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Energycast April 15, 2019

Mahvelous Monday is upon us once again. What do you want to accomplish with this potent energy this week. Relationships will be our focus for the week with the 2nd full moon in Libra occurring on Thursday very early in the morning PST.

The general energy card is the 2 of Earth/Pentacles. This speaks to our need to remain balanced amidst the chaos, amidst all the ups and downs. The only constant is the middle, so we are finding our center in order to get through this day. With pentacles this is usually related to our tasks at work or involving money. Hmmmm it is tax day. And even better news Mercury is out of shadow period at the end of the day. You have survived and hopefully learned something over the last several months while Mercury has been moving painfully slow through the sign of Pisces and our subconscious minds. With the full moon he will jump into Aries and your mind will be on fire with new ideas and the need to take action. I will warn you now this is a little like being on a fast and wanting to gorge yourself with food, I do not recommend it. So take it slow, while every cell in your body is urging you to move.

The relationship advice today is my favorite card, Soul mates. We have many soul mates, they can be a pet, a friend, a lover, a partner, and their mission is always to guide us to our greatest good. Trust that the interactions you have are meant to do just that. We sign contracts with our soul mates, we agree to help each other on our missions, and they love us deeply. Now sometimes I am shaking my head wondering why on earth I agreed to this, but I must have had a really good reason right??? Oiy vay! These meetings if new to you today will feel profound. Or maybe the result of something you accomplish together will lift the spirits of others. Whatever the outcome just accept that this is fated. And if you are meeting someone new today, they just might be the one!

The action/advice is from our Goddess of Communion, Ishtar. Again a message about trusting in a higher power and knowing you are being brought together at this time for a deeper reason. Look for signs from nature, songs on the radio, overheard conversations that bring you closer to your fated path. We are not controlling situations today, we are letting go and letting God. It is time to think big picture, not focus on our self-centeredness. When we do that we see things from a fresh perspective and it helps us grow in our relationships.

The numerological energy is a 3. This is another message about tapping into our creativity, connecting to our higher power. Deepak Chopra says the higher mind is our soul. When you are speaking to yourself you are really speaking to your soul. And our soul is our direct source to our Higher Power. We are tapping into this today.

The astrological energy as mentioned above is all about relationships this week. For today let's focus on Venus in a sextile over to Pluto/Saturn. This is a very passionate energy, however Pluto tricked Venus and she had to go down to the underworld where she was not happy. But that was Venus retrograde story and this is now. This is about taking what we learned during that retrograde period and applying it in useful ways in our lives, thank you Saturn. So whatever that represented in your chart, these next few days will see these things come to fruition, perhaps you already experienced that over the weekend. Was your lesson about beauty, self-worth, love, relationships, or money? Maybe all? This will come up for you today and you will move forward with this in a positive way.

Love and Light!

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