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Weekly Horoscope for July 14th - July 20th

We have a big week ahead with the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, get ready to let something go.

Sunday - Finally the Mars and Mercury and Uranus energies are lessening. Things will begin to calm down, for about 2 seconds. :) Today the Moon is in Sagittarius for a last bit of fun before it heads into Capricorn and begins preparation for the big full Moon event on Tuesday. Get out and have fun, things will be turning much more serious, so this is a day you really want to enjoy and find your passion. The Sun is also exactly across the sky from Pluto today. When the Ego butts heads with the Lord of the Underworld it can be quite intense, this is why we need something fun to focus on today. If you are still making choices from ego that do not serve you, then Pluto will make himself known in your life and show you there is a need to transform this way of being. And he won't be so nice about it. This energy has been with us for a few days. So hot heads are among us and you are best to not engage. This too shall pass.

Monday - The Pluto/Sun energy is still intense, but beginning to dissipate slightly. This is a good area to pay attention to as it may have clues for what you should bring to a close with the full moon energy tomorrow. Every month of course the Moon moves through the hardworking and very serious Capricorn. You can use this day for setting intentions on what you want to wrap up from the New Moon two weeks ago, and as far back as the New Moon in Capricorn 6 months ago. Full Moon's allow us to bring things to fullness, to completion, the ending of a cycle.

Tuesday - Get ready as this day is jam packed full of energy. The lunar eclipse is extremely potent as it is so close to the North and South Node. While this Full Moon is at 24 degrees, you need to find your balance between home and family and work. The Sun is across the sky from the Moon of course, which makes the Moon conjunct Pluto. The same type of intuitive thoughts you have been receiving each time the Moon is making contact with Pluto are at play here. But with the Sun shining light here, there is a really important gut feeling you will need to pay attention to. It is transformative information and you don't want to miss it. This theme is with us for the full 18 month transit of the North and South Node in Cancer and Capricorn. But today there is an extra emphasis of removing something that is blocking your from finding your balance or progressing on your path. The way through this will be with love. Venus is in Cancer today and very close to the North Node. This is fated events in love and money and the things we value. But they have to be achieved in a way that benefits all involved. If you are not being genuine, or honest or living from a place of integrity, expect a wake up call. Saturn is directly opposite this energy during the full moon. Saturn is our Karma, and this day will bring a karmic event good or bad, this will depend on how far out of balance you are in this area of love. The Partial Eclipse will happen around 8:38 pm PT.

Wednesday - We might have a bit of a full moon hangover, but the Moon will move on over into Aquarius today and bring a desire to engage with our closest friends and groups. Venus will be exact in her connection to the North Node today, meaning our fated events in love are still out there for us. And today both make a sextile over to Neptune. This makes for very dreamy love energy. Normally you need to be aware, but fate is involved and if it feels really dreamy, it just really is. Get out and mingle if you are looking for love. Wherever Cancer is in your chart is where you should look. Or if you don't know where that is anywhere that there is water or seafood involved. lol

Thursday - Venus and the North Node and still doing their dance along with Saturn and the South Node. Mercury also is still marching backwards through Leo as he heads back into Cancer. Today the Mercury energy is at the 0 degree mark making this a day where you want to really pay attention to how you are communicating, especially in any way shape or form that is onstage. I am just saying there is huge potential here for major foot in mouth events that happen on a grand scale and you will have an audience. Yikes! You have been warned.

Friday - If you survived your gigantic gaffe on Thursday today you are going to feel an intense need to communicate some apologies to the one's you love. Mercury the fast mover jumps back into Cancer today at the critical 29 degree mark. This has you relooking at something you were debating a few weeks ago when Mercury first passed through this area of your chart. If you still need more time on whatever it is you are taking a second look at, once Mercury starts moving forward again it will be back in this area. You can't ignore whatever this is, but you might buy yourself a little more time.

Saturday - Mercury is still hanging out at the critical degree point so similar energy to Friday. Add to this the Moon moving into Pisces and we could have a very emotional day, and feel the need to communicate how we are feeling with our loved one's. Add to this that the Moon makes some nice contact with Uranus you could have a bit of an emotional surprise today! Especially since Venus is about to be directly opposite Pluto and this can make for some very intense and passionate interactions. Venus is very light and airy and Pluto dark and did I mention dark?! He doesn't like Venus up on the surface being superficial, he wants her going deep underneath where he is. You really need a balance of fun and seriousness where love is concerned. Your challenge today should you choose to accept it is to find that magical place.

Another intense week for sure. As the fast moving planets make their way out of Cancer things will begin to lighten up. August will be much more fun! Just have to make it through all the Uranus squares. But we shall prevail!

Love and Light!

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