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Weekly horoscope August 18th - August 24th

Up early as I am out of town next week and the internet is sketchy at best. And since we are still under the Mercury and Uranus square I figured it is best not to take any chances!

Sunday - Today we have Mars entering into the sign of Virgo! This will make your OCD behaviors act as if on steroids for several weeks to come! Projects that have been stalled will suddenly find new life and energy. Health, fitness, organization, planning, all get a big energy lift. Take advantage of this while it lasts. Fire planets do not necessarily love Earth energy, it's dull and a little lifeless. But it doesn't mean you can't get grounded and get things done, so go for it. If you are looking for some fire energy you won't need to go far, at the same time as Mars is entering Virgo, the Moon is entering Aries, the sign Mars rules. You could be a bit emotionally fired up over the next several days as the Moon travels through Aries. This has us feeling very independent and willing to take on anyone or anything not supporting our desires. Just count to 10 before you overreact.

Monday - The Sun and Venus continue to travel together a degree apart all through the last 10 degrees of Leo. This continues our focus on love, beauty, finances and self-worth. But also today the Moon and Mercury make a nice aspect which gives us the words to say to perhaps mend a broken fence if we spouted off yesterday. Mars at the 0 degree point is still going strong. Make sure you have something to do with all this excess energy right now. Otherwise your mind will just work overtime making you very uncomfortable.

Tuesday - Today Venus is starting to make a little distance between her and the Sun. This is a sign of the Prodigal daughter making her way now away from her overbearing father. And guess who is there waiting to welcome her into his arms? Mars! Let's just say things are about to get a bit spicy when the Lover's of the Zodiac come together in Virgo. They will however be a little more grounded than usual, more domesticated. This energy will have you thinking about settling down at home. But before she leaves Venus will gift you something as at the 29 degree point she is finishing her quest in Leo with a big show of love. Also today we have Jupiter in a trine over to Mercury. This gives us enhanced communication skills. Jupiter expands on whatever it touches and Mercury is now out of it's shadow period completely so I feel like a big announcement of some sort is imminent over these next several days if it hasn't happened already.

Wednesday - I am not going to lie, this day is going to be electric. Venus is now at zero degrees of Virgo. She is chasing after Mars at the 2 degree mark. And we have the Moon joined with Uranus at 6 degrees of Taurus, so 2 earth signs are fired up with energy and emotion. This could bring about some shocking surprises. These areas are forming a trine which is a positive aspect, but the outcome could still surprise you. Add to this the Jupiter and Mercury trine that is still in effect and I do still expect some surprising dialogue going on. Could be a surprise in the mail or over the internet as well. Whatever this is it is meant to move you forward. Jupiter is about our beliefs. Are you ready to declare what you believe in now? Ready to move a big project forward? Maybe ready to declare your love for someone?

Thursday - The fun in the sun of Leo season is about to come to an end. The Sun in Leo is now at the 29 degree point, the last of any sign. Like Venus just did the Sun will make a big show of things before it leaves the sign of Leo. Things are going to start to intensify with a stellium of planets all aligned in Virgo. This is the father energy of the Sun coming to step in where Mars and Venus are playing in the dirt. Things could get pretty fired up when the Sun and Mars meet along with Venus. This is no lie, hot, hot, hot in a cold Earth sign. You don't really heat up dirt, and when you do all that happens is it gets dried out. Find an outlet today like a good long cold shower!

Friday - Welcome to Virgo season. The Sun will enter Virgo today and I will be basting in the sunshine to take advantage of all of these planets sitting on top of my Rising sign at 3 degrees of Virgo. Aye Yaye Yaye. Probably good that I am off on vacation, but I might put myself in a timeout for the day! Or I am going to catch a really big fish and be famous for it!! Or I could win the lottery, get a beauty makeover, or or or be super talkative and create some new material so y'all stop being bored of my lame jokes! Nah! Enough about me what about the rest of the world?? This is a stellium of planets all coming together to execute a plan. Virgo is the 6th house of the zodiac it rules our daily routines, our health, even our pets. Things that are a part of daily life. And it's ruler is Mercury. There is a loose Yod happening again but this time Mercury is the focal point. Something big is happening this week. I get the feeling of a secret being revealed, or some sort of plan being made public. This still involves, Pluto, Saturn, the South Node and Neptune. Perhaps an agreement made in the past is being brought back around. Whatever it turns out to be it is going to be very interesting. At heart Mercury is a bit of a trickster, so anything goes!

Saturday - Mars and Venus are exactly joined today at the 4 degree mark of Virgo. We will be feeling this intensity all week and for much of next week. If you are looking to attract a new partner now just might be the time. If you are looking to add some spice back into an existing partnership you will have that energy to enjoy as well. The energy that pushes us today is a brief tsquare where 3 planet energies are all making hard angles to each other. We have the Moon in Gemini, opposing Jupiter, and both are squaring with Neptune. This is a wakeup call that makes you take off your rose colored glasses. Your delusions will vanish today and you are going to see something clearly for the first time in a long time. You really need to see this too! Whatever this represents for you, it no longer serves you and you can't live in denial any longer. Or at least you shouldn't.

This week is packed full of movement, meant to get you heading in the right direction. What are you passionate about? How are you showing it? Virgo energy next week will continue to be intense. We will have both the Moon and Mercury joining in with the Sun, Venus and Mars. I might need an intervention, I feel a major painting project coming on!! You know what they say though, make hay while the sun is shining. Take advantage of this Virgo intensity, getting healthier is always a good thing.

Love and Light!

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