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Weekly Horoscope August 25th - August 31st

Welcome to the last week of August! We are in full on Virgo season or should I say happy OCD month!! Plan plan plan! This is a really great month for getting things done and establishing new routines that are bound to stick.

Sunday - The week starts out with some nice energy connections over to Uranus. All the planets entering Virgo will be making positive contact over to Uranus in Taurus. We start on Sunday with Venus and Uranus which means love and money might surprise you today. The Moon will finish up in Gemini making our attention to details and planning a top priority. This also opens us up for detailed communication. If you have been meaning to have a conversation with someone you love then this is a great day to make that happen.

Monday - Mars, Venus and Uranus are making things a little cray cray in the love department over the next few days. Mars and Venus together as the lovers of the zodiac make our relationships intense this week. Uranus throws in a few lightning bolts which will make for some fireworks. Expect the unexpected in love this week. And watch your spending! This energy is really good for buyer's remorse, so make sure you really need that 'thing' versus just a sudden desire to buy a sports car that you really can't afford and definitely don't need. This Moon in Cancer today has you feeling at home. It might be a great day to get to that redecorating project you have been meaning to tackle. Or maybe move that furniture around. Much less expensive than running out and buying brand new.

Tuesday - The Moon at home in the sign of Cancer will stand across the sky from Saturn and Pluto. This is a day where we may see some challenges between government and home and family. How can both work on supporting the other? What will show up today to highlight that these 2 areas are not in balance? Mars is exactly trine with Uranus today pushing us to take action where money is concerned. Trying to balance that budget? Need to create one? With Uranus involved you might come up with a surprising way to manage your money. Perhaps even come up with a new way to make money.

Wednesday - The Moon is moving into fun Leo and since all the planets have just left Leo it's time for a little flashback to all of the lessons of the past month. Your emotions are focused on hobbies, romance, and being on stage. What is it you really enjoy doing? How can you engage in more fun activities in your day to day life? The Moon will also make a positive aspect to Jupiter today who is slowly beginning to move forward in Sagittarius. This expands our emotions and intuition in a big big way. If you are starting a new relationship you might begin the romance of a lifetime. The more open and honest you are about your feelings right now the bigger the rewards. This is the last day of Mercury in Leo. This means your communication skills and the need to be onstage in some way with them gets an extra push. The 29th degree is always an intense degree. So expect intense communications today!

Thursday - Big Virgo energy day today with the entrance of Mercury who is the ruler of Virgo. Add to this the Sun making an exact trine over to Uranus. You are ready to put some big plans into motion today. You are moving yourself and your goals forward. The ego is electric today with the connection over to Uranus. If you need to make a presentation today is a great day to get noticed. And if like me you enjoy your OCDness then it's your birthday!! :) . Ok not really but it just might feel like a gift when Mercury comes home to Virgo. All those painful Mercury retrograde moments can all be smoothed out now. You know what to say, what to write, how to communicate with anyone on any topic, and maybe even those broken electronics start working again. And that mountain of paperwork?? You have the determination and focus to git 'r done!

Friday - It's time to break out those New Moon wishes in Virgo. Be sure to write out 10 wishes for all things Virgo. Health, daily routines, details, plans, animals. Where would you like a new start? The New Moon happens at 6 degrees of Virgo which is the 6th house of the Zodiac. And the 6 is all about giving and receiving, especially in love. Since both the Moon and Sun are now making a trine over to Uranus whatever new beginning shows up for you could be very surprising. Mars is also still sitting within reach of the New Moon at the 7 degree mark. You are truly driven to take some sort of action during this New Moon. With Uranus in retrograde motion through most of the rest of the year this gives you an opportunity to revisit something from the past and make it new again. Love, money, relationships, luxuries, all are things Taurus represents. With Uranus in Taurus for the next 7 years we have a lot of opportunities to revisit these areas in our lives and decide what we are going to value going forward. This New Moon might just bring the first hint of where your values might just be making a shift.

Saturday - The Moon continues in Virgo, but those new plans you came up with should wait a few more days until you see the light of the moon shining again. Beginning today and continuing into next week Venus starts to breakaway from Mars and make a trine over to Saturn. This starts to bring a level of seriousness to our relationships in particular. Saturn can be restrictive, but he can also bring commitment where love is concerned as he makes a positive connection with Venus. We have 9 planet energies in Earth signs right now. Things can feel very grounded and a little too serious. Jupiter is a big planet and in a fire sign, so there is some energy to get you going. Venus and Jupiter together in a square brings an intensity to love and money. Normally squares are uncomfortable but when 2 benefics come together there is likely to be a positive outcome, especially when Jupiter is still in its home sign of Sagittarius. Which is a great way to end the week.

Next week will continue to carry the Saturday energy forward for several days. This puts Venus, Saturn and Jupiter together for several days. Since Saturn is still retrograde there may be some past love karma that needs to be cleared. Don't repeat patterns, if you have to go back make sure it is with the intent to clear the karma and move yourself forward.

Love and Light!

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