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Full Moon in Taurus

Taurus rules things that activate our senses, things we want to indulge in. This full moon will have us stubbornly hanging onto these things that we think we want, when maybe they are not the best for us. Taurus is also about stubbornness, so we may be fiercely protecting what is ours. But the fates are involved in this full moon and you might be up for quite a fight.

The moon representing our emotions is at 1 degree of Taurus. The one represents a new beginning. Taurus is ruled by Venus, but she is retrograde, so it's a new beginning based on something from your past. Since she is still in Scorpio, it's the deep dark psychological past. So what do you need to feel safe? The moon today says that is love, money, and beauty. What did you start back in mid-May when the new moon was in Taurus that relates to these areas in your life? With the Sun standing across the sky at 1 degree of Scorpio anything you fear in these areas is being brought to light. And with the North and South node squaring this full moon our Karma is deeply involved. These squares are almost exact to the minute. The fate train is coming through and you best get on board.

When you look at the image you can see it's a Grand Square, and it's basically doubled in strength because we have the Moon conjunct Uranus, and the Sun conjunct Venus. Squares are pushing you, and this one especially hard, to make some necessary changes. Remember the North node is leading you on the journey you signed up for in this lifetime, the South Node likes to remind you of the past, what you are used to and what keeps you stuck. Since the Nodes move backwards we are in the last degrees of Leo and about to switch to the sign of Cancer. Leo's are the showman of the zodiac. They are creative, they love to be on stage, they enjoy taking care of children. You have had 18 months to grow in these areas and you are being given a final push to conclude your work. Will you give your power away for the betterment of other's which is the South Node in Aquarius, or take your power back? This is a me vs we opposition going on and you are being asked to find the balance between the two.

Venus is conjunct the Sun and heading back towards Libra, the planet she rules. The sun is shining a light on love, relationships, and beauty. And these 2 are standing across the sky from the Moon conjunct Uranus. There is the potential for a shakeup in our emotional base, this doesn't necessarily mean a 'bad' shakeup. This opposition is about not being so attached to material things in order to feel self confident. You could see Uranus create some sort of event that removes something from your life in order to show you that you don't really need your security blanket after all. You are stronger than you realize and by going within, which is our Scorpio work, you can find where you strength lies.

Saturn is in a supportive role with a sextile to Venus. He is guiding you and his direction is what will bring this issue in your life to a satisfactory conclusion. Tune in and listen to his guidance and you will see this full moon bring to fruition something that you have been striving to achieve since at least mid-May, maybe longer. Mercury is still in a sextile with Pluto giving you what you need to communicate effectively.

All of this is setting you up to heal a wound from your childhood. Jupiter, Chiron and the North Node are setting up a Grand Trine, helping us to release this pain once and for all.

While each person's chart is unique here is what you might see based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign:

Aries - with this highlighting your 2nd house, issues with how you make money are involved. The opposition is happening in your 8th house, which is money you receive from others. Venus is the ruler of both of these houses. I think you are one of the signs who will be strongly impacted by the full moon.

Taurus - with the full moon highlighting your 1st and 7th houses your relationship to yourself is opposed by your relationship with others. If a serious relationship were to transpire can you put your walls down and let this person in?

Gemini - in the 12th house we are working on the subconscious, but being pushed to pay attention to what is happening in our daily activities as well.

Cancer - ruled by the moon you feel things deeply on a daily basis, this is happening in your 11th house of friends and networks, benefactors. The opposition in your 5th house means romance, children, creativity needs balanced. There is a push and pull between creating and receiving occurring for you.

Leo - the 10th house rules career and fame and it is being opposed by home and family. If you realize something in your career you need to remember the balance between home and family with your work.

Virgo - 9th house rules our spirituality, our higher learning, even foreign travel or faraway places. We might see a gift in one of these areas but are reminded to keep our feet on the ground with the 3rd house in opposition. Can we reach for the stars and still stay connected to our roots?

Libra - in the 8th house the money you receive from others is being opposed by the money you make for yourself. What is the challenge for you in this area? Are you open to accepting help from other's? Or do you always have to do it on your own? Can there be a mix of the two?

Scorpio - in the 7th house our partnerships are highlighted. Is it time to take your relationships to the next level. Is it enough of doing things on your own? Can you find the common ground?

Sagittarius - in the 6th house your daily routines are being brought to your attention. Are you so caught up in the daily activities that you don't take time out to check in with your subconscious? If so Uranus might jolt you out of your mindless activities and show you something new.

Capricorn - in the 5th house of children, creativity, romance a project may finally be realized. Are you willing to take all the credit? Will you let your network of friends or co-workers steal your thunder. Are you able to spend enough time with your romantic partner? Or do you let all those networking activities get in the way? Maybe your partner shows you enough is enough.

Aquarius - in your 4th house of home and family opposing your 10th house of career and fame, notoriety. Can you realize creating a stable foundation at home without giving up on your aspirations?

Pisces - our 3rd house of communication means we know just what to say. Opposed by the 9th house can we communicate in a way that is easy for other's to understand? Our 9th house can carry us away to the higher realms. Maybe we think our beliefs are the only one's that matter.

These of course are just some examples. How you personally see the full moon present itself may be completely different. But all will see some aspect of the above coming to fruition with the full moon. How you react/act is the lesson in this full moon.

Love and Light!!


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