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August 2021 Monthly Horoscope

As we ended out the month of July we saw the first of 2 Full Moon’s in Aquarius, with the second one coming the 22nd of this month. August kicks off with some intensity. To start we will have a New Moon in Leo on what we call 8-8 the Lionsgate. 8 represents strength and leadership signaling the potential for changes in these areas. Uranus will go retrograde this month. And Jupiter has just dipped back into the sign of Aquarius and sits at the critical 29th degree. The impact from the reflections below may be felt a few days before and after the actual event. Let’s take a look at what the rest of the month has in store for us.

August 1st – Rabbit Rabbit! We might need all the luck we can get today! The Sun and Mercury are exactly conjunct in the sign of Leo at 9 degrees. This is what we astrologer’s call Cazimi. Mercury is cleansed by the Sun as it passes by. This means our minds are a bit on fire, and thoughts are burned away that no longer serve us. This is that time when those who don’t like their thoughts being highlighted can be a bit anxious and stressed. Those who appreciate the extra focus may come up with some amazing new ideas. In fact, with the trine to the South Node, you may just dust off something you started a while ago. With the sextile to the North Node this could be a really successful new idea that benefits others. Standing directly across the sky is Saturn in retrograde at 10 degrees of Aquarius. This is why whatever you are doing needs to benefit others. And why you won’t just be able to shine on your own. Saturn is the sunglasses to your brightness. And as if that all isn’t enough Chiron and Venus are making a weird angle. Something in your love relationships is feeling a little off, and an old wound like jealousy could rear its ugly head.

August 2nd – The Moon in Gemini will meet up with the North Node helping you tune into those life purpose goals. It will square both Mars and Venus in the sign of Virgo. Are you lashing out at others? Are you making poor health choices? This is a few days where we need to tune in and decide what changes we are going to make. Squares mean we have to adjust in order for the energies to be able to work together. Or you are going to be hitting a dead end. In Gemini our emotions can be a little all over the place, back and forth, dark to light. With Venus in a trine to Uranus there could be a surprise involving love or money.

August 8th – is the New Moon in Leo. As mentioned above the 8/8 date is called the Lion’s gate. Leo is represented by the Lion of course. 8 is strength and leadership. I wouldn’t be surprised if all the Trump talk about returning to the throne picks up on or around this date. The New Moon will happen at 16 degrees of the sign while Saturn sits across the sky at 9 degrees of Aquarius in retrograde still. So still trying to keep you from shining too brightly. Asking you to be responsible with your gifts. To use them to benefit others and yourself in a way that is fair and balanced. The New Moon is squaring off with Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus. So, this makes the stock market potentially a little wonky. And the new beginnings coming in are unexpected. Breaking free has been the theme all year with the square between Uranus and Saturn. Chiron is supporting this new beginning. Maybe a new romance is started because you are able to heal your wounds. For more details see my full monthly write up on my website next month.

August 9th – Venus in Virgo faces off with Neptune in Pisces asking that we connect with others with purpose. Venus and Neptune get along well together. But it can cause us to be a bit excessive in love, money, and our values. It is great energy for creating and appreciating art or music. But not a good day to indulge in alcohol, drugs or inappropriate sex. These 2 planets are both making positive contact with Pluto. You can use art, love, spirituality to complete some sort of transformation. You just might have to face your fears in these areas first.

August 11th – Mercury will be at the last degree of Leo which has us fired up about speaking our mind with our lovers. At the very least speaking with a lot of passion today. Just make sure you don’t get burned. Especially since the planet is standing across from Jupiter in Aquarius. All kinds of things are being blown up so we can see them more clearly today. This is a really good day to get out walk, create, exercise, burn intentions into a fire, safely of course. Just don’t let this energy eat you up from the inside out. There is a T-square that has you feeling pressured to take action that is in alignment with your life purpose. Mars is squaring the North and South Node. You may be reviewing the current way you are acting in order to make some necessary changes. Venus and Pluto are making a trine, as someone from the past may attempt to reenter your life. Pluto in Capricorn may also be some kind of financial opportunity that is returning for you to take a second look. As Mercury moves into its home sign of Virgo you will suddenly feel back in control again. Whew.

August 14th – The Sun in Leo at 22 degrees is making a quincunx back to Neptune in Pisces also at 22 degrees. You might find success by tapping back into some project you started a while ago. Secrets may also be brought to the surface in a strange way. It is still pretty foggy so I recommend you look at the big picture and don’t jump into anything without taking off your rose-colored glasses. Even the Moon in Scorpio is opposing Uranus in Taurus, so some emotional surprises and again secrets being exposed are on the agenda with this energy as well.

August 16th – Venus enters her second home, Libra. Relationships will get a lift and love will have a chance to blossom over the next several weeks. But first, you need to change the direction of your thinking or how you communicate. Mercury is squaring the Nodes which is causing you to reevaluate the path you have chosen. Pluto and the Sun are in a quincunx today adding to the strangeness of the day. Something is off. With the Moon connected to the South Node you may need to pay attention to your intuition and emotions about a past lover. When all else fails, go pamper yourself today and take a much needed break.

August 18th – Mercury and Mars are conjunct in the sign of Virgo at 12 degrees, and making a trine to the Moon in Capricorn. Your mind is fired up and so is your mouth, but your emotions are solid and grounded, helping you maintain a sense of control! This is a good day to explore new health routines, create a new workout plan, and problem solve. Mars is pumping Mercury up. Messages could be coming through fast and furious today, both verbally and intuitively. With the odd angle both are making back to Chiron you may need to tune in and deal with some sort of health issue. Or be open to a non-traditional solution to an illness.

August 19th – The Sun and Jupiter are in opposition at 27 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. This is a continuing theme as each planet has faced off with Jupiter as it has moved through the sign of Leo. The planet keeps wanting to show you how your selfishness is hurtful to those around you. How being unwilling to make a sacrifice for the greater good is actually holding you back. This is the final stand. Which road are you going to choose? With Uranus turning retrograde at 14 degrees of Taurus our desire for financial freedom will be strong. We have a long haul ahead of us to figure out what that means.

August 22nd – our 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius occurs about 5 am PST. The Sun in Leo is at the 29th degree of Leo, a critical degree, while the Moon is at the 29th degree of Aquarius. This is intense already being the 2nd full moon in a row in the sign of Aquarius. The last degree of a sign adds to the intensity as well. So, the battle of Me versus We energy is on. With Jupiter nearby the Moon at 26 degrees of Aquarius there is something involving groups or causes that needs to be seen. There is a battle against leadership, the needs of the people are important, and protests during this time are highly possible. There are no other planets making direct contact with the full moon, but Venus is in harmony with both of the Nodes. It is highly probable that some may have fated events occurring in their relationships at this time. Fated meetings or fated decisions about your relationship status. This could also be a financial win. Saturn is weighing in here as well forming the 3rd leg of a Grand Air Trine. This is a blessing in love or money because of past karma. If like me this is making a lot of positive personal contact in your natal chart you might want to go buy a lotto ticket!! Or go out on a first date! See my full write up for more details for your sign. By the time we reach evening time the Sun slips into the sign of Virgo and we can spend the month ahead getting healthy and organized!

August 26th – Venus in Libra is opposing Chiron in Aries at 12 degrees, which gives us a chance to heal our wounds and give love a chance. Mercury in a trine with Pluto is helping us speak up and clear the air about the past. But the Moon in Aries is having a hard time letting those memories and feelings go. If you choose to do the work you may end up pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

August 28th – Love and freedom don’t usually work well together, but if Venus and Uranus could just figure it out you might find that perfect balance you were looking for at work or in love. The 2 planets will make a quincunx today and cause you to give a situation a new look or perspective. The Moon will be with Uranus so if you tap into how you really feel you will know the way forward.

August 29th the Sun in Virgo is squaring with the Nodes. Virgo likes to have control of it’ own success. But the Nodes say there is something better if you just let go. Holding on tight to something just because it’s familiar and feels safe, is no longer the way to go in this situation. It is time to break free and let fate take the wheel. With the Moon in harmony with Pluto, if you take your power back from your fear, you win. Mercury will be at 29 degrees of Virgo, so use this intensity to wrap up a project or proposal.

August 30th – Mercury enters into the sign of Libra as we focus on how we communicate with our serious partners.

September Preview – Mercury will have its next retrograde while in the sign of Libra. Whatever you have been working on in your relationships is now coming up for a review. It ain’t over til it’s over either. The retrograde won’t occur until Mercury is almost all the way through the sign. But as soon as it hits 10 degrees start tuning in to what is showing up for you. We will have a New Moon in Virgo and a Full Moon in Pisces. The work is going to be behind the scenes with all the outer planets now in retrograde motion. Perhaps things will even slow down a little and feel a lot less intense with the square lessening between Uranus and Saturn as they create some space between each other. More to come next month of course!

Love and Light!

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