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Energycast February 22, 2019

We have a great day ahead of us, 222, this is an Angel number, and essentially it means, don't worry be happy with where you are at, 'we' as in your angel's have a plan, and you just need to let it unfold in its own time. I personally have been seeing this number a lot, and by a lot I mean several times a day! So let's see what this day has in store for us.

The general energy card is the King of Winter, which is Swords in the traditional Tarot. The King's are the masters of energy, they have worked hard and become an expert at it, nothing was just handed to them. The swords represent our thoughts, our words, and our mind. They are in alignment with Mercury. When this card appears we are guided to seek advice from someone who is an expert in these areas. There is no sense trying to figure this one out on our own, seek the help you need, then make a decision and act on it.

Our love energy today is practice compassion. Perhaps the expertise you seek is from someone that helps you see past a situation that is keeping you stuck. It is not our job to judge others, to try and control their behavior, or control outcomes. People do stupid things, and it has nothing to do with you. For some this may be practicing compassion on yourself. The message I got this morning was don't give up. You are almost through this phase, not continuing would be a huge shame. This is one of those moments that you would look back and go, OMG if I just waited 5 more days this would have been done. Instead I spent 5 more years doing this all over again!! Be patient grasshopper. And practice patience and compassion with others.

The action/advice card is our Goddess Morrighan, she represents Death and Magic. We have interesting Winter themes today. In winter of course all the plants have died, and in the Spring magic happens and they are reborn again. So much like the advice above, this phase for you is a transformational one. You must let go of something in order to be reborn again, better, faster, stronger.....oh wait that was the 6 million dollar man...unfortunately for you my jokes are not getting any better after my transformation! So what do you need to let go of?? Whatever you are holding onto the tightest at this very moment. Whatever you are convinced you cannot possibly do. Yes you can, and today yes you will. Finish this! And for inspiration look back on something in your past where you swore you could not survive if you did it. Here is the thing about the law of attraction and energy in general. Whatever you were once a vibrational match to, you can be so again. Now that can be in both a good or bad way, so really give that one some thought. But today we focus on the positive aspect. So did you once have a lot of money, a big house, a fancy car. Did you have a fabulous loving relationship? Did you feel safe secure and whole? Maybe you were 29 pounds thinner!! I know random right? Whatever you were you can get back there. The key is to remember how you felt at the time. And find something today that makes you feel that exact same way. Does not have to be related at all, just have to find that feeling again. The key is the feeling and the material abundance while not necessarily what you need to feel secure, it will show up for you in magical ways.

The numerological energy supporting us is the 8, so we are master manifesters and can get to that feeling again. We have the gentle strength to deal with any challenge we face.

The astrological energy still has the moon in Libra and squaring Pluto/Venus who will be conjunct over the weekend. This will be a weekend you look back at and see as transformational. Pluto is our power, Venus the things we value and the Moon our emotions and intuition. We are going to be pushed to evaluate our attachment to things that are of no real value. Your real power always lies within. No person, place or thing can bring you security. That is the game the ego plays with us. Making us feel bad about our appearance, feel bad we don't have a better, car, house or place to live. In reality that is all just fake. While we can of course enjoy those things, our life does not have more meaning because we have material things. This weekend you will be presented with an opportunity to realize this in a way that is evident to you and your situation. The impact will occur wherever these planets sit in your natal chart.

Love and light!

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