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Energycast March 12, 2019

Do you remember these days when you were a kid? Suddenly pitch black again as you headed off to the bus or walked to school? Just when you were getting used to the sunny morning's and waking up easily, bam, you are back in the dark. Welcome to Mercury retrograde.

Our general energy card is again the Dreamer, or the Fool in the traditional tarot. This does not mean we are being foolish, but it means we are starting over, we have a clean slate and we can write our own rules. This is the day you set your intentions, put good habits back in place, and we seek the wisdom of others throughout our day. Now go forth and conquer.

The love energy is Romance. This is creating that loving atmosphere where you remember why you wanted to be together in the first place. It's a candlelit dinner, it's a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and if you are on your own it's about romancing yourself. Which means eating healthy, getting a massage and a nice hot bath! Count me in!! Spoil yourself or spoil your loved ones today.

The action/advice comes from the Goddess Hera, she was Zeus's second wife. Hera speaks of Alliances. She is not someone you want on your bad side either. If you are starting out on a new journey today this is the woman you want in your corner. She has the resources, she knows all the right people, she can help you achieve your dreams. You will either encounter a Hera figure today or become the essence of her as you help others succeed.

Our numerological energy is a 9. This speaks of endings, bringing things to a conclusion so you can start over. We must cut the ties to the past in order to move forward.

The astrological energy continues to inspire us with the Sextiles and Trines between Neptune, Mars and Saturn. We also have squares beginning to form between Jupiter and the Sun/Mercury. As Mercury makes his way back toward the Sun both our lower mind (Mercury) and our higher mind (Jupiter) will be highlighted. A square means we need to take action, we need to turn a corner. Jupiter wants us to expand, and when we do he rewards us financially. This is taking that small idea you had and putting it out into the world, and making a big difference. These energies will be building all week. There is a seed being planted and when Mercury moves forward again on the 28th you will be ready to take action.

Love and Light!

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