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Improve your New Moon Wishes

Updated: May 5, 2023

What can you find behind the magic curtain? It all depends on how good you are at manifesting things for yourself. For those who are more adept at New Moon Astrology, I have put together a Worksheet that you can use to help hone in on where you should put your focus and attention. You can access it here.

Each New Moon occurs in a different zodiac sign monthly. Once a year one of the zodiac signs gets a second new moon, because the Moon has a 28.5 day cycle. This ends up giving us 13 a year, and with only 12 zodiac signs, one of them always gets 2. That also means the energy for each of these New Moon's is different. Because of that so should what you wish for.

The Moon moves around the zodiac touching each of the signs, and each one of your 12 houses. The houses are 'where' we see things showing up in our life. It's like having a visitor to your home, they bring you an energetic gift and you use it in that house. In this worksheet you will find the themes of each house. You will also find a symbol chart for the planets and zodiac signs. These will help you look at your own chart and understand what to wish for, and what you are looking at.

To best use the worksheet you need a birth chart. If you have not done a reading with me before, or you don't have one, you can visit any of the major astrology sites to create a free one for yourself. Each site will have their own process for creating a chart. Or, if you are a serious astrology fan, I use the Astro Gold App to create charts, and it is pretty reasonable.

I have a new package offering where you can sign up to work with me every month to craft out your wishes. We will spend about 30 minutes prior to the New Moon, planning out what your focused intentions should be based on your natal chart, and the current transits. They are different for everyone. Your rising sign is what determines the houses in your chart. Where the Moon and Sun are in the sign is important of course, but how you see it showing up for you is something you want to add into your wishing as well. You can see this new package offering here.

Here are some tips as you write out your wishes:

  1. Be in a good space energetically as you write them, positive, open-minded, stress free (listening to my hypnosis session for New Moon's can help. It's here.

  2. Look at your chart to see the sign, house, and any planets being impacted by the Sun and Moon.

  3. Be sure to read my New Moon Article for more insight about the energy present. The latest one can be found here.

  4. If you want an all encompassing 40 page kit where I create a free birth chart for you, you can find it here. This again includes a free worksheet that helps you plan out the entire year.

  5. Write wishes as if you already have what you desire.

  6. Only focus wishes on yourself. We cannot change other people through our wishing. We can only change how we perceive them.

  7. Wish for the behaviors and mindset you need in order to achieve your outcome, not just the outcome you desire.

  8. The more emotional energy you put behind your wishes the better. I have seen some people have success from just jumping up and down and getting excited. If you happen to find yourself super energized, stop and use that to write out your intentions.

  9. Start small. If you need evidence this process works, pick something you can easily see as coming true. Such as asking to see white feathers, especially if white birds are not normal in your area.

  10. Experiment. Each month try something a little different in your ritual until you find what works best for you.

I hope you will let me know how much this detailed information helps you craft your wishes. Feel free to share it with someone you think will benefit from it too!

Love and Light!



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