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2nd Cancer Full Moon of 2023

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Happy Boxing Day! On December 26th, 2023 at 5:33 pm MST, we have our last Full Moon of the year in the sign of Cancer. This is our 2nd one of the year, with the previous one happening at 16 degrees of the sign on January 6th. This time the Moon will be at 4 degrees of Cancer, while the Sun opposes it across the sky in the sign of Capricorn. Perhaps you have a Moon in Cancer, if so you are about to have your lunar return. This happens about every 28.5 days. The Moon’s cycle affects many things, the tides, our emotions, a woman’s cycle is often impacted too. Once the Moon becomes full, something you have been working on with the Moon, is now ready to be complete. To get even more messages about the Full Moon in Cancer check out my Astrology lesson and Tarot card reading on my YouTube channel here. Be sure to subscribe in order to be among the first to see the information shared.

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Cancer is a water sign, it rules our emotions and our intuition, it is the energy that describes how you want to be cared for, and nurtured. The Zodiac symbol for Cancer is the Crab. Much like the crab, Cancerians may appear to have a hard outer shell, but they are extremely soft and sensitive on the inside. Cancer as ruler of the 4th house, is associated with home, family, and motherhood. This sign rules over the breasts and stomach, both associated of course with a pregnant mother. The Moon being the ruler of the sign of Cancer, is stronger than normal during this full moon, because it is at home. Cancer is a cardinal sign, making this an energy that likes to get things started. To connect fully to this energy, check out my article with hypnosis session for the sign of Cancer, here.

With a full moon in the sign of Cancer we may be completing something associated with our home and family. Maybe you have been trying to sell your home, or just complete a move, now you can make that happen. There may be tension of course coming from the Sun, in the sign of Capricorn, which has everything to do with work. Could be that because of your job you have to move, or the heavy workload is making it impossible to get ready to move. The full moon will clear whatever obstacles you have been experiencing , so this goal of yours can be complete. For some, you may have been trying to start a family, this energy can help you do that as well.

The Sun in Capricorn is almost as strong as the Moon in Cancer. This is a serious earth sign, that opposes an emotional water sign. We need water to nourish the earth, but too much water and we can drown whatever we are trying to grow. That is why it is so important to have a bit of restraint when we are feeling overwhelmed, emotionally. Capricorn energy helps give you structure, keeps your feelings in a box, so you can deal with them one at a time. Wherever the Sun shines a light from is something you need to see in order to complete your goals with the full moon. This time it looks like there will be some work involved to do it.

Speaking of work, the ruler of Capricorn is Saturn, and it will be positively aspecting both the Sun and Moon during this event. Saturn loves to give you instructions to follow. In the sign of Pisces those may have to do with setting boundaries, connecting to spirit, or maybe just using your gifts to make a difference in this world. Considering this is going to be boxing day, we might be doing a lot of cleaning up around the house. Saturn started moving forward again, in the sign of Pisces, in the first week of November. By now you should be fully on your way, working on your assignment that Saturn gave you during the retrograde period. Saturn rewards your hard work, and this might be one piece of that work coming to fruition now. Pisces is sensitive, intuitive and very emotional. It is a fellow water sign, so works in harmony with the sign of Cancer. Of course, Saturn has been doing its best to keep those emotions and feelings, under control. It will spend 2 more years in this sign, so there is still much more work to do. This is just a small pitstop in the journey.

I have been curiously watching the 5 degree point of Taurus all year long because of all the activity that has been happening here. Mercury first hit this 5 degree of Taurus spot last April, several times as it went retrograde between 5 and 15 degrees of Taurus. Jupiter began the exact same path for its retrograde in May. Then the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, at the end of October, was also at this 5-degree mark. It has been completely worked over at this point. At the time of the full moon, Jupiter is almost at a standstill, before it turns forward again on the 30th, at this same, you guessed it, 5 degrees! There are no coicidences in Astrology. Finally, we might understand the bigger picture and what all this effort has been about.

Jupiter expands on things, it also is a great philosophical type teacher. There is something very important we are all meant to learn with this full moon. This energy will actually be with us until Jupiter fully clears this degree in January. What have you been learning, or working on since last April? Have you noticed a story unfolding for you each time this point has been activated? Probably more noticeable if you have planets at 5 degrees of Taurus, and if you have planets at 0-10-degrees in other signs. What did the eclipse show you? Now may be the time for the full story to be revealed. Jupiter like Saturn is speaking in harmony with the Sun and Moon. While this planet is considered a gentle giant, it also will demand to be heard. If you have been trying to ignore the lesson, it will now become impossible to ignore. Saturn and Jupiter are in a sextile, and together they are a superpower, that gets things done. This is about our value systems and money, with Jupiter in Taurus. Are you aligned or way off your path? A course correction may become very visible for some.

No other planets are directly aspecting the Sun, or Moon. Mars, and Mercury, currently retrograde, are conjunct in the sign of Sagittarius. Since this is the sign that Jupiter rules, they are working together to give you the plan you need to be leveraging to make your full moon intentions happen, in a big way. Mercury being retrograde, means you are reviewing something bigger, more meaningful. They will both be square to Neptune in Pisces, which began moving forward at the beginning of the month. This may indicate some conflict overseas that needs to be resolved, or just some boundaries in your life that need to be set and held onto. Neptune squares tend to clear the fog that can be caused by this dreamy planet. No more time for getting lost in the fog!

The North and South Node are connected to Mars and Mercury, as well. There are things we need to let go of, like unbalanced relationships with the South Node in Libra. That North Node in Aries continues to show you where you need to put up a fight for your individual rights. There is a choice to be made that involves you choosing to care and nurture yourself, before you continue to exhaust yourself taking care of everyone else first.

Let’s take a look now at where you can expect to see things come to a conclusion in your life based on your Sun, Moon and especially Rising Sign. This is the 2nd full moon in Cancer this year. The last one was all the way back on January 6th! You can check back in with that one and see clues for what may happen now. Degrees are different however the feeling may be the same.

Aries – with a full moon in your 4th house of home and family, all the things mentioned above are applying to you. This is something you are completing that may involve where you live, as in moving, or renovating. If not that, it could involve becoming a mother, or have something to do with your mother. The Sun is shining a light from your 10th house of career, maybe it is a job that is causing you to make a move.

Taurus – the 3rd house rules things like communication, our community, and your extended family members. This is also the area where we have something to learn. This could mean you are ready to finish up some sort of class, or course of study. The Sun shines a light from your 9th house of higher learning, potentially highlighting what you can do once you get this work done. The skies the limit from the 9th house perspective.

Gemini – the 2nd house helps you conclude something involving the money you make. This could be about getting a new job, because you let go of the current one. If not changing jobs, it could be a major project that is now complete, the result of that could be an increase in pay. The Sun is shining a light from your house that rules over shared resources. Is something changing in your partner’s financial situation, that is causing a change in how you make money?

Cancer – you get to have your 2nd full moon of the year in your 1st house. What goals did you have for yourself at the beginning of the year? How close are you to achieving them? Did you conclude something at the beginning of the year that gave you your current opportunity? This house represents the self, and especially how others see us. Perhaps you have been working on improving your health, and will achieve some sort of milestone now. With the Sun shining a light from your serious partner/marriage house, they have had some role in this personal transformation journey of yours, for better or worse.

Leo – 12th house completions are not always easily seen, since this house literally rules over the unseen, and hidden things in our lives. This is spirit, psychic abilities, it is also large institutions where you can get trapped, like a hospital, or jail, or working for a large institution where you are nothing but a number. This is also the house of endings, so something major may be ending for you now. The Sun shines a light from the 6th house of health, suggesting whatever ends, its going to improve your day to day life somehow.

Virgo – the 11th house rules our friends and networking groups, it’s our fairy godparents, and it can be the actual internet. It could be that you have been working on a project that you are now ready to launch and share with others. The Sun is shining a light from your 5th house that rules over hobbies, children, even romance. Something you are passionate about may be why you have felt pushed to complete this work at this time. Could be that a friend makes an important introduction for you that turns into something magical.

Libra – the 10th house rules over our career, fame and reputation. Are you ready to change jobs, or maybe even retire? Now is the time when whatever your goals are in this area, they can be achieved. If changing jobs this is something that you feel emotionally connected to, that’s the benefit of that Cancer energy. Could be that it is in the housing, or food services industry. With the Sun shining a light from that 4th house, there is a change at home, possibly where you live, that is driving this change.

Scorpio – the 9th house is about things concluding that could be related to something like graduating college, or living overseas. A major growth period is ending, which makes sense with the work involving the Nodes just recently concluding in your sign, and Jupiter hitting the Lunar Eclipse point. This has been some heavy lifting, requiring you to do a lot of emotional releasing. The Sun shines a light from your 3rd house reminding you where you started this journey from. It’s a good time to remember just how far you’ve come.

Sagittarius – the 8th house rules the money your partner makes, or the money you get from other resources like loans. Some change is likely to happen now that affects one, or both of those sources of income. Maybe your partner has been through a job change recently, thank you eclipses, and now that period of inactivity will come to a close. Your 2nd house, or the money you make, is shining brightly and celebrating the fact you made it through!

Capricorn – in the 7th house there is something involving marriage partners that is being highlighted by the fullness of the Moon. You may be getting into a serious relationship, or ending one. In either case it will be a very emotional experience. The Sun is shining a light from your 1st house, which suggests you may have recently achieved a goal, that now makes you ready for a healthy relationship.

Aquarius – in the 6th house something that involves the work you do, your health, or anything that’s a part of your day to day life, is likely ending. If you have had any health issues this might be welcome news. Same is true if you have just been feeling disconnected to what you do on a day to day basis. With the Sun shining a light from your 12th house, you might work for a large organization, and some change they are going through will be affecting you. I think it will be something you are happy about.

Pisces – in the 5th house you have something that involves the heart coming to an end. Some may have a child that is moving out to start their own family. Others may be letting go of something that just no longer makes them feel happy. This could be a hobby, or a romantic partner. In the 11th house the Sun is shining brightly, meaning your friends may be a source of comfort, no matter the change you are experiencing. Saturn is in your sign and moving forward now, so you should be too. No time for regret.

As usual all of the above is just some speculation. To know for sure, you will want to book a session with me here.

Thanks for sharing!

Love and Light,



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