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Weekly Horoscope September 29th - October 6th

So I was actually already done with this week's article and was mentioning how the week ahead was going to be a bit crunchy.....and then my entire article vanished. @#$*#&^$ Clearly what I wrote needed a second look! Friggin Pluto!! He has stationed and will go direct his week and I guess this time around I am going to skip the part where I say how happy I am he is finally going to get off my Moon! Or not!

Sunday - Wow it feels like Deja Vu! Don't worry I will stop whining in a few days! This is probably the best day of the week so make it a good one. The Moon and Venus will meetup today in Libra at 18 degrees and together they make a nice sextile over to Jupiter and square with Pluto. It's a bit of a tug of war, but Pluto is there to ground everyone so you don't get so carried away with love or money that you make some bad choices. Pluto always wants you to face your darkest fears and rise above them. So just being all lovey dovey with out seeing the reality of the situation won't fly. But Jupiter is pretty powerful and positive so overall I see a very loving day with an emphasis on communicating how you feel with one another.

Monday - The Moon will oppose Uranus today from Scorpio. The Moon likes water signs normally but not the darkness of the water in Scorpio. So expect some junk to come up from the deep in a shocking sort of way. But at least what bubbles up can be dealt with. Saturn is starting to make some space between it and the South Node, Karma lessons will start to cool down. They aren't over yet however, but will be lessening. Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury will continue to share space for at least one more day. But the Moon action makes today a bit of a wild card.

Tuesday - Rabbit Rabbit! Remember to say that as soon you wakeup for a month of good luck! You might really need it. Saturn is starting to get closer to Neptune and begin its sextile that will be with us into next week. Saturn brings structure to your creative and spiritual pursuits. If you have been looking to create a plan to launch something this might be a good week to pull all your ideas together and get them down on paper. Saturn is oh so happy when you carefully plan out what you want to create and then give it structure in order to bring it to life. He is a bit of a fun sucker with his all work and no play attitude. But this positive angle means this is the little push you have been waiting for and you are ready to launch. The Moon will also make a sextile over to Pluto who is stationing and getting ready to go direct again, finally. This will work well with your creative project. You can really feel your way, be intuitively guided, and no where to stop giving your power away. This is your creative project and you will deserve all the credit for it.

Wednesday - This will be the last day for Mercury in Libra, so expect some good conversations with your partners today. There will be an emphasis on talking things out. Also today we have Mars hitting the last degree of Virgo, which means our very driven OCDness is about to come to an end. Please say it isn't so, I still have projects to complete! It will take a few days so for realz this is the final push for your Virgo energy, finally all the planets will have made their transition through and Virgo season will be officially over for the year. The Moon is going to make a nice connection over to Chiron today, which helps us know intuitively how to heal something of our own, or how to help another heal.

Thursday - Mercury jets into Scorpio today, and once it hits the 11 degree mark it will be retrograde season again! This one is going to be crunchy is so many ways. Thankfully Pluto is now out of retrograde, it will help. Wherever you had Pluto stalking you the past 4 months or so the lessons are about to come to an end. He has been all over my Moon for so long now I have almost forgot what it is like to feel normal, to not have my intuition be on steroids, to not want to do 100 projects around the home. But forward movement is good and that is what we are about to start to get and where our power may have been stalled it will be in full force again! Amen!

Friday - Through the weekend we will have the Sun making a square to the South Node with Saturn and the North Node. This is a wakeup call for our ego. If you are off your path, if you are behaving a little too big for your britches, then the jolt will be very noticeable. Saturn is really not going to put up with any nonsense either. Mars will be the last of the planets going through Libra that will make a stand against Saturn, but for now it's the Sun's turn. If you can show you have a plan for what you are working on and pay homage to Saturn by showing you are serious about it, then this time will pass by more easily. If not, well, don't expect smooth sailing. Saturn starting to move forward and will catch up with Pluto. You will want Saturn on your side during this transit, so it's a really good time to get in line.

Saturday - The Moon will meet up with Saturn today which will have us feeling a little serious, and slightly cold. Not the funnest of energy for the weekend. The square also continues with the Sun and North and South Node for a few more days. So like I said not the funnest of energy for the weekend, but sometimes we need to pause and look at our actions a little more seriously. Mercury will start its opposition to Uranus today as well. This could be a day where the political barbs are flying back and forth, again. Uranus upsets our conversations in surprising ways. Uranus wants freedom and really Mercury likes the same and is moving fast so this will be a brief speed bump as we finish up the weekend.

Next week - Our crunchy energy will pick up next week. We have a lot of squares and oppositions next week, but not a ton of movement. Venus will also enter Scorpio, and this is her first time back since her previous retrograde. This will bring that work to a final closure. So think back to what you were working on about 18 months ago, it will come up one final time.

Love and Light!

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