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Passionate Full Moon in Leo 2023

On Feb 5th, 2023 we have a Full Moon in the sign of Leo at 16 degrees, just like our full moon in Cancer last month. It will be at its peak at 11:28 am MST. We will be bringing things to fullness or completion that involve Leo type themes.

Leo is a fire sign, and the 5th sign in the Zodiac. Our chart here had a light of fire red energy in it too! Leo energy is like a lion’s, strong in leadership. An onstage personality, Leo’s are often actors or musicians, comedians, dynamic speakers. The 5th house themes are romance, passion, children and hobbies. It rules over the heart, and asks that we connect to the things in our life that bring joy, that make our heart feel full. The ruling planet of the sign of Leo is the Sun. The Sun is at the center of the Universe, it rules the ego self. It represents our success. It’s the person you are on the inside, that you only share with those who are close to you. You know you are a Leo Sun when your theme is, "I just want life to be a fun adventure". To better connect to the energy of Leo you can read my article and use the Hypnosis session here. You can also check out my Moon Manifesting toolkit for tips on working with the Full Moon in Leo and how to set intentions to bring things to completion. You can find it on the main page of my website here.

The Sun in Aquarius is what we astrologers call being at Fall. It does not have the right skillset to be successful in the sign of Aquarius. It isn’t sure how to shine there being lost in the crowd. This is why Aquarians tend to stand out in odd or eccentric ways. Anytime you have a planet making contact to the ruling planet, while in its home sign, there is some reciprocal energy exchange going on. So, this isn’t a typical opposition to the Moon from the Sun, at the time of the Full Moon. The Sun in Aquarius is shining a light from the place where it isn’t the strongest. The Sun wants the spotlight for itself. Aquarius energy is about we the people, the opposite of being in the spotlight. There is a lesson to learn on how to shine your light in a way that includes those around you.

The Moon in Leo has us full of passionate emotions. We want joy and romance in our lives to be fulfilled. However, this time the Moon and Sun are forming a square to Uranus, in Taurus. This could be the end of something in your life that is not bringing you joy. The 3 planets form what is called a t-square, making this Full Moon filled with a lot of tension. That push of Me vs We vs what I deserve is a pressure cooker. Because the planet Uranus seeks freedom, you will likely choose the same to resolve whatever this conflict is for you. Good news is, it will finally be over. No more drama mama for you.

Even more tension for lovers comes from the square between Venus and Mars, the lovers of the Zodiac. Venus is pretty happy in dreamy Pisces, perhaps a bit delusional about love. Mars is finally beginning to really move forward after what seemed like forever being retrograde in Gemini. This could create a big verbal argument of some kind. Mars wants to move forward fast, pushing you to use the information and move on. That Venus energy is just floating around in the water of Pisces, and not wanting to do any heavy lifting. Something's gotta give for these two energies to resolve their argument.

Also, in Pisces is Neptune, its ruler, and it is speaking in harmony with Mercury, that is almost completely clear of its shadow period from its retrograde through Capricorn. This is where we find the words to say to smooth over any disagreements. This is where we tune in and listen to Spirit guide us on how to resolve all this tension and conflict. Of course, there will be some who become smooth talkers. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Chiron, our healer of wounds, is speaking in harmony with Mars, the Sun and Moon. Tapping into this energy will give you the confidence you need to heal yourself, and move away from any situations that are holding you back. In Aries, Chiron is teaching us how to be confident, how to be a leader, how to stand up for ourselves. Mars adds some fire power to both the Sun and the Moon, in a good way. But, while the energy added is positive, 2 fire signs can make things pretty heated. If you are easily triggered, this is a good day to plan things like a massage, or a personal time out even.

Jupiter is having a conversation with the South Node during the Full Moon. They are inconjunct, so it isn’t even a direct dialogue. Some lesson from the past can be learned during the full moon that will help you close this chapter.

Pluto and Saturn are casual observers, unaspected, and both moving ahead.

Let’s take a look at where you may see something in your life come to fullness based on your Sun, Moon and most evident, your rising sign.

Aries – Leo for you is a fellow Fire sign and also your 5th house, this one is all about your heart. Learning to believe in your self-worth is going to create a change within you. Will this be the beginning, or the end of a relationship where you worth is not being valued? The 5th house is also our children, our hobbies, our passions in general. What goal do you have that is ready to come to fullness now? The Sun in the 11th may be helping you see which way to go. The answer is to choose what's best for you.

Taurus – something about home and family is being highlighted for you. It could be that you are closing on a home, after a long time, maybe from last summer. Completing a redesign, or some decorating project. That t-square energy sits in your first house. Uranus has been pushing you to break free of the responsibilities of work and family in order to find something that you are passionate about. You might finally be pushed to break free of anything that doesn't allow you to be yourself.

Gemini – your 3rd house goals are highlighted by this Leo energy. Since this is the house your sign rules over this can be one you enjoy. This is about communication, teaching, learning, something to do with the community you are a part of. But Leo is a sign that squares your rising sign, especially true if you are a middle degree Gemini rising or Sun, the closer to 16 degrees the stronger the need for a change. Sounds like you need to speak your mind to someone who has broken your heart, and possibly end things once and for all. For some it could be as simple as moving to a new place that fills your heart with joy.

Cancer – your 2nd house rules the money you make, a goal you have related to that is coming to fullness now. But there may be tension from a partner, and possibly a friend or networking group. Still you have to do what is best for you, not what is best for others. I know it’s hard to choose to nurture yourself over others, but it’s time. When you do your financial goals can be achieved.

Leo – ah the star of the show. This happens in your first house of course. And you have a chance to fulfill those dreams of being the center of attention. Or you can put some drama behind you. Someone you are in a serious relationship with, or were, is putting a lot of pressure on you to make a change. So is your job. In fact, a job change could be what pushes this relationship issue over the edge. But again you have to choose what is best for you, follow your passion and see this through.

Virgo – 12th house Moons are always really interesting. The light is shining very brightly to bring something hidden to the surface. Could be a secret desire to be a star. However, with Leo energy in the 12th house you do prefer to be behind the scenes, not the center of attention. Plus, you are a perfectionist and nitpick yourself whenever you are on stage. Maybe it’s time to put that nervousness to an end. Perhaps a fated calling is all it takes to break you out of your shell.

Libra – the 11th house rules over our friends and networking type of groups. It could be a romantic partner and your friends are not getting along. Maybe they are not the best influence on you. Uranus in that 8th house adds more pressure in the relationship area. You just really want everyone to get along, but you can’t keep pleasing everyone. Which way will you go? I think your friends know you best, or at least they did before the things you thought were important to you began to change.

Scorpio – a Full Moon in your 10th house of career, fame and notoriety can help you achieve a big dream of yours. But at what cost? If you are doing this in order to support your family that seems noble. But if it also doesn’t make you happy, is it worth it? Make sure the career choice you make is something that feeds your soul, not just your bank account.

Sagittarius – the 9th house is like home to you, since this is the energy of this house. This is a time of major growth and expansion for you. Achieving a major goal. A community you are a part of may be helping shine a light on your success. But is the cost too high? Is the business of your day to day life allowing you enough time to connect to spirit? This new success may mean major changes to what you do on a day to day basis.

Capricorn – the 8th house rules over the resources we receive from others, it is also our intimate partnerships. Something involving others has you feeling extra special and valued. Could be that you secure some financial resources, like a loan. Or your goal of meeting that special someone is achieved. But there is pressure involved. The Sun shines a light from your 2nd house, the money you make. So make sure you are not over committing to this new financial debt. Could be that this financial backing allows you to break free from your 9-5 and pursue your hobby or side gig full time instead.

Aquarius – with the Sun in your sign you are giving serious consideration to the status of your relationships. Are you ending one or finally settling down and allowing yourself to have one? The pressure to move is pretty strong with Uranus in the 4th house. Of course, if your parents don’t approve of this person that can also be causing some tension as well. The pressure you are under escapes through the 4th house, so in some way you are breaking free from what you call home.

Pisces – in your 6th house something about the work you do is about to change. You are meant for leadership roles, not for playing runner up, or back up. Are you ready to take center stage now? You just have to put those doubts to bed. That Sun in your 12th house can either spark your psychic gifts or bring up all your dreaded fears. Uranus in your 3rd house is where you choose to break free, and that means no more playing small. You can do this!

All the above is just some of the scenarios you may be dealing with. Just remember wherever you have that Uranus energy is a bit of a wild card. It’s the exit point for the pressure between the Sun and Moon. That ego self and that emotional self. As they push and pull against one another Uranus says hey, I have your escape route over here! Just know that may seem like a good idea at the time, but that energy is not reliable. Think it over carefully. Of course if you need help navigating you can always book a session with me here.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Love and Light



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