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Dreamy New Moon in Pisces 2023

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

On Feb 20, 2023 we will have a New moon in the sign of Pisces, once again at the 1-degree mark, while all planets are moving forward. It will be exact at 12:05 am MST. Pisces is the last zodiac sign, and governs the last house of zodiac, so while this is a new beginning in this area of your chart, it could come about as the result of ending something else.

Pisces is the 3rd of the water signs. Water is our emotions, our intuition, and our feelings. Pisces is also a very healing energy, oftentimes people who are healers, like doctors and nurses, have strong Pisces placements. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. This is King Neptune, ruler under the sea, where all things are hidden and magical. The planet rulers over secrets, delusions, and escapism. For even more details on the sign, check out my article here. It will also take you to experience the energy of Pisces with my hypnosis session here.

With the New Moon we have the Moon, our emotional self, at the exact same degree as the Sun, our ego self. Of course, they are both in their own orbit at that degree. When the Moon is blank like this, it is time for an emotional reset. From this blank space you can have a fresh start in the area of your chart where this new moon occurs. You can also create 10 New Moon wishes focused on the energy of Pisces and the energy of the house you have Pisces in your chart. I have recently created a self-hypnosis session where you can visualize and more strongly connect to your new moon wishes, check it out here. I also still have the New Moon Manifesting toolkit here which I am still keeping it at that 11.11 price so take advantage of this 40-page workbook. So many tools to help you achieve your personal dreams and goals.

Your wishes may center around topics like artistry, musicality, creativity, and spirituality. You may wish for some healing with this energy as well. Remember to write out those wishes to include things like easily and effortlessly, use I am statements. But the real key is to visualize yourself actually having or doing those things, then attaching to them emotionally. This is why hypnosis can be so helpful. The 12th house rules the subconscious mind, another of those hidden things, you can’t see, but you know it exists. You may want to use these wishes to release any blocks from your subconscious mind that are holding you back from achieving your dreams.

The Sun and Moon, are positively aspecting both the North and South Node. They are 5 degrees from being exactly aspected, but definitely close enough for fate to have a hand in these new beginnings. You will want to check where the transiting nodes are in your chart, and how they will influence the house with the new beginning (wherever Pisces energy is in your chart). For instance, if Pisces is your 7th house of serious relationships you could meet 'the one' in a foreign country (North Node 9th house, foreign countries), but only if you are willing to allow yourself to get away from home (South Node 3rd house, your community). The North Node shows you where to go, the South Node where to move away from. All are in water signs, so again this lends itself to be a very emotional and fated New Moon!

Also in Pisces, and getting ready to leave immediately following the New Moon, is Venus. This planet enjoys the time it spends in this sign. Venus loves to day dream, to create, to focus on beautiful things, and feelings. That energy sitting at 29 degrees can be a bit over the top, as in you could be overindulgent during this time. So, plan accordingly. You wouldn't want to have buyer's remorse shortly after the light returns to the Moon. We can all be very emotional as well. Usually a new moon doesn’t have that same energetic pull as a Full Moon, but this one will. Especially because Venus is in a sextile with Pluto at 29 degrees of Capricorn. While this is a positive aspect, anything involving the energy of these 2 planets combined, can turn into something you obsess about. As in if you wish for a new relationship, it could end up feeling a bit intense! On the positive side of things Pluto empowers women in general with this New Moon. Perhaps that means we will see a new woman step into a position of power. For that to be you it means you have these 2 planets in very good placement in your chart. Of course, other aspects in your chart will tell you more.

Neptune is also still in Pisces, now fully moving forward, the sextile it has to Pluto has been going on for a very long time, and it is lessening now. There could still be a small influence however so worth noting. Whatever is happening to the ruler of the New Moon event is always important. If you seek power as a healer, an artist, a psychic, now is the time to lean into that even more. Hope and optimism feel strong with this energy as well.

Saturn will be nearby the Sun and Moon, so technically conjunct, but from another sign, it applies to the energy from a different perspective. Saturn currently sits at 28 degrees of Aquarius. This conjunction does not add to the Pisces energy, it restricts it a bit. Mostly Saturn does not want us all getting way too emotional, so it puts a bit of brakes on the whole touchy-feely thing. Saturn is out of its retrograde shadow now and fully moving ahead. Next month it will in fact step into the sign of Pisces, where it will spend the next 2 ½ years. There could be a clue now about what those next few years of work will mean to you. Ideally this Saturn energy wants you to do something constructive will all these feelings and gifts, don’t waste them.

So where will our head be with all these emotions running around? Mercury is also in Aquarius, but at 12 degrees. It speaks in harmony with Mars, who still has a lot of ground left to cover from its retrograde. But now you are starting to make plans for the future, starting to give more concrete structure to your plans. Mercury is also in a sextile to Chiron. Some of those plans may involve healing work. Mercury is also making a square to Uranus, so you are looking to let go of friend groups that no longer share your same values. This could be what is pushing you to take that leap of faith into the unknown.

Jupiter has just now cleared its shadow period from its retrograde through Aries and Pisces. At 9 degrees of Aries you are feeling more confident about yourself. It speaks with Chiron and gives us a lot of strength to heal, and teach others how to heal. It also speaks in harmony with Mercury still. Those ideas you have been given over the past few days, now may be the time to apply that information, to join those groups you have been contemplating as a part of your new moon activities.

Now let’s take a look at where you should focus your attention on those new beginnings according to your Sun, Moon and especially that rising sign.

Pisces – this is all about you, time for a fresh start. Fate steps into help you redefine yourself, or reinvent yourself and how you appear to others, by showing you where you belong. The North Node is in the 3rd house of community and communication. You just have to let go of something foreign to you, for example not setting boundaries. Then you will be on your way to a whole new self.

Aquarius – in your 2nd house you get a new beginning that involves the money you make. Could be a new job or new responsibilities at your current job. Perhaps a family member steps in to help you with the North Node there. Or moving away from your current job brings you closer to family.

Capricorn – the 3rd house is siblings, cousins, community, anything to do with communication. You could get a new degree, or some type of certification. That North Node says whatever you do it has to align with your heart. You have to be willing to let go of group thinking mentality in order to start something new.

Sagittarius – the 4th house means an addition to your home is possible, as well as a new home. The North Node is bringing fated events to your work life, your health, even your pets. But adding a new family member will only work when you have made peace with the one you recently may have lost.

Scorpio – Pisces energy for you activates your 5th house of romance, children, hobbies, and passion in general. You have been working all year to let go of those pieces of yourself that just no longer serve you, which means this could be time for that special someone to appear in your life. This could be business related too, just some type of serious fated relationship.

Libra – that 6th house can bring you a new beginning in your day to day life. Are you ready for a new job or perhaps ready to retire? Perhaps it is time to get that new health and fitness routine into high gear. A romantic partner is inspiring you to make the investment in your health. Including a change in job because it is negatively impacting your health.

Virgo – when the new moon happens in the opposite house of self, that means a new romantic partnership is possible. Especially all you very early degree Virgos. Again, this could be business related as well. The North Node has been inspiring you to follow your calling, to think bigger about the possibilities you have for growth this year. It is time to stop holding yourself back by thinking small and getting too caught up in the details.

Leo – the 8th house is about sex. That’s all, that’s your wish. Ok, ok, it also rules over things like having a complete life transformation. Talk about new beginnings. That South Node energy for you is trying to get you to create some space between what your family wants for you and what you actually want and desire. The North Node in your 10th house has been pulling you towards a new more fulfilling career. So go towards it, and tell your family you love them, but you have to follow your heart on this one.

Cancer – the 9th house is about growth and expansion, higher learning, foreign travel and people. You might have to travel faraway to find your tribe, where you belong. Or a friend is going to be the one helping you create this new growth opportunity in your life. There is something you are attached too that is holding you back. Listen to this friend’s advice, they know what they are talking about. You just may be too close to see it.

Gemini – a new beginning in your 10th house involves your career, and how you are making a name for yourself. The North Node in your 12th house suggests it could be a career that involves large institutions, like hospitals. You will have to let go of something that is a part of your day to day life in order to take advantage of this new offer. Just be careful health wise so you don’t end up in the hospital.

Taurus – the 11th house can get you in touch with a new group of friends, or have you join a new networking group. That North Node has been with you a year now, so has Uranus. Are you making surprising changes? Breaking free from your normal stubborn self? Of course, that means you should be letting go of relationships that do not serve you. By now you know the people that are no good for you, and it is time to let them go.

Aries – the 12th house rules those hidden things, like your subconscious mind. Is it time to finally get out of your head and release those fears once and for all? This work can be subtle, but since Pisces is the 12th house you will know what this pertains to. Those fears could be holding you back from pursuing your dream job. But it’s time you stopped depending on other people to pay your way, and take on more responsibility for paying your own way. Take a risk and go for the job, then move out, and be responsible for yourself.

This New Moon can be a little tricky since it is so early in the sign of Pisces, unless you are an early degree Sun, Moon, or Rising sign there could be some slight variation from the above. Of course, getting a reading, which I have a special one for just the Moon events is the best way to know for sure. See that under my Astrology offers here. Or create a free chart, then look at the specific houses where you have the planets and nodes mentioned above. Whatever happens for you I sure hope it is something magical that fills you with happiness and joy. If you want some extra inspiration be sure to check out my hypnosis for the New Moon energy here.

Thank you for reading and sharing!

Love and Light!


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