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Daily Energycast Feb 5th, 2019

Instead of posting this fully on my Facebook page you now will just click on the link and come to my website. Today there is a positive charge to the energy. You are refreshed and ready to start something new.

Our general energy card is the Page of Water/Cups. Pages are the messengers of the Tarot, they bring with them news. They enter the court of the King and Queen and bring with them news from the people or the lands. When the cups are involved this is a loving, positive message meant to make your heart feel lifted. So whatever the Kingdom represents for you, your child, your lover, or even your employer, there is good news on the horizon.

The Love energy is Love is All Around You. When you stop and appreciate all the love that is around us we can then invite more love into our lives. This is a day for expressing gratitude for all you see. Throughout the day say thank you to all of it. The green light, the parking spot, getting to work safely, having a shorter commute, the sun in the sky. When we stop to smell the roses, that might currently be covered in a bit of snow and ice here, we show our appreciation for how they show us their love. Plants, and trees, flowers, animals, everything shows you it's love in a special way. Stop and recognize this today, and then recognize you are actually surrounded by love, you just needed to key in.

The action/advice card is By the Book. Alright who has been trying to cut corners out there?? This is a gentle reminder to get back in line, perhaps literally. Although I am famous for cutting in line with complete disregard for anyone else. But I make it appear as if I should have been there all the time. This is why I don't go out in public, much, I lack patience. :) . Ok but seriously, wherever you might want to take a short cut today, don't. There is pleasure to be had in the slow dance, the waiting is a good things, and rushing around just to meet a need, won't serve you in the long run.

The numerological energy is a 1! Hmm imagine that, the energy is aligning right up. I actually don't look at this number until I get to this point, so it always surprises me when it matches the message. Yep I still get surprised at how energy works like magic! So we are starting new things today!

The astrological energy has the Moon in a sextile with both Uranus and Mars throughout the day. Mars helps us take action emotionally (moon), and Uranus brings some emotional (moon) surprises. Or our intuition gets revved into high gear. Wherever Aquarius is in your chart might just see a kickoff of the new moon energy. This is the soft launch per se! Read my new moon blog for possible impacts.

Let me know if you enjoy the new format!

Love and Light.

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