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Which Tarot 'Suits' you best?

If you know a bit about the Tarot you know there are Major Arcana cards and there are the minor arcana cards. And if you don't know a bit, now you do. :) Just like a deck of cards there are 4 suits in the Tarot, representing the minor arcana. Traditionally they are the hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. But Tarot decks provide a wide variety of suits to choose from based on the card deck creator. While the imagery may change in each deck, the overall theme remains the same. Love, thoughts, passion, and money. 4 things we most want in life if we are being honest with ourselves and others. So think about that next time you have a reading. Where does your focus lie, where is your energy invested? Is it balanced, scattered, overly focused in one area? Tarot readings can help you see just that. The cards are attracted to your energy. They tell the story for you, and help you see the picture more clearly. If you are really focused on love you may see a lot of cups cards, but if you are very disappointed by love you could see a lot of swords. Some have said to me, 'oh i don't want a reading, I am afraid of the bad things the cards might say." But really they are just reflecting back to you your current energy. So the if the cards don't 'suit' you I can show you how to change your energy to attract cards that do.

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