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Weekly Horoscope Sept 8th - 14th

This week we will be building up to the Full Moon in Pisces. This will be a very emotional full moon, with a bit of magic thrown in there, a sprinkle of spirituality, and if you aren't careful a bit of delusion. Your ego is fired up with the help of Mars, and you might not be so down to feel as much as Neptune and the Moon will want you to.

Sunday - The intensity of the past week is going to continue into this week as we continue to have this t-square energy between the planets in Virgo, Pisces and Sag. In fact, it will continue into next week as well. This week it will be the Sun and Mars finishing off this energy that is pushing us to grow. And grow we will my friends, grow we will. Venus is still in a close connection to Pluto and today they will be joined by the Moon. This is intense energy that is helping you burn through your blocks to love, money and relationships. When your intuition is powered up by Pluto, you need to pay attention to that voice in your head that is trying to get your attention. What does not serve you in this area will literally need to be burned to the ground in some cases. If you are trying to close the book on any relationship that no longer serves you, put it down on paper, say your good byes and then burn it to ashes. (please only safe and responsible burning). It is time to cut those cords. With Mercury just slightly behind Venus he gives you the energy to clear your thoughts and speak your mind in whatever this situation represents for you. As if that wasn't enough things going on we have the Sun and Mars still in a square to Jupiter, but trine over to Saturn who has slowed way down and is about to end his retrograde. Ever wake your grandpa up from a long nap unexpectedly? That is going to be our Saturn energy next week, so best prepare now. Get in line, get in line, get in line. The energy today gives you a chance to take some action that is well planned out. As long as you are not half hazard with your attempts you should see a project well off the ground. Jupiter is there pushing you to reach higher, find that purpose and meaning in your actions. This is not about being a follower, this is about being a leader. It so easy to just fall in with a group because you need to belong somewhere. But Jupiter is pushing you to get outside your comfort zone. You are not one of the sheep, you are not meant to just follow the herd. You are meant to tend to the sheep instead and lead them where they need to go. You will not accomplish that hiding safely in the middle of the pack. Whew I am tired already and Sunday isn't even here yet! Breathe, meditate, and don't give in to knee jerk reactions.

Monday - aka Sunday hangover day. The energy today is pretty similar to Sunday's. The Moon yesterday spent time talking with Saturn, then Pluto and now will finish it's time in Capricorn, giving thought to all the advice as it heads towards the full moon in Pisces. These next several days might be a bit more introspective. While we still have the Sun and Mars in close aspect, we cant just act out all of the time. We have to pause and think about all the options that have been showing up for us lately. Do we want to keep doing the same old thing day after day? Do we want to keep making the same excuses to ourselves and others? How many years have you been carrying the burden of I am broken in some way shape or form so that is my excuse for not moving forward in my life. Since you started using this excuse to hold you back what exactly have you accomplished? What have you been protecting yourself from? Does is feel good still playing the victim? Or are you ready to finally cut the cords and get your freedom back from those voices in your head that are just plain lying to you. I should mention that all the planets this week are making contact with my Pluto energy and the Pluto energy of anyone born in the mid 60's. The need to transform will be heightened, especially in some unique kind of way because we have Uranus energy conjunct our Pluto. If you want to breakthrough if you want to transform an area of your life this is a good week to break a bad habit once and for all. And if you don't want to listen to my Pluto energy this week, too bad. :) .

Tuesday - The Sun stands exactly across the sky from Neptune in Pisces today. This is our ego having a standoff with our Spirituality, our Creativity, and those things we do to hide ourselves from the truth. In some ways the ego doesn't think it needs any of those things it is just fine all on it's own, but there is a wakeup call of some sort today. If you have been deluding yourself, if you use food, drug, alcohol, or rose colored glasses to get through the day, today the light shines brightly on them so you have to face some sort of truth. As usual with any opposition energy we need to find the balance point between these 2 extremes. How do you measure success? Do you do it all alone? Or is it time you started giving some credit to the big guy in the sky for all your good fortune? How are you giving back? This is a really good day to tune in and see where you are out of balance in your giving and receiving. Money is great, material things are great. But how much do you really need just to yourself? Can you imagine how the world would change if instead of going after more more more, we set a limit on what we keep vs what we share with others to help them improve their lives. And we all just continuously paid it forward? Money is energy, and the great thing is what we share we instantly receive back. Have I mentioned how Neptune is some pretty dreamy energy? It can come up with some pretty out there ideas. Just don't get lost there. Reality is calling.

Wednesday - It is 9/11 today and always a good time to pause and remember the country that stood together, across all party lines and religions, just helped one another. Wouldn't it be great if that was how we operated on a daily basis, without a crisis to push us there? Today the God of War, Mars, is in an exact square to Jupiter and standing across the sky from Neptune. Holy war anyone? Both Neptune and Jupiter say what are you fighting for? Because if it's just for the sake of your ego, that isn't enough anymore. Why are you so angry? Do you even remember what this fight is about anymore, or has it just become a comfortable energy so you are stuck and unable to breakthrough? What ever war you are waging within yourself or your life, the Neptune retrograde energy has you taking a second look. It's all fine and dandy that Saturn and Pluto are there to egg on the warrior, but there must be a purpose to this need to transform. It can't just serve the self, there is something much bigger that is calling out to you. This is going to build for awhile and things are going to be getting pretty intense. If you thought sharpiegate was bad, just wait. :)

Thursday - The moon has entered the sign of Pisces and now things are starting to really get emotionally intense. This will be one of those full moons where everybody is saying, "people are acting crazy, it must be a full moon!" Don't say I didn't warn you. But more on that tomorrow. Today for some happier news we have Mercury conjunct with Venus. This makes our communications with loved ones a top priority. You might take a road trip, meet someone online, write some poetry. When the planet of love is joined with the planet of communication it is all about love. If love isn't your thing then you could have some great ideas where money is concerned, sign a contract, maybe the marriage kind. Mars is still having his stand off between Neptune and Jupiter, so things could get a little heated in the romance department.

Friday - So we have an almost full moon on Friday the 13th....dunh dunh dunh. Feels pretty dramatic already right. As the Moon slides into Neptune's DMs we have the Sun in a trine with Pluto and opposing them both! If you ever needed a day where you beat a bad habit down, this is the day! Of course that means you also have the power to try and beat other people down, but don't do that. The Sun, your ego, given the transformational power of Pluto in a healthy connection like a trine, really is a powerfully positive energy. But just remember Pluto thinks it's being helpful by burning things to the ground that no longer serve you, even if you aren't ready yet. And since Mars is still close by things could get kinda hot, and you are going to need an outlet. This is a great day to plan an early morning workout, then put time aside to meditate at lunch, and plan an activity after work that gets your blood pumping in a positive way that you are controlling and channeling. This day just has intense written all over it. Neptune is the ruler of the full moon so I recommend getting into a hot bath with some epsom salts. Clear any negative energy that no longer serves you on your own. Pisces also rules the subconscious mind so it is a great day to break down those emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck. I do not recommend this full moon for charging your crystals.

Saturday - Officially the full moon occurs today at 12:32 am ET, which is 9:32 am PT. So this will feel very much like Friday did. All the same advice applies, but at least most of you are not at work so you can better hide your crazy from the world. But not from me, I can still see you. :) . I will do a full write up on all the energies at play for the full moon. Who knows I might venture out and actually do a video and draw some cards. I might get crazy like that. The dance that Mercury and Venus have been doing is going to reach a new level today as the crazy little lovers hit the 29th degree of Virgo which means they will leave the sign in a noticeable way. And Venus couldn't be happier, she is not enjoying the dull routines of Virgo life. She doesn't like having a budget, having to work out all the time. She doesn't want to plan anything. But Mercury is at home in Virgo and is a little sad to move on. So perhaps this day has a little bit of melancholy where love is concerned. But as Venus heads into her home sign of Libra, she will be happy, happy, happy once again. Which is good to focus on because next week is going to be just an intense.

If you didn't like how the crunchiness felt this week, next week may not feel much better. But just remember that when we are getting squeezed it's because we are being molded into the shape we are meant to be. Or at least that is what I tell myself every time I try to force my body to fit in my skinny jeans again. And no it isn't listening. I wonder if the burn your bra movement happened when the Sun was trining with Pluto. Maybe it's time for skinny jean revolt. But I digress. The best way through tough energy is to #1 don't engage in it. #2 don't attach to outcomes during this cycle. The Jupiter/Neptune square will make it's final standoff beginning next Saturday. All year you have been working on something where these 2 planets sit in your chart. This is the final push. It's best to decide where you want to grow and take the bull by the horns instead of in the butt!! Hang on and hang in, we will get through this!

Love and Light!

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