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Rabbit Rabbit!! Weekly Horoscope for Sept 1st - 7th

Rabbit Rabbit as soon as you wake up or become consciously aware of your surroundings :) will help you usher in good luck for the month ahead. We are going to need all the luck we can get too! Libra season will make us liberate ourselves. And this week is a good glance into what that will mean for you.

Sunday - There is a lot going on this week and today is no exception. Mercury and Uranus are joining up in harmonious aspect, bringing some surprise communications. This could be someone reaching out that you haven't heard from in a long time or just hearing something that is a little shocking. It is in a positive aspect so not meant to be harmful. The Sun and Mars are aligning closely for the next several days. This powers up our Egos big time. And we are very much pushed to take action. This requires awareness or you could become too much for yourself and others. And is it getting hot in here or is it just me??? Venus is still in opposition to Neptune and her square to Jupiter is getting more exact. All this week because she is also in a trine to Saturn you are being pushed to identify what your value system will be going forward.

Monday - The energy today is just a continuation of yesterday's except the conjunction between Mars and the Sun is exact so even more intense today. So stock up on some ice packs if you need to cool things down a bit. The Moon will be in a tough aspect to Pluto today....hmmm the Moon rules water so let's hope those on the East Coast are thinking happy thoughts and sending that hurricane back out to sea. This means a huge upheaval for us emotionally, especially in our relationships. If yours have been stagnant then this is the shot of energy you need to transform your emotions. Squares push us out of our comfort zones, they make us work to bring the energy into alignment. Emotions and Transformations use this to motivate you, don't give up and let this bring you down.

Tuesday - Today the Moon will stand across the sky from Uranus. In Scorpio the Moon feels things extremely deeply, but Uranus wants you to lighten up, so he might just send a little bolt of lightning your way to jolt you out of your dark thoughts. While that tug of war is going on Mercury now is conjunct with the Sun at 10 degrees of Virgo. This makes our minds race with all sorts of plans. You may find yourself typing and talking a mile a minute. It might be hard to calm the mind and get some sleep! Especially since Mars is still there as well. If the Democratic debates were happening today, you would see a serious war of words. I would expect some impassioned opinions getting thrown around today. Debates involving health in particular. Anything that involves your daily routines. If you don't know how to shut your piehole, today you might want to learn how. If you feel triggered and don't want to regret what you say, put yourself in a timeout, count to 10 before you respond. And like my momma always said if you don't have anything nice to say.......don't i repeat don't say anything at all. Now if you have been looking for a time to speak your mind and haven't been brave enough, then this is the energy you need. But whoever you need to talk to might wonder what the heck has gotten into you.

Wednesday - Love, love, love is on the agenda for today. Venus is making a sextile over to the Moon and trines to Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node. Past loves will be coming out of the woodwork on this day. It's a day for indulging the senses. It's a great day for scheduling a massage, and well you know, giving one. With Mercury leading the way for the Sun and Mars you might finally be ready to express how you feel to someone you care about. The good news is in this environment the feelings are likely to be reciprocated. And those past loves? Well you need to take off the rose colored glasses and see them as they really are. Past loves are no bueno unless they have been doing the work, and you as well. Otherwise square peg round hole still will not fit.

Thursday - The moon will make its first quarter square back to the Sun, Mercury and Mars. It is asking you what action have you taken on your New Moon in Virgo wishes. What intentions did you set? How have you implemented against them? This square is going to push you to take some action. The rest of the energy from yesterday still persists today, but Mercury is literally flying through the sky. He is in his home sign of Virgo and loving life. Soon he will meet up with Venus and help you express how you feel. With the Moon in Sagittarius your need for adventure is strong. It will feel good to take a trip or plan one, especially to faraway or foreign places. Your emotions will need an outlet when the Moon is in a fire sign. The hotter you feel the better you will feel emotionally. There is a reason why the centaur has a bow and arrow. You are finding your target and taking aim and moving forward, always forward with Sag energy.

Friday - As our little stellium of planets (Mars, Sun, Mercury) move forward they will all Trine with Saturn/South Node while they square with Jupiter, just like Venus just did. Where is the purpose in what you say, how you think, how you act? How are you serving the greater good? With the positive connection here to the past and your karma you can break out of a bad habit or routine. Jupiter who sits with the Moon, makes you expand your vision, Saturn gives you the Architectural diagram in much detail so you can grow. I am just going to reiterate this right here and now. If you don't listen to what Saturn shows you right now, you will get smacked hard upside the head as soon as all of these planets arrive in Libra and form their square to Saturn. When you don't listen to Saturn lessons things have a way of going south very quickly. Do the work, do the work, do the work. This is like a mini Saturn return, so think back to what happened around age 29, or age 57. Did you have a wakeup call? Do you want another one? I think not. Do the work. Did I mention, do the work yet? ;)

Saturday - Your ego gets the lesson from Saturn today as the trine energy is exact at 14 degrees. And the Moon enters into Capricorn giving you a chance to cool off just a bit and focus on doing the work. The Moon doesn't necessarily like Capricorn energy, it can be a bit too cold. But it does allow us to detach emotionally and put plans into motion, put our feelings aside and do the work. Hmmm where have I heard that before? As the day progresses Uranus will meet up with the Moon's energy and give you a little shot of inspiration. This will be that intuitive gut feeling that leads you down the path you are meant to follow. This would be a good day for getting quiet, opening your mind and seeing what inspirational thoughts appear for you. This could be just what you need to move you forward with your Saturn plans. Mercury is in opposition to Neptune today which makes us focus on being more practical. The key here is balancing your dreamy nature with your OCDness. Taking your creativity and applying it in a more methodical nature. Maybe you will be inspired to write some poetry today, somehow you will be pushed to find a good middle ground. You can't just keep saying someday, keep dreaming, you have to get practical and put your words into action. Mars and the Sun will be coming along to make this same opposition. Say what you mean and mean what you say. And follow through on what you are promising for cryin out loud. No more over promising and under delivering.

Next week Jupiter will push you to see the bigger picture and Pluto will help you transform yourself wherever Virgo energy exists in your chart. Get ready for a makeover!!

Love and Light!

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