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Full Moon in Scorpio

Today the sun is shining light on our darkness as it faces the moon. And while every full moon we see, the sun does the same, while the moon sits in Scorpio it's a bit darker than usual. Scorpio gets a bad wrap, after all it represents all things that are seen as taboo. Sex, money, death, fear and over-indulgence of all of the above. It craves all these things and sometimes we can get a bit carried away with our cravings. If you are one of these people today you might find the sun calling attention to those unhealthy cravings and letting you know it's time to make some changes.

Each full moon we have a chance to bring something in our life to closure. We can shut the door today on those areas we have been ignoring or afraid to shine a light on for fear of the mess we may have made. But here is the thing, when we shine the light, the darkness goes away. Now sometimes there are those little corners in the room that can still hide in the shadows because the light doesn't quite reach them, not today. The sun isn't playing games, it is after all in the sign of Taurus, and Taureans mean business, they are stubborn and they are going to shine the light on every dark creepy corner you have today.

Your very best avenue today is to work with the light not against it. So make a choice do you want the light to blind you or do you want to put on some sunglasses so there isn't any permanent damage? Here is my recommendation for today. Sit down with a piece of paper and get all those little areas of darkness out of your mind once and for all. You know the one's, they are your old friends, the one's you cling to when you feel down and dark and depressed. I want you to thank them for keeping you company during these times, make peace with them, and then tell them you can take it from here. You are setting them free today. Living in the past even one more day will no longer serve you. And quite frankly it is holding you back. Draw a line in the sand today and don't cross it anymore. You might look at it occasionally, remind yourself why you don't cross that line anymore, and eventually you won't even look at it anymore. Because the past no longer serves you.

Now that have written down all your dark thoughts and fears, now for each one of them shine a light there instead. If your fear was I am fat. Now in the light, I am fit and healthy. Hey I heard that snicker! Yes you are, and when you start telling yourself that you are, your brain has nothing else it can do but start making your body do what you tell it. If I am fit and healthy my body will respond by helping me make better food choices, slowing down when I eat, exercising more, getting outside more, drinking less alcohol, drinking more water, etc...And then when we hit the new moon in a few weeks you can write down what new habits you want to start forming in your life to keep the light shining bright.

Every 28 days we have a new cycle of the moon to work with. Use the energy to clear out the darkness each month, even if it's just one tiny thing you practice with this month, it will make a difference. Then each month build off of the month before. In a years time you will be transformed, and when the next full moon in Scorpio comes around you will find you have made peace with the darkness, and it isn't really that scary after all.

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