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Daily Horoscope July 5, 2019

Trust that you all had an enjoyable holiday with family and friends yesterday. Always odd to have a day off to blow things up and come back to work the next day. For those enjoying a long weekend yay you! We have a lot of transformation energy headed our way today. TGIF!

Our general energy card is the Transformation card, which is traditionally the Death card. This is not a sign of imminent death, but it is a sign of letting something go in order to have a new beginning. Trust that whatever is being brought to a close for you today is happening for a reason. There is something better waiting for you on the other side of this door that is closing. But you have to let this go, whatever 'this' is for you.

The relationship energy is Between Worlds, which is showing you how this issue is actually holding you back from moving forward into the world where all is bright and colorful and full of life. You can of course choose to stay in the dark, but that is not the best path for you. Be still and listen to your intuition on the best way forward.

The Goddess energy is getting in on the transformation energy as well. Whenever we see Kali we are being pushed to Liberate ourselves from something that is holding us back. Hmmm you know when the Universe gets a bug up its butt we really should pay attention. It is never fun having someone else liberate us vs doing this ourselves. Dig in a bit today and do the work, you will be glad you did.

The numerological energy is a 5, which means change is in order. I don't think we are getting a vote on this. But we do get to control how we handle the changes.

The astrological energy pushing us to make a change is the Mars, Mercury conjunction square to Uranus. This will cause some upheaval over the next several days. This is the weird weather, earthquakes, eruptions. So remember to count to 10 before you over react. Tap into your fun side with the Moon in Leo still, this will help you manage the weekend's energy.

Love and Light!

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