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Full Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse! Jan 31st.

Maralee you ask, what the heck is that and why do I care? This type of moon hasn't happened since 2015. This is when we have 2 full moon's in the same month, and on top of that we have a full moon lunar eclipse. The earth is between the Sun and Moon when this happens. When the energy is strong as it is with this type of Eclipse this is a great time for card readings. The veil is thinner and the messages come through even stronger and clearer. It is helpful to know a little Astrology to understand how and in what area of life this eclipse may impact you. Planet positions and houses define the impacts you can expect in your life. So where is Leo in your chart? How about Aquarius? What planets does it impact? Which one's do you have around the 11 degree mark? What houses? Don't have time to figure all of that out? That's ok! The Tarot cards can give you the same messages without having to have a full chart review. If you book an expanded reading i will take a look at your chart with you to see where your planets are at and what you can expect in the near future.

In general eclipses tend to remove things from our lives that are no longer serving us. Could be people, job, bad habit, bad karma, debt, friends, family...the options are endless. Since this moon is at 11 degrees though, this is the number of service and it reduces to a 2 so it is also the number of relationships. Chances are your relationships in some way shape or form will be impacted. But know that no matter how difficult it may seem in the moment it is for the highest good. If you are not on your path, the universe will correct you. Far off your path the correction is much harder. Almost there, but need a little nudge, the eclipse may not be felt so strongly. Extremely moon sensitive like I am (Cancerian so it's my ruler) then these energies may already be present. During a previous one I had a very abrupt end to a relationship that I thought was going to go the distance! Ouch!!! Now in hindsight I am thankful for the universes wisdom, but in the moment, not so much.

This is a great time for manifesting what you want gone from your life, and what you want to stay. Use this time to write down the changes you want to incorporate. And then keep your thoughts positive especially over this next week! Your thoughts create your experience. What Leo things do you want in your life? Do you want to be on stage, in the limelight, have the strength to put your fears to rest, win a long fought battle? Or are you just looking to add a little passion to your life. The sky is the limit if you have the ego of Leo the Lion. Shoot for the stars! I will see you on the dark side of the moon!

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