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August Monthly Horoscope 2020

We start the month with both Mercury and Venus out of their retrograde cycles, so daily life moves forward a little more easily. Mars however, entered shadow at the end of July, so moving anything major forward quickly or without a lot of effort, just isn’t advisable until the end of the year. Of course, your personal chart always takes precedence for anything you do, but in general Mars is going to make us review all things related to the self. Let's take a look at some of the major aspects in the month ahead.

August 1st – We start the month with Mercury in a standoff with Pluto, still in retrograde, both at 23 degrees. It’s a battle over home and work life. Mercury is about communicating your needs for safety and security in Cancer, and Pluto is the Government trying to control what needs are met and how. I would expect the protest movement to gain some momentum on the days surrounding this event. Helping a little to soften this energy is the sextile between Neptune and Jupiter, but it can almost get a little too dreamy when these 2 planets meet up. This is meet up number 2 so far this year. The third and final meet up will occur once Jupiter ends its retrograde later in the year, September 14th. This is something you are still working through, defining your value systems, and getting in touch with your spirituality.

August 2nd - is a tough day emotionally. The Moon is in Capricorn with all the serious planets opposing Mercury and making a weird connection to Venus. Things just feel really weird today. Add to this the square between the Sun and Uranus and you might not be able to tell which way is up. Could be some unsettling surprises in store the days surrounding this energy.

August 3rd – Mars in Aries is now beginning to meet up with all the planets in Capricorn beginning with Jupiter, in a square. This is going to push you to make a change, and it is a change that will take time to complete. Could be a change in career, change in how you identify yourself, maybe a whole new set of ideals. Mars is strong in Aries, Jupiter not so strong in Capricorn. This is confrontational energy, in a war that Mars plans to win. And during the retrograde it will come back over this same area. So, expect an extended fight where ever this is in your chart. Just to make it more interesting Mercury is exactly opposed to Saturn. Mercury wants to get the heck out of Cancer, been there way too long, and it’s far too heavy and emotional for light airy Mercury. But first a check in with Grandpa Saturn. What did you learn during the Mercury retrograde, what changes did you make? Best have some really good answers. And if that isn’t enough yet we have the Full Moon in Aquarius. As you might imagine this one is going to be a bit intense! The Sun, Moon and Uranus are also in a T-Square. This is a really good day to take off and stay home. If you don’t have to leave the house today, don’t. I will do my full write up as usual on this one so you know how this will impact you. But just know the tension is pushing you to complete something, just might take a little more effort than normal.

August 5th – Mercury joins the Sun in Leo and brings a bit more lightness to the day. Also, the planet Venus and the North Node are exactly conjunct at 28 degrees of Gemini. This combines our fate and destiny with all things Venusian; love, money, and our self-worth. Pay attention to the people you meet today, and the serendipitous situations that arise. This is also very karmic in nature as these both are making an odd angle back to Saturn. Feels like something will be exposed with this energy that helps you on your path.

August 7th – Venus finally gets out of Gemini, where she never could make up her mind, and enters into loving and caring Cancer. Venus will be much happier during this transit. She starts off with a brief square to the Moon, ruler of Cancer. It’s almost a little warning to take care of the house, which translates to taking care of those you love at home, they need your attention.

August 10th – Mercury is squaring off with Uranus and the Moon. There is a conflict with your mind and your heart that is going to take some effort to resolve. Chiron does make a positive connection over to Mercury so you can heal and old wound if you are willing to take this shock from Uranus in stride and see it for what it really is. A reflection back to you of something you want to heal. Maybe it will be as simple as completing a home project, but differently than you originally planned. The Moon does rule the home after all.

August 13th – This is an explosive type of day. Mars will meet up in a square with Pluto at 23 degrees. To get some idea of how these few days play out take a look back in October of last year. Crashes, heart attacks, power outages, shootings, leadership changes. Mars and Pluto in a square is a major battle and you need to carefully choose yours. Drive carefully, pay attention to your health. Don’t pick a fight. Literally button your lip. Let the air clear before you try to push anyone or anything.

August 15th – Welcome to the retrograde parade Uranus. When Uranus stations to go retrograde the energy can be a bit chaotic. Uranus rules our connectedness, so you might find your tribe is a little disgruntled these next few days. Helping though is the Moon and Venus meeting up in the sign of Cancer. You will feel the love at home.

August 16th – While Mars and Pluto still battle it out Mercury and the Sun are what we call Cazimi, or conjunct, and make a trine over to Mars. Oh boy, Mars is all fired up now. Mercury with the Sun fires up our mind, our communications, but the Sun is so bright it can be hard to think clearly. This could lead to some major blunders. Some people experience a lot of anxiety during this event, others are just fired up and able to make the most of their communication skills. To add even more fun to the mix Venus is in a sextile to Uranus while in a square to Chiron. You really want to feel good, be a little love crazy, but Chiron is asking you to be more cautious.

August 18th – The Sun and Mercury meet up in a weird angle with Saturn as the Moon gets ready to join them for the new moon in Leo. So just like our new moon in Cancer, Saturn is once again involved. So is the North Node, so is Mars. Leo brings new beginnings in romance, hobbies, children. Mars brings the passion, the North Node brings something fated, and the South Node is at the Galactic center point now so anything goes with this New Moon. This is like Alien babies being born kinda crazy. With the Sun still sitting so close to Mercury I wouldn’t make any major moves on this day or the next several. Set your intentions and make those new moon wishes, but definitely wait to take any steps to implement them. Highly recommend you find ways to ground yourself with this energy as well. You will need an outlet, like a creative hobby. You will benefit from channeling the energy in that sort of way. My new moon article will be out to show you the impacts for your sign.

August 19th – Mercury gets some space from the Sun as it heads into the grounded sign of Virgo, also a sign it rules. Yay for organization and attention to details! The Moon and Venus will meet in a sextile, so you will feel like indulging a bit. Go for it, it’s been a rough few weeks.

August 20th – The Moon makes a trine over to the Capricorn squad, so you really are feeling powered up emotionally and your intuition is off the charts. This might be the kicking off point for those new moon in Leo wishes.

August 22nd – Welcome to Virgo season. The Sun enters Virgo today where Mercury has been happily spending his days. It is a bit of a rough start, a bit chaotic, and Virgo does not like chaos. The Moon will square off with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn and oppose Mars. All in the span of a day! Wow do you need to let go of your control issues. By you I don’t mean you specifically reading this, oh wait yes, yes I do. Since the Moon is in Libra this means our relationships are in for a major shakeup. Pick your battles wisely. Is this really worth fighting over? Better be sure because this can go south very quickly.

August 23rd – Mars gets hip checked by Saturn today and their square is exact at 26 degrees. Mars is just stomping all around and Saturn says to slow your roll. And guess what? He will, because he is slowing down and getting ready to start his retrograde. So, everything Mars has been stirring up, is about to get revisited. This might be a really good time to unplug and go off the grid.

August 24th – it seems like Venus and the Moon are the only one’s saving us from ourselves right now. Today they meetup in a trine and bring us all kinds of emotional energy. Especially since the Moon is in Scorpio making contact with Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto. You can really go deep emotionally today and release the past.

August 25th – Mercury meets up with Uranus in retrograde in a trine. This could bring up some sort of surprise communication, or some kind of contract, maybe a financial gain of some sort that you weren’t expecting. Venus also opposes Jupiter today at 17 degrees. There is something from the past that needs dealt with.

August 27th – All those squares between Venus and Neptune come up for resolution today as they meet in a trine at 19 degrees. You can have that new beginning in love. Just make sure you aren’t getting too carried away. This will be a wonderful dreamy feel good energy to help offset the long-standing battle between Saturn and Mars. Speaking of Mars, this planet is meeting up with the Nodes and the Moon. This can be a major shift where Mars sits in your chart. It’s positive, and gives you the momentum you need to make a significant life change.

August 29th – Mercury makes a trine to Jupiter which expands our mind and our communication. Since Jupiter is retrograde this could bring a connection from the past. At the same time Venus is opposite Pluto, her nemesis. There are some battles in the love arena. Pluto holds Venus captive for 6 months in the Underworld each year. This is a reminder that love shouldn’t be wasted. This little standoff will last through the end of the month.

Is anyone else exhausted already and August hasn’t even gotten here yet? Just remember when there is chaos we are going through an important transformation. Try to go with the flow and not fight against the current. See where the energy is trying to lead you so you can grow. September will kick us off with a full Moon in Pisces. Another emotional start to a month. Then Jupiter will go direct right after Mars goes retrograde. More shifts are on the horizon!

If you are needing help navigating all these changes consider signing up for one of my coaching packages. I customize each package to meet your specific needs whether they be focusing on achieving a current goal, keeping yourself motivated or clearing blocks from the post via hypnosis. Sometimes we just need a little extra push, and someone to hold our hand as we get started on our transformation work.

Love and Light!

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