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Weekly Horoscope July 28th - August 3

We have a week where we may experience surprises and new beginnings, and finally Mercury will begin to move forward! Woot Woot! Say sayonara to my little friend Mercury Retrograde.

Sunday - Venus moves into Leo today bringing Lion power to love, money and relationships. Venus loves her time in Leo, she loves a stage. This makes music and movies more romantic, perhaps even some costars falling in love. At the 0 degree mark this is a burst of energy wherever you have Venus and Leo located in your chart. Watch to see what area is lit up for you and expect this theme to continue for the next several weeks as she transits through this sign with the Sun nearby. We also start to see Mercury slowing down in Cancer and getting ready to move forward again with the New Moon at the end of the week. So this is your last push on that Mercury project, time to git'r done!

Monday - The Sun is in an exact square to Uranus today meaning our Lion energy and our Taurus bull energy are having a hard time connecting. With Mercury slowing down I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't a day where we see our electronic devices going a little haywire or issues with our internet connections. Connections with each other may be a bit off as well. The Sun is our ego self after all. This day could have us struggling to communicate with others in our community. Or we could see some surprise communications coming up. Whatever is true for you today you feel it at a core level. Don't overreact as there may be something you need to see to invite in a new beginning with the New Moon. The Moon is at home in Cancer today which leads me to believe this is a day to feel into home and family situations that need clearing up.

Tuesday - The Moon meets up with Mercury one last time during this retrograde season. This gives you the chance to finally communicate how you feel in a way that will move you forward. This is something you are revisiting from a few weeks ago when Mercury first entered this space while moving forward. Now Mercury is back in the Moon's home sign where it has just passed the North Node. There is a fated feeling about whatever is about to transpire for you.

Wednesday - Break out those New Moon Wishes for all things Leo. You get 10 so write them down before or at 11:18 pm PT. You want to focus on new beginnings with your creativity, your children, your inner child, and especially your romances, because we have Venus here as well. These are important wishes this month. Don't let this manifesting opportunity pass you by. The Moon and Sun meet at 8 degrees. Which is the number of the Strength card in the traditional Tarot, and whose symbol is, you guessed it, the Lion. If you have been waiting to launch a new endeavor this is the time. Mercury has just stationed, standing still, and will begin forward motion on Thursday. It will be slow for a few more weeks yet, so a soft launch of something is best, and expect a slower start. It is always best to wait for the light to shine on the Moon again, which occurs on the 3rd. By the Full Moon Mercury will be clear of its shadow period, the area where it started its backward motion. We still have the Sun and Uranus in a square, so your new beginning could come as quite a surprise wherever this new Moon is happening in your chart!

Thursday - Venus is now square Uranus which may bring sudden changes in love, money and our relationships. Do not overspend on this day, do not commit to anyone and do not come running to me if you do. I am all Saturn and will have no sympathy at all. Ok, maybe a little. But seriously this is a good day for fireworks so just be aware. This is just Uranus trying to rein Venus in a bit as she is having a little too much fun in Leo. Uranus rules connections, and the internet. Could be a couple of days with wild stories and fake news taking center stage as well. Girls just wanna have fun and Venus is not going to react kindly to this disruption of her fun. But on the better end of things Mercury is now direct again! I heard some pretty messed up retrograde stories, so I think a lot of you will be glad this one is just about over. And helping Venus out of the square is a trine over to Chiron. This will help us to heal our love relationships. Uranus may have shaken them up a bit, but Chiron is here to heal the wounds.

Friday - The Sun is edging away from the square it has been in with Uranus all week. Venus is still fighting to keep having her fun, and the Moon will make its way into Virgo today. Mars has been enjoying its time in Leo as well, but today it will come up again some weird energy with Neptune and Pluto. Mars is definitely more aligned with Pluto energy over Neptune. He does not have time for that spiritual mumbo jumbo. He would rather try to transform something with his strength and endurance. This isn't something you are going to act on right now, but you may be shown something that needs some action taken shortly.

Saturday - Today Mars and the Asteroid Juno (Marriage/Serious Partnerships) is in an exact conjunction, so at the same 20 degree mark. If this week you have been feeling like it's time to take action in your partnerships this energy could be why. Either you or your partner is feeling extremely determined right now. Mars in Leo is bringing intensity to our passions, especially where love is concerned. This just might be the time where someone decides to pop the question, or a new partnership is formed in your business endeavors.

All of the energies this week can be felt a few days before and after. There is not big movement and the planets are fairly close together in Leo. So while I always break things down by day don't be too surprised if Uranus kicks things up a notch right out of the gate!

Love and Light!

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