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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

What is a full moon lunar eclipse anyway? It is a time when the earth passes between the moon and the sun. And based on the orbit of all 3, this one is the longest shadow period in the last 120 years. So the moon will basically be passing through the core of the earth's shadow, which is much bigger and therefore causes a larger and longer shadow period. So if you were to take a flashlight, shine it onto something, and then put a round disc in front of your object, it creates a shadow, and you have eclipsed out the light. And because of the earth's atmosphere it will be red in color, because of the light refracting and blah blah blah. Attached to this moon is the planet Mars and the South Node. So we have a pretty annoyed fire planet who is glowing mad red in the sky right now hanging out with our Karma. If things feel a bit intense there is a good reason for that! Then add onto that Mercury just stationed retrograde, our thoughts. Uranus the planet of surprises is squaring the moon and sun. Venus our material values is opposing Neptune our spiritual values. And then we have some supportive energy with the ongoing trine between Jupiter and Neptune, really highlighting our spiritual expansion. Saturn (the I told you so Grandpa) supporting Uranus with a trine as well. And then there is Pluto not directly aspected, but I think that is because he has set all of this up for a major transformation to occur. He is loosely aspected in a grand trine between Jupiter and Neptune. Oh and let's not forget the North Node (life purpose) is conjunct the Sun (self) in opposition to the moon and it's merry little troupe of marauders. I cannot imagine a more impactful time then right now when everyone is literally on the playing field!

So you ask, why do I care here in North America when it won't be dark out so I cannot even see this happening? There is a lot of information out there on what this full moon lunar eclipse means, and it has taken awhile for me to digest it fully. But as an intuitive I basically let the energy speak to me instead of listening to what every one else is saying. Yes cards have general meaning, astrology has general meaning too, but there are so many ways to interpret these meanings and that is the point of this eclipse. There is not just 'one' way. The age of Aquarius is about being more tolerant, accepting, and moving to a spiritual focus vs materialistic focus. And this eclipse gets us started on this path. How this shows up in your life is unique, but show up it will.

I believe this shadow period is longer for a reason. This eclipse is attached to Mars and the South Node, which are 2 messages about our shadow selves. Mars of course is warrior, anger, hot, passionate out of control energy at times. Literally, think about the storms you hear about on the planet itself! The south node is the past, what we came here already having achieved in our past lives. Or already having done to others. And I think this is why the longer shadow period. We have a chance to clear some bad karma with this lunar eclipse, and we need a little more time and focus to achieve this. The lasting effects of this eclipse will be felt over the next 6 months.

We often hide from our shadow selves, or the shadows in general. Who flips on the light as soon as they enter a room? I have some that do it for me automatically! So needless to say if there is always light, we don't have to face the darkness. Now with this longer lunar eclipse the universe is giving us an opportunity to look at our shadow side and make peace with it. It really is the same opportunity we have each night when we go to sleep, we can choose to let go of the day and reset our energetic field while sleeping. But this eclipse is giving us the opportunity to do this while we are awake, in essence it is time to become fully awake.

What does facing this darkness mean exactly? Remember the moon represents our emotions, good and bad. I want you to look at where you are giving your power (Mars) away. Home, work, family, partnerships. Where do you lose your temper? Where do you shut down? Where do you fall back on old habits when under stress? Where are you trying to control the things or people in your life? Where are you fighting the feeling of being controlled? Where ever control appears in your life is where you are giving your power away. And it all comes down to one thing, "I am not enough." If you have control issues, you have self confidence issues. If you cannot let others be themselves, you are threatened by their independence. Why is that? If you put on a show for everyone instead of letting your true self shine through, you are too caught up in what other's think of you. But when we stay centered and true to ourself, believe we are enough, there is no need for control (ego) in our lives. Yes we need an ego, but not that form of our dark ego selves.

The south node are those traits that we have already perfected. And it's not like these are all bad habits, but they are like a crutch and they keep us from growing into the person we were meant to be. We cannot develop new skills if we just keep relying on what we know. And if we don't grow, we remain stagnant. No one came to this earth to just get kicked around like a soccer ball. You came here with a goal, and if you are off track from achieving that goal there will be an adjustment made with this eclipse. How this shows up for each of us may be different, but the outcome will be the same, getting us closer to our North Node, life purpose goals.

Full moons are meant to bring things to fruition. I recommend a process where you look at your shadow self and determine what you want to shine the light on. I have mentioned that before. But you need to go deeper this time. You need to own where you have mistreated yourself or others. Aquarius wants fairness for all. Let go of past regrets, apologize to yourself or others and set yourself free from the bindings of the past. Seriously this 'stuff' is wearing you down. Mars is going backwards right now for a reason, he is literally giving you some serious energy to go back and correct the past. And Mercury is there doing the exact same thing, except he is giving your the mind power to see the truth. Not the truth that your ego has created either, the real truth. There is something very important from the past that you need to pay attention to,

so you can finally heal and move forward.

Maybe the impact for you will be subtle and maybe you won't even realize you have finally let something go. But I do believe when you look back on this period of your life you will realize it was a tipping point, hello square from Uranus, and be glad it happened. So how is this affecting you? What do you want to let go of? How will you get closer to living your best life with this total lunar eclipse? I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

Love and Light!


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