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For Health's Sake, it's the Virgo Full Moon 2023!

Updated: May 5, 2023

The Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 16 degrees of the sign on March 7th. It reaches fullness at 7:40 am EST. This is a good moon to charge your crystals with, as Virgo is an earth sign. With the Moon in Virgo we are focused on health & healing, natural methods of healing in particular. Virgo is the 6th sign in the zodiac, aligned with the 6th house. This rules our day to day activities, like our job, our health, our pets, and being of service to others.

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Virgo is ruled by Mercury, although there are some who suggest it is better aligned with the energy of Chiron, the wounded healer. But the Mercury energy is what gives Virgo’s such great attention to detail, sometimes a bit OCD on the details. It can come off as a bit controlling, but it is more about a need for control of the details, and what is going on in their daily life. With the Full Moon in this sign we may be ready to take all those details we have gathered and put them to good use. We may be ready to bring a book we have written on health to fullness for example.

The Sun will shine a light from the opposing sign of Pisces, aligned with the 12th house. This is always an interesting house for the Sun to transit through, a fire sign, it is not strong in water. In a water sign like Pisces we see success through our artistry or our spirituality. Neither one of these is particularly strong with details. In fact, Pisces, or water energy, doesn’t have any boundaries at all. The boundaries come from the earth. This is the pressure between these two signs. One likes rules and boundaries, while the other does not. It becomes a lesson then on how to set good boundaries at appropriate times.

The 6th house themes are what we see on a day to day basis in our lives. The 12th house is what goes on behind the scenes. It is things that are hidden, like our psychic gifts. This is also a house of endings, being the last house in the zodiac. With both the Full Moon and the 12th house representing conclusions, you might expect a large ending of some kind. With Neptune still in its home sign of Pisces opposing the Moon, while also in a wide conjunction with the Sun, we have more energy that suggests some type of delusion coming to an end.

Mercury as the ruler of this Full Moon is also in the sign of Pisces, not quite Cazimi with the Sun, it is about 9 degrees behind. I see people with Mercury in Pisces as very talented singers or musicians, and artists. It will be speaking in harmony with the Nodes, making it especially important that you pay attention to the messages you are getting about what to bring to fullness at this time. It opposes the Moon, but perhaps the wide angle won’t make it very noticeable. However, it should remind you that if your thoughts and feelings are at odds you need to pause and make sense of what is showing up for you.

Uranus is moving forward and speaking in harmony with the Full Moon, perhaps bringing some surprise endings. It is helpful energy that can get you unstuck from situations or people that are holding you back. We could see some type of innovative healing news brought to the media’s attention. After the square energy we had with the Leo Full Moon last month, this may come in as a breath of fresh air. You have the freedom to conclude things in your life that no longer serve you.

Mars in Gemini is almost out of shadow and it making a wide tsquare to the Moon and Sun. At 21 degrees it still has some influence, but the intensity may be less. A tsquare means this is the energy where the tension between the Sun and Moon escapes. You may suddenly change your mind about something or someone.

Immediately following this full Moon, Saturn will be moving into the sign of Pisces. At the time of this event it sits at the very last minute of Aquarius energy. This is a critical moment where we may see some type of group protest. Saturn brings structure to the people, and this is the end of that energy, that started back in 2020. Saturn can also bring restriction, and we all know what happened in March of 2020. Are we finally free of Covid restrictions? As this planet heads into the sign that rules medicine will there be new restrictions within the medical field? Or over medicine? Pluto is going to pop into Aquarius briefly on the 23rd, bringing power to the people. We are in for some interesting times these next few months. Something noticeable will occur with this full moon as a preview of what’s to come I am sure.

Chiron and Jupiter are almost exactly conjunct in Aries. This is going to be interesting energy. We can be healed in big ways, or we can see our wounds in order for them to be healed. This very much depends on the work you did during the Chiron retrograde. Venus is in Aries as well and all are making an odd angle back to the Moon in Virgo. When you have the 2 benefic planets together in the same sign that is a blessing of some kind. That blessing helps you achieve your Virgo goals. Especially with Mars also speaking in harmony with Venus. There is a lot of passion behind your need to heal. Will you take advantage of it?

There is clearly a lot of energy at play during the Full Moon. Let’s see based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign which area you can expect to see things come to completion. Most notable in your day to day life is the rising sign.

Virgo - this is happening in your first house. If you have health goals for yourself, now is the time to set them. Maybe you started some kind of health journey six months ago at the new moon in Virgo, and now you are about to realize the fruits of your labor. The Sun shines a light from your 7th house of serious relationships suggesting a partner can help you achieve your goals. You might need to make a change in your career in order to reduce the stress in your life.

Leo - your 2nd house being activated can mean some type of financial goal is achieved. The 2nd house rules the money you make, while the Sun shines a light from the money you get from other resources. This could mean you are ready to start a new job, or get a raise at the one you currently have. Hopefully you can let go of some debt as a result. Maybe a friend can help you get your finances on track, or create a budget with the new income coming in.

Cancer - the 3rd house rules over your community, your siblings, and your communications in general. This is a good time to finish off a writing project, or a course of study you have been working on for the past six months. The Sun shines a light from the 9th house, enticing you to want to just run away and take a trip. But I think the responsibilities of the job are going to keep you too busy for that!

Gemini – Woohoo Mars is finally out of retrograde and moving towards the end of its shadow period and you should be feeling a big sense of relief. Now you may be focused on finding a place to live with the Full Moon happening in your 4th house. Something involving the home or motherhood may be coming to fullness at this time. The Sun shines a light from your work sector so maybe a job relocation is in process. It’s you who will ultimately decide if you are going to make a big move or not.

Taurus – the 5th house of romance, children and hobbies means your heart is full at the time of the Full Moon. The Sun shines a light from the 11th house of friends and networking groups, helping you see that you need to spend more time on your hobbies. But Mars in the 2nd house of the money you make still has your attention. Make hay while the sun shines, soon you won’t have that extra spice in your money-making house.

Aries – the 6th house is the work you do and something about that work is getting stressed out by maybe a lousy commute. Mars in that 3rd house also means for just a bit longer you really need to be careful when you travel. The Sun in your 12th house might have you eyeing a larger company to go work for. The commute might just be the deciding factor.

Pisces – You have a lot of energy in your 1st house opposing this Full Moon in your 7th house. Are your dreams of a fulfilling partnership calling to you? Are you tired of the one you are in because you feel far too stifled creatively? It could be you are ready to work closer to home, if not from home altogether. You have a few ideas you have been bouncing around since the Mars retrograde began. This might be the final push you need to bring a decision that ends that business partnership.

Aquarius – in the 8th house some goal involving the resources you get from others is achieved or ending. This is the house of big transformations. You could be learning how to value yourself and take your power back from those who try to hold you back. You are achieving a new level of success in the money you make. Maybe this other person in your life feels a bit threatened by that. To ease this pressure, you need to get out and have some fun.

Capricorn – the 9th house is all about growth and expansion. You could be ready to finish a degree of some kind. The Sun shines the light from your 3rd house of communication, and those skills have been very helpful as you finish this goal of yours. With this new degree, you may be ready to find a new job.

Sagittarius – the 10th house is our career house, our status. Something about it is changing. You could be getting recognition for an achievement you recently received for the work you do. This could also be a job change, or a change in your job’s duties. The Sun in your 4th house of home and family says this extra work has been keeping you away from home. But just plan a fun weekend with your partner and all will be smooth sailing again.

Scorpio – the 11th house has you completing something involving your friend or networking groups. You could be finishing a project together. With the Sun shining a light in the house of fun and romance, you are looking forward to having more time to spend on that area of your life, with this project about to wrap up. Especially with Mars in your 8th house of sexuality, that is where your outlet to this tension lies.

Libra – the 12th house can bring the end to an association with a large organization, or just help you land a job with one. The Sun in your 6th house is saying you need a job that is honoring your need for creativity though. You may need to make good on your decision to go back to school in order to land the job of your dreams.

Of course, all of the above is just one scenario of how this will show up for you. To know for sure, you will want to book a reading with me here. I have a shorter reading where we focus only on the New and Full Moons. To help you manifest with the Full Moon energy I will have a hypnosis session available for you here.

Thank you for liking and sharing these materials with others who might benefit.

Love and Light,



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