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Pisces Full Blue Moon Aug 30, 2023

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

The Full Moon in Pisces is our 3rd lunar event this month! It occurs at 6:35 PM PT on August 30th. With this being the second full moon in a month it is called a Blue Moon. You know the saying, once in a blue moon, well that is happening for you right now. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, it is the 12th house. This makes this a strong time for endings, especially emotionally. This could be the end of things being hidden or unknown. The luminaries, aka, the Sun and Moon, will be at the 7-degree mark of Virgo and Pisces. This is a clear lesson about boundaries.

Each full moon grants us the opportunity to complete a goal, to create an ending. This can be something you started 6 months ago at the New Moon in Pisces, or even 2 weeks ago at the New Moon in Leo. The Sun highlights the Moon as a sign that this cycle is now complete. To get even more messages about the Full Moon check out my Tarot card reading for the week on my YouTube channel here. A card will be drawn with a special message for you about the Full Moon.

Pisces is a water sign, it rules over our emotions, intuition, creativity and psychic abilities. The ruling planets for this sign are Jupiter, traditional ruler, and Neptune current day ruler. As planets were discovered they have been added in as rulers of the Zodiac signs. Neptune was founded in 1846 and now considered the modern-day ruler of the sign of Pisces. Neptune, ruler of the seas makes perfect sense. Jupiter remains co-ruler here, and the only ruler of Sagittarius. This is a mutable sign, meaning it changes its mind and direction a lot. Those with Pisces energy in their Sun, Moon or Rising might like to multi-task a lot as a result of this mutable energy.

As mentioned above, the house ruled by this sign is the 12th house. This is where we come to the end of our journey through all the houses our soul resides in. This is where we uncover the truth, expose things that are hidden. We can get lost here, be imprisoned in our subconscious mind, or actual prisons or hospitals. This house rules over large institutions. To go more in-depth with this energy check out my article and hypnosis session here.

With the Moon in Pisces, which is energy it likes, we are ready to end a cycle in our life, to receive a blessing. This sign rules over our dreams, and perhaps we are ready to have one be fulfilled. As the Moon’s home sign of Cancer is also a water sign, it feels comfortable in this energy, that makes it strong. Which means we will have a lot of feelings going on with the full moon, even more than normal. Those who tend to hide their feelings will have a difficult time in the days leading up to, and following the full moon. This is a great time to practice compassion for those who are struggling. With water energy we need to build a container to hold the water/emotions in. That is where the Sun can help.

The Sun shines a light across the sky from the sign of Virgo. This earth sign gives structure, it is the shoreline that contains the water. These two battle because the water doesn’t always want to be contained, in fact it prefers to just flow freely. But the Sun is exposing your lack of boundaries, especially in your relationships with others, so that you can shore them up. Opposition between the Sun and Moon creates tension that is noticeable. It pushes us to find a way to relieve the pressure. To find a way to meet in the middle, or at least figure out a way to give and take, instead of just pushing or pulling against one another.

Neptune as ruler of the Full Moon is actually in the sign of Pisces as well, but much further along at 26 degrees, and also retrograde. Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde as it is an outer planet and moves very slowly around the Sun. It can take 165 years for the planet to complete a full orbit! It spends anywhere from 12-14 years in each sign. This makes the work slow and very internal. Neptune is dreamy, spiritual, and creative energy. It can also be a bit delusional and deceptive. Another outer planet, Pluto, has been in a years long sextile with Neptune. Because these planets move only 2 degrees or so each year, they are working together for years at a time. Pluto creates transformations in our life, Neptune creates a connection to spirit. But on the not so positive side they can bring fear and disillusionment. While a sextile is positive in connection, you still need to choose how you work with it. From the state of the world today you can see where this energy might be being abused.

Saturn in Pisces at 3 degrees, is conjunct the Moon as it opposes the Sun, all while being in retrograde. In fact, the retrograde began at just about the same degrees as this full moon. This could bring you some type of reward for doing the work so far. This can also bring some control and restriction to the heightened emotions going on. However, when 2 big egos like Saturn and the Sun face off the chances of restraint are lessened. What Saturn does give you is a plan for how to work with all this emotional energy. It asks that you stop ignoring your intuition and follow through on the guidance that is given to you during this time. Not overt guidance, but a feeling in your gut, a calling to do something, or be somewhere at a particular time. The Sun in Virgo wants to control the entire situation. But it also says when you set good boundaries you are rewarded.

Saturn is also at an odd angle to Mars in the sign of Libra. This could bring about some strange activity in relationships. An odd couple may form, or one may break up that you never expected. Mars in Libra is also firing up the legal system. There could be a strange turn of events in a legal battle with an older military type leader. Some role they play may be coming to an end in an unexpected way.

Mercury is retrograde, again, and speaking with Jupiter who is about to go retrograde. Mercury is in Virgo, but quite wide of the Sun there. The conversation between Mercury and Jupiter is about the retrograde Mercury had in these exact same degrees last April/May. Something about the lessons you explored then are about to get looked at a second time and on a much bigger level. Basically, both of these planets are giving you the full picture. Helping to ground you in all of this emotional energy. In earth signs, these planets that rule over our thinking and learning, are helping us to slow down and not rush over the details. Those details are important if you are going to reach your Piscean goals. Maybe you are getting ready to launch a creative project for instance, but need help with big ideas.

Mercury also speaks at an odd angle with Chiron, the healer of our wounds. Pisces rules healing as well. You could come across some information to heal yourself in an unusual way. Or find a nonstandard method of healing your particular health issue, like using hypnosis.

The Nodes are finally breaking away from their t-square with Pluto. The South Node is still inconjunct to Neptune, this is bringing up strange relationships from the past. But only because there is something we still need to learn from them. This may not be a time to rekindle a past relationship, but one could test you.

Uranus had a major role at the last new moon, now though it is loosely trine to Pluto and Mercury. This creates a very broad grand earth trine. Not likely to add much flavor here, but the energy again can help to ground you amongst all the watery emotions. But you never really know when Uranus is activated what can happen. As it has just turned retrograde at the time of this full moon, it's likely we have some sort of surprise in store. When planets change direction they send out a lot more energy than usual. Best case scenario you will be granted a financial gift of some kind unexpectedly. This will depend on where you have these planets transiting of course.

Last but not least Venus is slowing down and close to ending her retrograde journey. Is there something you love or someone that has been occupying your summer? There may be some decision about the future of that love that is decided with this full moon. Venus is still in her square to Jupiter, it is a gentle square but it does challenge you to pay attention to your attachments where love or money is concerned. This will remain for several more weeks too. So stay aware of what you are supposed to be learning in order to grow, in relation to love, money, or your values.

Let’s take a deeper dive into each sign. Your rising sign is most notable in your daily life, so read for that first. Then the Sun, things we experience within ourselves, and the Moon, our emotional changes.

Aries – with a completion occurring in your 12th house you could be leaving some type of large institution or leaving for one. Perhaps you are headed off to University, maybe overseas or near the sea. Of course, that means the Sun in your 6th house is showing you how your life is about to change. You have such a great routine in place, and now you have to build a new one. Saturn will be there to guide you on the steps to take.

Taurus – something ending in your 11th house could have you saying goodbye to a friend. Or you could be completing a big project you have been working on with some kind of networking group. The Sun in your 5th house is reminding you to pursue whatever this is with a lot of heartfelt joy. Be proud of what you are completing now. You are likely gaining a lifetime mentor from the work you just concluded.

Gemini – in your 10th house of career you are completing a phase that has likely brought you a lot of recognition for your hard work. You could be starting a new role that is in some way related to medicine, maybe psychology, or maybe it is overseas. The Sun shines a light from the 4th house of home and family, meaning they are proud of you and offering their support. They just miss you a lot.

Cancer – the 9th house could see you completing some coursework related to foreign countries or spirituality. You could be creating a course and be ready to publish it at this time. You might be working with a mentor or guide to help you complete the last portion of it. Whatever this is it’s a big deal. The Sun shines a light from your 3rd house reminding you not to forget those in your community that have helped you achieve this level of success.

Leo – with Venus in your sign for an extended period of time it is likely you have been doing a lot of work on self-love. At the time of the full moon your 8th house is being activated, which is also about transformations. Perhaps with the Sun in your 2nd house you have been learning to value yourself more and have seen an increase in your income as a result. If so, that Moon in the 8th might be reminding you to pay off some debts.

Virgo – this full moon happens in your 7th house of serious relationships like marriage. You could be taking steps to solidify a serious relationship, business or personal. Or you could be ending one. Whichever is for your highest good of course. Saturn there makes whatever this is very serious and a long-term commitment. The Sun pulls at you from the first house, where you are focused on your own success, perhaps that is what brought you to the attention of this potential partner.

Libra – in your 6th house there is something coming to fullness involving your health, your work, things that are a part of your daily activities. You could be completing a health and fitness goal. Or you could be launching a big work project. The Sun in your 12th house could mean you are a big success around the office and this gives you the confidence to take the next big step at work.

Scorpio – in your 5th house you could be releasing a romantic partner, or you could be seeing a child off to college. Whatever this goal is for you it is something close to your heart. The Sun shines a light from your 11th house, your friends are tugging at you to ditch your flame and come play! But they also could be the source of something or someone new to love.

Sagittarius – are you finishing a big project around the house? Something about home and family is being fulfilled. You could be moving or renovating to achieve your home goals. With the Sun in your 10th house it could be that you had a great month at work and that is helping you do a big renovation. Otherwise work is keeping you too busy, and your family is pulling at you to spend more time with them.

Capricorn – in the 3rd house you could be finishing up a course of study, or deciding to go back to school. Or is it a new car you desire? If it’s time you started to speak up for yourself that Saturn energy will help you be heard and taken seriously. The Sun in your 9th house is showing you all the growth opportunities you have ahead of you once you achieve your goal.

Aquarius – your 2nd house rules over the money you make. You could be getting a raise or a promotion. With the Sun shining a light from your 8th house of other people’s resources you might be able to qualify for some kind of debt as a result of your new income. Just be sure to spend it wisely. Saturn in your 2nd house means you have to spend responsibly.

Pisces – a full moon in your 1st house is you achieving a personal goal. This is how other people see you, so you could be working on being taken more seriously with Saturn in your 1st house. A lot of success could be had in the boundary setting department. Your partner might be pushing your buttons a lot lately, and making you set some boundaries. There is probably a good chance you need a mediator. But Saturn is on your side, so take advantage of the help and lay down the law!

Throughout the year you will experience at least one full moon in each of the 12 houses and signs. You can always go back and review the previous month’s articles to see how these things are showing up for you. Pisces energy can bring you many blessings, so that is my wish for you! If you want to know more about your personal experience with this full moon come book a session with me here.

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