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Weekly Horoscope October 6th - October 12th

We finally have all that Capricorn energy moving forward. With both Pluto and Saturn done with their retrograde it is time to take the lessons of the past four months and start to apply them. Capricorn is one of the hardest working signs of the zodiac. Expect to feel highly motivated this week to get some much needed work done. However, expect a few obstacles to show up that keep making it hard for you to get anything off the ground..

Sunday - Right off the bat we have a t-square between the Sun and the North and South Node. You can expect a little nudge from the universe helping you to get back on your path. The Sun represents the ego, and squares mean a change in direction was needed. Perhaps you are living too much in your ego and need a reminder of your life purpose. If you are living too much in the past it is a release needed from the South Node. If you just need a little help getting on your path it will be a nudge from the North Node. Saturn is still within a degree of the South Node so Sun square Saturn means if you don’t listen up you will have a tough couple of days. Saturn wants structure and discipline. With the Sun in Libra you need to review how you are behaving in your relationships. If you are taking advantage of others you will get called on the carpet. Listen closely and do the work. We get a few week’s reprieve from these Saturn squares as Mars will be the last. So look back at what lessons Saturn has been bringing you in love and communications so far. This will give you a clue for your Sun and Mars square.

Monday - Yet another t-square today between the Moon, Mercury and Uranus. I expect this day to filled with a bit of volatile communication. I can’t imagine things getting much more exciting than they have been, but watch and see, or listen. Mercury and Uranus brings a struggle between what you are saying and how it benefits others. The Moon says it needs to come with some feeling. So if you have been needing some help expressing yourself or your views, today would be a good day to tune in and ask your guides for help. With Uranus involved anything is possible, shocks of all kinds. And if you have been struggling to tap into your intuition you could be surprised by what comes up there as well. Make sure you ground yourself so you don’t get too caught up in all the electricity. And drive carefully. Mercury rules transportation too. Fortunately the Moon is in Aquarius which is the sign Uranus rules. When the energy is reciprocal, even in a square that can be a lessening of the effect. But if you end up feeling extra emotional today for no reason, that’s this square. This too shall pass.

Tuesday - Our Sun square Saturn is still ongoing, but today that might be lessening with a bit of help from Venus. This is the last days of Venus in her home sign of Libra. At the 29th degree the energy is more intense. You could receive a gift of love or money before Venus heads on to Scorpio, where she will not be happy. Also beginning today we have the opposition between Mars and Chiron, this will be with us for the remainder of the week. Chiron is your personal wound, Mars of course the warrior. So this opposition is a struggle to slow down and do the work to heal. Mars just wants to keep stomping around clearing a path to conquer all, but Chiron says slow down as you have an opportunity to use this Mars energy to accomplish a goal. You can tune into Mars and ask for the strength to fight this weakness that has been dragging you down. With Chiron in Aries, ruler of the first house, which is of course ruled by Mars, the intensity is going to be hard to miss. This is very personal, this wound that afflicts you, and it is time to face it head on. No more excuses, no more playing victim, no more slacking off, and definitely no more being in denial. Enough is enough, this wound is ready to be healed. So let it. Whatever you keep telling yourself about the past, it isn’t real. What happened is over, but it doesn’t have to happen again, unless you keep thinking about it and giving it energy. So ask your inner warrior to ‘kill’ this old wound off and set yourself free. You have a few days to figure out how.

Wednesday - Venus enters into Scorpio and is suddenly having flashbacks to all the time she had to spend here during her retrograde almost 2 years ago. Scorpio doesn’t do anything above ground. Love can have a darker shade over the next several weeks. Dark doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but it definitely means going deep. Scorpio rules the 8th house which rules our sexuality, so think 50 shades of Gray dark. Think getting in touch with your dark side, in a healthy way. There is the potential for some very intense sexual connections. But there is also the potential to face some fears where love and sex are concerned. This is really going to depend on where this is happening in your personal chart. Mercury has been charging ahead of Venus already in Scorpio, but soon he will be slowing down and going retrograde in Scorpio. We are going to have secrets revealed, deep conversations, darker thoughts, and if you ever wanted to write some horror stories, now is the time! lol. So far it’s looking like I picked a really good week to go on vacation to a sunny place. I strongly recommend this week you find your happy place. Find a happy way to deal with the energy, and that is not to be confused with drinking! This is a week to avoid over indulging at all costs.

Thursday - Today the Moon is making some sweet aspects with Saturn and the North and South Node. This is all about good Karma. You are able to release things from the past, you may have some fated meetings, and you can feel better than you have so far this week with the watery emotional energy in Pisces. It’s actually a good day for getting a handle on your emotions, practicing your intuition, even working on unblocking that 3rd eye. Like anything you can improve your intuition with practice. Instead of thinking logically about things you need to tune in to how you feel before you make decisions. Quiet the mind and ‘feel’ the answer. It is subtle shift but it is very impactful. We are ramping up to a full moon in Aries in just a few days. So focus on what you want to bring to a conclusion where your ‘self’ is concerned.

Friday - There are a lot of shifting energies today. Venus is getting ready to oppose Uranus, bringing surprises in love and money. The Sun is beginning its sextile over to Jupiter, but also it’s square over to Pluto. Mars is moving away from Chiron slowly but surely. The Moon is also making a sextile over to Jupiter. It seems like everyone is trying to get a say right now. It is just going to feel very busy. You won’t know if you are coming or going. I recommend tuning into the Sun and Jupiter. This will be with us through the weekend and this brings you a personal success. It can also bring you a bit of a big ego, but sometimes we need that confidence boost in order to get past a hurdle. If that sounds like you then this is a day to take a risk and go for it. Put yourself out there and expect to succeed at whatever it is you need to tackle. This is really a wonderful blessing so don’t let this pass you by. The next time we see this will be when Jupiter is in Capricorn and the Sun is in Pisces. Neither one are as strong as they are in their current signs of Libra and Sagittarius.

Saturday - Today is just weird, we have several planets making odd connections. Mars and Uranus are inconjunct, which can make it hard to move forward. Venus in inconjunct the Moon and Chiron who are conjunct in Aries. This can make it hard not to lose your identity where love is concerned. You also could be feeling extremely vulnerable in a love relationship. Last but not least the Sun is making this same weird angle back to Neptune, this could have us feeling a bit spacey. You could just feel like checking out today. With the Moon now in Aries and getting ready to oppose the Sun everyone is going to be acting weird, on steroids! Give yourself and others a break today, they literally cannot help themselves.

Next week - We will kick the week off with the full moon in Aries. This is all about finding the balance between yourself and others. You will be shown where you are closing yourself off from your partners so you can make some changes. Or if you are so lost in your partnership that you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, that is about to change. More to come on this in the full moon blog.

Love and Light!

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