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Weekly Horoscope July 21st - July 27th

We are already past the mid-point of July! You would think with all the retrograde planets things would start to slow down, but it's almost like we aren't getting anywhere. This will begin to change soon.

Sunday - Today we have the Sun in an exact conjunction, meaning at the same degree, with Mercury. This is a day for big ideas, bright ideas even. When the Sun is lighting up the mind it is also lighting up our communications. Look for the ability to write, speak, and even get organized in an effortless way. This is a great day for cleaning out the garage, reaching out to a loved one to smooth things over, writing that book or blog. The Moon in Pisces will have you feeling very emotional and sensitive, best to have an outlet for those intense feelings, especially for you water signs out there.

Monday - Mars is getting close to it's trine (120 degree angle) to Jupiter. While this is a positive aspect, Jupiter does expand things. And Mars well he is a warrior. So if you are starting to feel and act hangry, but you just ate, that is Mars on steroids. This is starting to ramp up now and will be with us for several days. Jupiter is retrograde so this gives you the ability to get something done that you started in the past. I always call on Mars when I have a big project I need to get done. Word to the wise you need an outlet for this intensity. Plan on some extra workouts, get your blood pumping and let off some steam. Otherwise you will be taking some people's heads off that probably didn't deserve it. This is also the last day of the Sun in Cancer. At the last degree of the Zodiac we are completing our focus on home, family, and nurturing. Not that these go away, but we can bring something to a close in these areas.

Tuesday - This day is going to be a hot one. We have a grand fire trine, which means 3 planets in the fire signs at approximately the same degrees. The Moon, Mars and Jupiter are all having a little let's take action party. If you need to get something off the ground, something off your chest, this just might be the day. It is just for the day, but don't be too surprised especially if you are a fire sign, Sag, Aries, Leo, if you get up and feel like you had 10 cups of coffee. And it's a good day to count to 10 before you respond. Also today we have the Sun is entering into Leo, it's home sign, making the ego really happy! And we'll have fun, fun, fun til the Sun moves into Libra next month. This extra surge of energy will add to the intensity of this day.

Wednesday - Mercury is on tap today with a building conjunction to Venus and a square to the Moon. There is a loose Tsquare between Pluto, the Moon and Mercury. Which means all three are at a hard angle to each other. Pluto and Mercury want to get things done and the Moon just wants to feel into it first. This could be one of those crunchy days, especially in our relationships. Don't try to overspend today just to make yourself feel better either. You will have buyers remorse, trust me. With Venus close by it means relationships, love and beauty are all highlighted. Not the best day for a dramatic new hairstyle either. You will likely regret it. And with Mercury retrograde and Pluto, people from the past are popping back up. Trust me if it didn't work before it is definitely not going to work now. See if they are still hanging around after the retrograde before you make any decisions about getting involved with them again.

Thursday - There is not much different from Wednesday in today's energy. Except the Moon will move into Taurus and square over to the Sun. We are trying to have fun and be carefree but there is so much tension going on. This is another great day to just get outside and burn off some energy. The Moon in grounding Taurus is making a brief conjunction with Uranus. So surprises in love, money, and our relationships could come out of left field today. Remember what I said about someone from the past popping up. I am talking like way in the past. Doesn't have to be about love, but it is an emotional trigger. The Sun represents the ego self and this is something or someone you remember well, whether you like to or not. Just breath people, just breathe. Mars and Jupiter are exact today, so it could be a fireworks kind of day. Before you commit to anything let this energy subside.

Friday - The Moon is in positive energy flow with Pluto and Venus and Mercury. We feel really good emotionally, we feel empowered and confident. If there is anything you are hoping to change where money and love are concerned, where your communication is concerned this might be a good day to put it out there. Mars is still connected to Jupiter so just remember to not over promise and under deliver. Don't commit to something that you are not able to follow through on. All the women who have been making their voice heard right now quite intensely is a result of all this energy. Might be a day of more impassioned speeches and twitter ranting. Mercury in Cancer gives women a voice, and retrograde is about rehashing the past. See how this shows up for you today.

Saturday - Oh lordy be it has been quite a week, but I promise as all these planets move out of the sign of Cancer things are going to smooth out and we will start having more fun. August will be a great month for taking a great vacation. Venus is at the 29 degree mark of Cancer, look for a last little gift of love and nurturing today. Then she will enter fun, fun, fun Leo and our love live's will bring on the spice! Also today the Sun is starting it's dance with Uranus and Chiron. Chiron went retrograde last week. This lets us look at our wounds in a new light and decide how to heal them once and for all. Uranus brings us surprises that might keep our egos in check. The Moon also enters Gemini today so we are all over the board emotionally. This might be a really good day to make a contribution to some kind of cause, donate some time or money. This will take the focus of the energy off yourself and what you are dealing with. Anytime you are struggling it is always a best practice to go do something good for someone else.

Even though this might be a bit of a crunchy week, the Sun is at home in Leo, so you will feel like you can handle anything. And you can. But just remember to look over the details with Mercury in retrograde and slow your roll. You do not need to jump head first into anything without exploring all the details first. Mercury is slowing down, Jupiter is slowing down, they will both be heading forward again soon, so by Mid August things that have been stuck, can finally take off. Patience people patience. It is going to pay off in a big way.

Love and Light.

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Absolutely brilliant, could I have expected anything less!!! So fab to have a daily rundown to plan for. One of the few best astrologers of today. Can’t wait for you tube focus on the star signs from you Maralee. Helped me so much so many times. This lady is more than worth a reading.

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