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Weekly Horoscope Sept 22nd - Sept 28th

Love, money, beauty all get a lift from the New Moon in Libra and the fact that Venus will become a night star again. If you have been needing a rebirth in all things Venus related, this is the week you have been waiting for. Add to this the Fall Equinox and we are ready to leave, (get it leaves are dying) behind what no longer serves us energetically. Warning to all with Saturn moving, well at least not retrograde, in my 5th house of fun, I get to be funny again!

Sunday - The Sun will be at the last degree of Virgo today. All things Virgo will have one final big push of energy. Health, organization, being of service, even our pets will feel this, as they are ruled by this sixth house of daily routines. If you find yourself overwhelmed and fidgety and don't know what to do with this energy you can come over and I will give you a project to work on, as I always have several. We have the exact square between Mercury and Saturn today. You might want to review last week's horoscope for more insights about these squares as all the planets enter Libra and meet up against Saturn. The stronger planet energy in all these meetings will be Saturn. Standing still and building up energy to move forward makes this energy extremely intense. The question Mercury is being asked is what is your plan? How are you going to communicate it? Where are you heading? What are you learning? Sometimes Mercury can be a little too goofy and Saturn is making a point of making Mercury be less trickster and more serious. So if you are out of alignment where all things Mercurial are in your chart, expect a smart rap on the knuckles or the back of your head by the task master Saturn. I advise you to listen up.

Monday - In the Northern Hemisphere today we welcome in the Fall Equinox, it's Spring down under. If you think about what fall represents it is a dying off of things we can no longer give energy to. Leaves die and drop to the ground, where they convert to something that is of use to the earth/soil, which provides food back to that same tree. And hence we have the circle of life. So symbolically we are releasing something in our lives in its current form, so that it can be reborn in a new form, that will serve us better. This 'thing' whatever it represents for you has taken all it can from you and now it is time for it to transform and give back to you. You cannot continue to give energy to something that is dead. Unless you want to create a Zombie apocalypse and I just really don't recommend that. You may not be able to hibernate physically but you can mentally and emotionally. Reviewing what no longer serves you, planning for that rebirth in Spring. Libra is a Cardinal sign, and all the Cardinal signs represent the change of seasons. It is a month of taking action, getting things done. Think of those you know that are Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries. They don't sit around waiting for things to happen, for others to change them, they take the bull by the horns and make it happen. Libra makes it happen in our relationships, so expect huge shifts here over the next 4 weeks in particular.

Tuesday - Finally we are starting to move ahead. Mercury slid past Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune are separating from their almost year long square, Mars has moved off of Pluto. But Venus is approaching Saturn, and Saturn is getting closer to its South Node exact conjunction again. We are starting to feel the lessons in love from the past, and I expect those relationships that don't quite seem able to completely die to show up for some closure this week. You will likely not take the person forward with you, but you should take the lesson. Now know this, those who are meant for you will stay with you. Your actions might delay your coming together, but they cannot completely eliminate the coming together. Recognize the pattern that keeps repeating in your life and in your relationships this week, so you can finally be free of the negative ones. Even in your relationship with yourself. Where are you unkind to your mind, your body, your spirit? Bringing some lightness to this energy is the Moon in fun loving Leo. So emotionally you may be drawn to something that brings you some joy. Tap into this energy so you are in a better mindset to face off with Saturn tomorrow.

Wednesday - Mercury is literally flying fast forward in the sky, but making a brief sextile over to Jupiter. This can really enhance our Mercury traits. Helping us get organized, communicate more effectively, and maybe drive a little too fast, so slow it down out there and wear your seatbelt! Then we have the exact square between Venus and Saturn today. Your lesson should you choose to accept it or not, is to show Saturn you are not being frivolous with love, money, beauty, and relationships of all kinds. He will show you where you are coming up short, and you will be required to make an adjustment before moving forward. Whatever shows up for you is meant to show you a gap in your plan, so you can adjust and better use your Venus energy while she is shining brightly in the sky as a night star. Libra is about things being fair and balanced. So you shouldn't spend when you have nothing in savings. You shouldn't just take love from others without giving back. You should not focus on your outer beauty and be ugly on the inside. You should not receive more than you are giving back. This is a day for getting your balance back in check or at least seeing where you need to, and then making a plan to correct the imbalance.

Thursday - I expect this day to be a big day of protests of some sort. Pluto will be in an exact square with Mercury. His question is how are you using your voice to empower yourself. So there will be a lot of strong talk going on where everyone feels empowered to use their voice and use it loudly. Sometimes that voice shows up in actions, sometimes it shows up in words. But show up it will. So if someone comes off a little too strongly you might give them a pass as this is pretty intense. Let things cool off and come back to the topic in a few days. And bite your tongue if you can't say what you need to say in a way that is beneficial to all involved. Now if you are needing a little push in the area of organization then this is the day to buckle down and get some stuff done! Also this day could find your darkest thoughts bubbling to the surface so you can face them and banish them once and for all. People equate Pluto with death, being the ruler of the underworld, but remember what we said about the leaves dying. Pluto wants you to face your fears about death. Just because something dies does not mean it can't transform and become something even better and stronger. But you have to face your fears and let this die. Since this is a positive energy connection I think you are ready to do just that, and something you have been fighting to release will come much more easily to you this time around. If yo are grieving something or someone from the past it is time to them go. Let them serve you in the form they have now become. If you continue to hold onto them as they were you are actually blocking their growth, in essence trapping them in an existence that no longer serves them. Which is not fair to them. You cannot live or dwell in the past any longer, let this go, it was taken from you for a reason. Let that sink in. What you are grieving changed form for a reason. Why can't you let it?

Friday - Expect the lessons from the past to show up big time today. Saturn and the South Node will be back in their exact conjunction. The lesson from last May is showing up for resolution. Are you willing to move forward to the North Node or are you going to stay stuck in the past. The South Node is what we need to release, and Saturn is our Karma. There is a person or a lesson from the past that needs to be released now. Like right now, like no more excuses, NOW. The Moon has some interesting aspects today before it journey's into Libra for the New Moon. It will stand across the sky from Neptune and square over to Jupiter and of course Jupiter is still in its square to Neptune. This is an emotional check in of sorts, your intuition getting a recharge. What has this year long square meant to you? Have you decided what you are going to stand for? Are you getting in touch with your spirituality? What do you truly care about? You cannot just keep running around like an emotional hot mess. And you cannot just pretend everything is okay when you know it really isn't. This is a day where you need to face reality and then decide where you need to make changes. So this is a really good time to start working on those new moon wishes for all things Libra. If you want to manifest the love of your life, then now is the time to figure out how to get in love with yourself. If you don't feel love for yourself you cannot attract love in. If you don't feel good about money you can't attract more in. And if you don't feel beauty on the inside you cannot show it on the outside. And no I don't mean you will be a size 2 because you feel good on the inside. Beauty is not a size, it is not a shape, it is not a face, or a clothing brand. Those are all things made up by a society based on feeding financially on your fears. Think about that one for a second. The majority of products you buy are based on not feeling good enough about yourself as you are right now. Give that another thought. How much of your income goes to feeding your fears, instead of feeding your soul? What if you started to shift the balance today? What if you recognized feeding your soul doesn't need to cost a lot of money either? There is so much free information out there to get you started. Today might be a good day to do just that. You are exactly who you are meant to be. Your body is simply carrying your soul around. Try waking up everyday doing your soul justice and just treating your body with respect today. Which means feeding it healthy food, giving it some exercise and saying nice things to it. Look in the mirror today and say something nice to your body. It is literally giving you life, so show it some appreciation today and stop putting it down. But do put down that donut and that cigarette! Note to self: Friday is going to be deep!

Saturday - Hello new Moon in Virgo! I really like the energy of this New Moon! Partly because it happens right on my rising sign so that means I get a fresh start that is supercharged. But also because of how everything is aligned energetically. This happens at 5 degrees, which means change and it happens at 2 minutes which means relationships are changing for the positive. So those who have been struggling out there this is a really great New Moon for bringing in love, or restarting love that is feeling a bit rocky. But expect to be surprised because the Sun and Moon are making a weird aspect over to Uranus. So you might be attracted to someone you never expected to be, someone could express their love for you out of left field, or, or, or, the possibilities for weirdness are endless. Definitely expect the unexpected. You may not know quite what to do with this new thing that appears, so give it a few days to fully unfold for you. It is always best to wait to take action after you see the light appear on the Moon again. What is extremely positive about this New Moon is Venus is exactly sextile with Jupiter. So you have the ruler of the New Moon in Libra making a very positive connection to Jupiter who is moving forward in the sign of Sagittarius. These are the 2 benefics, which means the most positive planets combining their energies in a very supportive way. So love, relationships, money, beauty are all on steroids. Do not waste this day, do not forget to write down your New Moon wishes for all things Libra. If you want to manifest love, this is the time to do the work and really get clear about what you want. It's time to push those fears aside and stop focusing on the pain of the past. All you have been doing is attracting in more pain. Break the painful patterns, set your fears free, and go for what you want.

I will write my New Moon article this week so you can understand where this will show up for you. But your homework is to create a chart for free so you know what house this will show up in for you. Yes it is good to know your sun sign. But if you are one of those people who always thinks horoscopes aren't really 'right' for me. You need to find out your rising sign. This tells you more information than just your sun sign does. So go to a site like and create a free Natal chart.

Next week - Pluto will have a little talk with Venus about what this new love means to her. You can't just give your power away for the sake of having a partner. So a little discussion must be had here. But Jupiter will be there still supporting Venus so you know what you want and why.

Love and Light!

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