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Full Moon in Pisces

Kite within the Full Moon in Pisces

The Full moon in Pisces will occur early in the morning Saturday for those on the West Coast or Pacific Time zone. If you look carefully at the picture you will see a kite, lying down on it's side. This is a pretty rare full moon, and while the impact is short as the moon moves on fairly quickly, the impact is intense.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac, it rules the 12th house, and it's planetary ruler is Neptune. So your emotions that have been hidden from you, which is the 12th house, will have a light shined very brightly upon them whether you like it or not. All that you have been hiding from will be brought to the surface so you can integrate these emotions.

This is like the World card in the Tarot deck. This is the culmination of a journey for the Moon, your emotions, around the zodiac.

The 11 full moons that occurred prior to this one, are all now combined into one. You have learned what you needed to learn and now it's time to level up. Of course we all have free will and how we decide to integrate these emotions is a personal decision. Will you continue to bury them, push them down even farther once they see the light? Or will you decide to finally integrate them and finish this journey. This is a kite formation, which means we have trines, sextiles, and oppositions all working together. Why? Because a kite can't fly without your effort and the help of the wind to lift you up. The wind is unseen of course, which is the 12th house. But it's there and you know it's there, and you can leverage it to get you where you want to go. You can make your kite fly with just a little bit of effort. Or, you can let it just get blown all over the place and accept the consequences.

But, wouldn't it be better if you took the time and care to lift your kite up higher than it's ever been before?? What if instead of turning your back on this opportunity you took ahold of that string, make the necessary adjustments to the tail, which is your ego, strengthened your supports, which is your Uranus and Saturn energy, and ran like the dickens, which is Mars, to get your kite off the ground!!

It's time, you were meant to fly, and fly high. Mars and Chiron want you to take the action you need to heal, you are being given a gift here and you should take full advantage of it. So what can you expect? Below is a really brief summary by sun sign or rising sign, of some effort you might make.

Aries: 2nd house of personal resources. Time to clear your blocks to self worth.

Taurus: 3rd house of communication. Time to make the effort to share your feelings.

Gemini: 4th house of home and family. It's time to heal these wounds from childhood.

Cancer: 5th house of children, creativity, and romance. To create you must be free to feel.

Leo: 6th house of your health and daily routines. An effort is needed in order to improve these areas.

Virgo: In your 7th house of relationships. An effort is needed in a serious relationship. Are you tired of being tossed around?

Libra: In your 8th house of resources from others. A time for healing your blocks to intimacy.

Scorpio: In your 9th house of spirituality. There is a higher power just waiting for you to ask for help, and then accept it. Be open to learning.

Sagittarius: In your 10th house of career and fame. It's time to admit to yourself what it is you really want, and then pursue it.

Capricorn: In your 11th house of networking and friends. You don't have to always do things on your own. A benefactor may appear and offer you an opportunity you shouldn't pass up.

Aquarius: In your 12th house you have to make the effort to connect to your intuition. Time for removing the blocks to your inner guidance.

Pisces: In your 1st house of self. This full moon can give you the opportunity to truly shine for who you are. No more hiding in the shadows.

Of course these are just general statements and how this full moon impacts you has to do with your personal chart. And there are many different aspects of each house and sign. Feel into the above, or create your own chart on a site like, and see where you have planets that will interact with this full moon. Of course I am always here to help and guide you.

Love and Light!

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