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Weekly Horoscope August 11th - August 17th

Today is a big day as we have Jupiter moving forward again. As one of the Benefic and the largest planet in our solar system there may be big beneficial influences today and for several days to come. The review period is over wherever Jupiter sits in your chart. It is time to move forward with purpose,

Sunday - In addition to Jupiter going direct today Mercury is also at the last degree of Cancer. This is can make for some intense communications on the home front today, a swirl of activity or paperwork at home even. The last degree of any sign has an intensity to it. We all week will also be under the influence of Venus conjunct the Sun. We are going to see money, relationships and love highlighted this week for us to see through the nonsense. We aren't going to settle anymore in the love department and this week you will decide just what love really means. These last degrees has Mercury going over the meaning of the retrograde for you. First area to start the wrap up work is Home and Family. This is the 3rd time through this area and the last. It is now or never to learn the lesson and see the benefits.

Monday - Here is our Astrology lesson for the day. Today we have what is a called a Yod, or the finger of God. This looks like an Isosceles triangle in the sky, or a flashlight and its beam. And when God is pointing something out to you, well in a nutshell, there is work to be done. Hard work and maybe a few sacrifices. We have the Sun and Venus exactly conjunct, or joined at the 19th degree of Leo. Sun card in Tarot, is 19. It's a big day for your ego and love to come together as one. Both aspects are in a hard angle to The South Node, our past life karma, and Neptune, our creativity and spirituality, for some our delusions. The South Node and Neptune are in a harmonious aspect to each other. So it is up to the Sun and Venus to figure out how they can play in this triangular sandbox that is very narrow. Add to this Jupiter heading forward, but every so slowly. There is something very important that needs to be seen, and a major adjustment needs to be made. I equate these hard angles to a new pair of shoes that needs to be broken in, or a wild horse. It can be be done, but it takes time, focus and determination. This is an important day and when you see this show up for you it will not be subtle. This is your mission whether you choose to accept it or not. And with Mercury now in Leo this will definitely involve communication where love is concerned.

Tuesday - The Yod shifts with the movement of the Sun and Venus to the 20 degree mark and making their hard aspect over to Pluto. How are you now going to transform whatever this is so it serves you and those around you. You cannot just put your head in the sand now that you have been shown this important area that needs transformed. Pluto in Capricorn has been on a mission to tear down whatever does not serve you in government structures, in your career, in what you are meant to be recognized for. If you are off your path, you will be getting a giant shove from the universe today. There is no place left to hide, it will all be laid out on the table for you today. It's time to show your cards. And you can blame Mercury for all of this dramatic dialogue. :)

Wednesday - The Sun and Venus march to the 21 degree mark today and are inconjunct with Pluto in Capricorn also at 21 degrees. This is square peg round hole energy. And this is still part of the Yod energy, but moving a bit away from Neptune. So things are starting to become clearer away from the Neptune fog. The Moon will be in Aquarius today with a reminder to stop and think about what you have been working on this week and how it impacts others. Venus with the Sun can be a bit self absorbed, but this is a call to pull your head out of the clouds and check in with the rest of the world. This is a bit reminiscent of the Fool card in Tarot. You don't have a care in the World and you are about to step off a cliff when the dog shows up to say hey you might want to look where you are going.

Thursday - The opposition between the Moon, Sun and Venus is strongest today, as we have the Full Moon in Aquarius at the master number degree of 22. This is the master builder number. This is you taking what you have been learning and setting up your new foundation. The Ego and Love vs Intuition and Emotions. You will need to find a good balance between the two today. Every Full Moon there is opposition energy. A need for balance. When we find that balance we can then bring something to completeness or fullness. What seeds did you plant with the New Moon in Leo, especially where love is concerned? What were you looking to create where children and your hobbies are concerned? How did you plan to welcome in more fun to your life? How can you do it in a way that also helps others? Leo is very much 'me' energy, and Aquarius is 'we' and needing to belong to a group. You might finally find where you belong and be able to shine a light within this group that helps them, but at the same time helps you. You are onstage with Leo energy, you are the star, you are making things happen. During this full moon Mercury is in a positive aspect with Chiron, which gives you the ability to help others heal with some form of communication, maybe even with yourself. I love the Ho'oponopono prayer for a way to heal when you don't quite have the words to say or you can't say them to the person. "l'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you". It's a great mantra in time's of stress too. It can heal the energetic bond between you and another. This is also the point in the sky where Mercury went retrograde. The Full Moon will show you the purpose and perhaps the resolution of the retrograde. It was a bumpy ride for many with having all the emotional energy from Cancer, but now is a chance to close the door on this home and family issue and be ready to move forward. It's been a long six weeks, and felt like quick sand mentally for Virgo and Gemini's but now we get to be set free. Amen to that!

Friday - The square between Mercury and Uranus is what sets you free from the retrograde. This might come across as a bit of a shock, but sometimes that is what it takes to move us forward. A jolt of electricity is just what we needed, whether we realize it or not. Be aware today, as you don't want to say something you will regret, but you also can be energized to say something that is long overdue and helps you close a door on the past. Uranus is retrograde now. These 2 planets met before, but Mercury was retro and Uranus was still moving forward, now we have the inverse. Our thinking is moving forward now and Uranus is showing us where we made a mistake with our viewpoint, and giving us a mental restart. Mercury is thinking small, and Uranus is thinking Universally. This could be a huge shift for many today, I would expect a big story in the news perhaps in the financial sector. Leo is leaders and onstage personalities. Definitely could see a War of Words between the two. Might want to get a big bucket of popcorn for this show.

Saturday - Mars makes a big push as he leaves Leo. He is sitting at the critical 29th degree and I think he plans to make a big show of things as well. So keep that popcorn bucket handy. Leo is fun compatible energy for Mars, as it is also a Fire Sign. Next week however Mars will get weighed down with all the details in Virgo, and the heavier earth energy. He might shake the ground up a bit here as he enters as well. Venus is feeling charged up from the Sun now and starting to make her way slightly ahead of the Sun and on her way to join up with Mars. This is what next week will be about. And when the 2 lovers of the Zodiac meet up things can get hot hot hot in the love department. Last but not least this week the Moon is in emotional Pisces today and joined up with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. We are feeling very intuitive, creative, emotional, and for some extremely delusional. So watch out for those rose colored glasses. Make sure you are seeing things clearly before you do something you are going to regret in the morning. Mars in Virgo on Sunday will have you feeling rather practical, and instantly regretting your Saturday night choices. For warned is for armed. Just sayin.

Sending you much love and light for what can be a very enlightening week ahead. If you do the work now, the hard work that is upcoming for the end of year will be easier. Not easy, but easier, because this week in particular you built the foundation you need. You want to follow all the signs this week, stay on your path, follow where you are being led. If it isn't coming together this week, stop fighting it. If it don't flow, don't go. Good gravy, Mercury in Leo is going to make these articles fun the next several weeks!

Love and Light!

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