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New Moon in Pisces

It's interesting when we see a new Moon in Pisces at the end of the sign. New moons bring in fresh starts and new beginnings, but this one in particular is asking you to close a chapter so you can move on. Pisces comes at the end of the astrological calendar, in alignment with the 12th house, the subconscious realm. It is a sign of opposing polarities, both the seen and the unseen, hence the 2 fish swimming in opposing directions. This is a time of choice. You can continue on with the cycle of the last 12 months, or start over.

This new moon represents the fresh buds on all the plants, at least here in the Northwest, that are about to burst open and begin anew. What beauty then lies within you just waiting to burst forth? With this new moon it is time to sit down and decide what it is you want to 'burst' forward. What do you want to bloom? And then once you decide what that is for you, how will you tend to this precious new growth? How will you nurture, protect and feed it, so that it will thrive. Whether this is a new career, a new home, a new relationship doesn't matter. The cycle is the same. Birth, nurture, set it free to live, and death. The cycle begins again. Unless you remain stuck in the past. This moon says don't.

Today take some inventory on all the things you have going on in your life. What cycle are they in? What cycle should they be in? What will it take for you to move them on to the next cycle? In particular with this new moon, what is it that you really need to just let die so you can begin again? The time of rebirth and regeneration is about to come to a conclusion with the passing of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. What will you shed with the coming of spring?

A great way to manifest with the new moon is to think about those things you want to create in the spring. Write down your list of 10 new moon wishes. Then focus on how you will give them the love and attention they need to become alive. Imagine your intentions or wishes as a flower bud. Within this darkness they are growing, changing, building up an amazing force of energy. Your desires burst forth from the bud becoming the beautiful flower. What will you put your focus and attention on with this New Moon? What will you create? For you are a powerful creator, and your thoughts are the key to bringing you whatever you desire.

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