from Jupiter to the nodes is gently nudging you to learn the lesson that the Nodes have been attempting to teach you for the past 18 months. This is the time to pay attention and finish the work. The Moon will join in the conversation in a few days and you will know the truth.

January 5th – remember about a month ago when Venus and Neptune met up at 20 degrees of their signs? Then Neptune was retro and Venus was moving forward. Now their direction is reversed. So, you have a chance to review whatever was showing up for you at a whole new angle. They will meet again for the last time as you resolve whatever this is for you around February 25th. At that time, they will both be ready to move ahead and so will you. Neptune is your spirituality, creativity, and medicine. Venus is love, money, and values. How are you combining those energies is your life?

January 8th – Venus and the Sun are conjunct at 18 degrees of Capricorn as we get some major enlightenment about what it means to be successful. How you are making money could go through a major change. The Sun gives the planets a fire bath as they pass through its rays. These two don’t meet up again until next October, so this may take some time to fully unfold for you. Since Venus is retrograde this is a topic you are revisiting.

January 9th – Jupiter is now completely clear of its shadow period and ready to move ahead in the sign of Pisces. Whatever you have been reviewing is also ready to move ahead. As a reminder this retrograde covered a lot of ground again in Capricorn and just these first few degrees of Pisces. This can be similar to the last transit you had with Jupiter in Pisces in 2010. Or 12 years before that! Jupiter is the great teacher and wants you to grow and expand. Do so and don’t repeat the patterns you did not enjoy 12 years ago.

January 10th – Mars and Neptune make a square to one another and create a lot of steam. Mars the planet of action can get lost in all the fogginess of Neptune, so not the greatest couple of days to try to accomplish any major type of goal. Might be better off in a sauna or hot tub looking for inspiration. On the positive side the Sun is in a sextile to Neptune so it is good for working on creativity, or a spiritual type of pursuit. You can successfully end something you have been working on. But trying to move things forward that require a lot of effort would not be advised.

January 13th – Mercury and Uranus meet up at the square point where Saturn and Uranus last met during Christmas. There may be some sort of clarity you receive, some announcement even. Your mind is under a lot of pressure to break free from rigid thinking, but Saturn nearby is still a major influence and change doesn’t come easy. Slow down and don’t say something you are going to regret just because you feel so much pressure to speak out. Tomorrow Mercury starts its retrograde and you will have to really think about what you want to change, but you aren’t ready just yet. This will be a few days of some rather explosive commentary on the political stage as well. The past may be coming back to haunt someone in a big way.

January 17th – the Full Moon in Cancer happens at 27 degrees of the sign while opposed to the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. In order for these completions involving home and family to occur, you have got to tone down that ego of yours, and that quest for power and all things powerful. Pluto is power and combined with the Sun you are a force to be reckoned with, and so are governments in general. There could be some fighting over what you consider to be your home. You are going to have a difficult time bringing things to closure as Mars is making an odd angle back to the Moon in Cancer. Keep in mind the Moon in Cancer is in its home sign and at full strength. This could involve things like moving, motherhood, family and ending some sort of emotional attachment. Neptune is just a bit wide of this Full Moon to have a strong influence but moving forward again and in the water sign Pisces it can add even more emotions to this full moon experience. As this Full Moon comes to an end Uranus is standing still, and about to end its retrograde, so there is a tremendous amount of erratic energy in the air. This day is going to be memorable.

January – 19th the big shift is here. The Nodes are now in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio and a pattern you last saw 19 years ago begins again. 2003 lessons are back up for review. Taurus is about things that involve the 5 senses. You need to possess something for it to give you value. Scorpio rules the unseen, the hidden. It is a very emotional, spiritual sign, that is constantly needing to change in order to learn and grow. But not by possessing things, then it is acting like a Taurus. Where the South Node is we need to release our patterns, our karma. So, it will be a time of pursuing our self-worth, and money is going to be important to us as will the stock market. And love, as Taurus is ruled by Venus. The first contact the nodes make is with the Sun at the very last minutes of Capricorn. Fate and destiny are calling. Could be again related to government figures, power changes of some sort, and still feeling the feminine influence. Perhaps a woman coming into power.

January 20th – Aquarius season begins as the Sun enters the sign as the Moon enters into Virgo. This day may feel a bit weird. The Sun wants freedom in Aquarius while the Moon wants control in Virgo, over our emotions and feelings. You have to let go of your fear and allow yourself to feel into whatever is showing up for you now. The Moon is squaring the Nodes so there is something you need to let go of.

January 21st – there is a grand earth trine between the Moon, Uranus and Venus, not quite exact, but all working in harmony in each of the earth signs. Earth is often representative of a successful financial endeavor as long as you apply some effort. Of course, with Uranus involved it could come about unexpectedly. And with Venus retrograde it could be the result of something you started in the past. Maybe just last year as Venus passed through this territory at the beginning of the shadow period.

January 23rd – Mars will end its time in fun loving Sagittarius and then have you get to work as it enters into the sign of Capricorn. Mars doesn’t really like to work hard, it just wants to conquer everyone and move fast. You may feel like someone put the brakes on your energy as this shift occurs. Be prepared to take your activities down a notch. Whatever happens fate is in the driver’s wheel, so if you suddenly off course it is because Mars and the North Node are inconjunct one another. This odd angle can make things a bit weird.

January 25th – Mercury will transition in its retrograde from Aquarius back into Capricorn. So, it will enter Capricorn from the back door as Mars enters at the front. With Venus also there at 11 degrees and slowing down to end her retrograde, the Capricorn influence will be very noticeable. Working, money, career, authority and restrictions will all be themes that we are talking about, and thinking about.

January 26th – As Mercury enters Capricorn, it immediately meets up with the North Node in a trine. Something fated from your past is coming to fruition now. Perhaps you are getting a bonus for the work you did in the past year. Get good news of some sort. An aha moment or discovery of some kind is possible. This could change your thinking about what you thought you had planned for over the next 18 months of the North Node in Taurus transit.

January 29th – Venus ends her retrograde and will slowly march forward again as the Moon joins her side in Capricorn. We are feeling much more logical about love; money and our emotions seem much more practical in nature. Both are speaking in harmony with Uranus moving forward at 10 degrees of Taurus. Love and money surprises could be in store for you though. Especially as Mercury retrograde is exactly conjunct with Pluto at about the point where Venus started her retrograde. Lovers from the past could be making amends. Your mind is going through a serious reboot and attempting to clear out all the negative thoughts that keep you weak. As the Moon joins in the following day you instinctively know which thoughts you need to release.

Wow! Quite a way to kick off to wrap up the month and kick off the New Year. February, March and April will see us mostly clear of retrogrades. Mercury will be direct on the 4th so, those will be the best months to move big things forward. Our New Moon in February will be on the 1st, in the sign of Aquarius, and the Full Moon will be on the 16th in Leo. Looks like Valentine’s Day will be full of fun and making us want to feel good.

Love and Light!


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