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Once in a Blue Moon - Aquarius Aug 22, 2021

The second Full Moon in Aquarius happens on August 22nd for most, making this a Blue Moon (2 Full Moon's in a row in the same sign). The first Full Moon occurred on July 23rd/24th. As mentioned previously, Aquarius rules our ingenuity, the internet, being unique and eclectic, even electricity. It is an Air sign, so involves how we transmit our communications, hence the internet connection. It also represents our friend groups and networking, how we like to be part of a greater whole. With a full moon occurring in this sign we are bringing something with ties to these areas to conclusion or to fullness, like the Moon. Uranus as the current ruling planet of Aquarius and in a yearlong square with original ruling planet, Saturn, means the endings can come about in surprising or abrupt ways.

The Moon in Aquarius will be at the critical, also known as Anaretic 29th degree, which is often associated with trauma and crises. The Sun will also be at the 29th degree, but in the opposite sign of Leo. The Sun shines a light on the Moon, in an effort to highlight what is ready to be completed. Where the Moon energy is ready to take a final bow. Leo is the sign ruled by the Sun, so it is especially strong at home, but it is pretty over the top right now. Maybe a bit obsessive with what he wants even. Leo rules fun, hobbies, romance, children, and it is energy that most appreciates being on stage. It is not uncommon to have actors, artists, performers, and leaders, with significant Leo energy. We could potentially see something abruptly happening to someone in the spotlight. This is also a balance of the Me (Leo) versus We (Aquarius) energy. You are looking for a way to be a voice for the many, without hogging up all the limelight, but at the 29th degree of the sign you may be struggling.

Sitting next to the Moon in Aquarius, in its retrograde motion is Jupiter. Jupiter wants you to connect at a deeper level both emotionally and intuitively. This is a time where you want to be tuned in and listening very carefully to your gut instincts. Jupiter also makes things bigger, especially if we have been doing something like ignoring our intuition or our feelings. Remember the Moon represents your emotional self. You won’t be able to ignore whatever this is for you. The Sun in opposition to Jupiter is feeling pretty dramatic. If you are over the top and thinking only about yourself, then you are going to have a huge wakeup call. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Combined the Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius could just be showing you a calling. Make sure you don’t miss out.

Venus is much happier this Full Moon, being in the sign of Libra, her second home. This is the sign that rules our serious relationships. Right now, she is making a fated connection, a Grand Air Trine, with the North Node and Saturn. Relationships started now, just might go the long haul, as in getting married. Venus rules love, money, values and beauty. Libra is law and justice. Marriage or partner contracts are definitely on the table now. So is the possibility of ending them since this is a Full Moon. A Grand Trine means if you make the effort you will be successful. So, communicate, communicate, communicate. This is not the time to hold back your feelings.

Saturn is at 8 degrees of Aquarius so in a sextile to the South Node, so is Venus in Libra. You have an opportunity to be released from some past life karma with this Full Moon, especially where love and money are concerned. You also could meet someone from a past life and it feels like love at first sight. Where ever you feel stuck or blocked, now is the time to dig in, do the work, and release yourself. Love can’t come in if you stay stuck in the past.

Pluto is making an odd angle to the Sun, called a Quincunx. You may find your success comes only after you face the darkness, and make peace with it. Your transformation during this Full Moon could come about in a very strange way. Like getting booed off stage and deciding to start a whole new path. Pluto is still retrograde, so something from the past is influencing your success now. Neptune and Pluto have been in a harmonious sextile for a while now. Together these two are asking you to dive deep and clear out the cobwebs and shadows of your mind.

Speaking of the mind Mercury and Mars are conjunct in the sign of Virgo. This energy is grounded, which is helpful. Mars has to take action in a slow and methodical way, which it doesn’t like. But Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and quite happy here. You are Super OCD right now and able to get your entire to do list tackled. You also might speak a bit forcefully. In addition. since Virgo rules your health you might be really energized and want to work out more. Maybe it’s time to put an end to being a couch potato.

With Uranus the ruler of this Full Moon in an exact trine with Mars, as it has been for most the week leading up to this event, we are driven to break free. The earth signs of Taurus and Virgo combine to fire up the earth. This is earthquakes, volcanoes erupting, hurricanes. It will be at a peak during the Full Moon. The earth is literally trying to break free. Mercury nearby in a trine that is separating or moving away from Uranus means your thinking may be ready to finish the shift it started earlier in the week.

See below for what you may be focused on based on your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. Don’t know what they are yet? You can easily create a free chart at a multitude of astrology sites. Because this happens so late in the sign you may want to look at the house immediately following yours. When we have energies at the very end and beginning of a sign they are often influenced by both houses. This is the same energy as last month so the outcomes are similar. But the ending may come about much more abruptly since you have had an entire month to make peace with this.

Aquarius – in your first house you are concluding a personal goal. The Sun shines on your emotions from your 7th house of serious relationships and partnerships. You need to balance your needs with your partner’s needs, and remove the blocks that are keeping that from being a reality in your life. You can become a stronger more independent person when you stop relying on your partner to define who you are. It is certainly time to break free from being held back by your partner.

Capricorn – the 2nd house rules the money we make. The Sun is putting a spotlight on the money you get from others, like a spouse, a loan, a grant. The money you create yourself is needing to be balanced with the money you are getting from other sources. This could be a new job or new source of income, but it comes at the cost of cutting yourself off from this other source of income. If you rely too much on outside resources you can end up holding yourself back. Maybe it is time to cut the apron strings here.

Sagittarius – our 3rd house rules community, communication, local travel. With the Sun shining from your 9th house of higher education, faraway places and higher purpose. You could be ready to make a move locally. Maybe as a result of finishing your degree you are moving back home. You could even be in the market for new communication devices. Just make sure you are following a plan and not making impulse moves or purchases. This could be the month where you put all the finishing touches on your home or part of a building project.

Scorpio – the Sun will shine a light from the 10th house of career on your home life. This is another group that could be bringing something at home or about your home location to a conclusion. Perhaps you have a chance to move, relocate because of work, or figure out how to balance work and family now that you are no longer able to work from home. Someone could be moving in or out of your home because of something work related. Maybe it is as simple as getting a bonus from work that lets you complete a home project.

Libra – in the 5th house of fun, children, romance and hobbies you might be letting go of something in order to become a part of something bigger, like the Sun represents in the 11th house. These are the houses represented by the Full Moon, and so these signs may notice the impact the most. You can still have fun, but you also need to make sure you are connected to something more, make a difference in the lives of others. A romance that does not serve you may need to come to an end if your friends are not supporting the union for example.

Virgo – the 6th house brings a change at work, in our daily lives, with our health, maybe even impacts our pets. The Sun in the 12th house asks you to listen to your intuition about the changes you need to make in these areas. Or a big change in your organization may be impacting your current job. Just trust that all things are working out in your best interest. This is a good time to make plans to deal with any health issues, or resolve them once and for all.

Leo – the Moon in the 7th house rules our serious relationships, while the Sun is shining a spotlight from your first house of self. What changes do you need to make about your personal goals in order to achieve your relationship goals? Does that serious relationship you are in feel more like a codependent one than an interdependent one? There is a change coming and it may take the full month to unfold. Makeups and breakups are highlighted when you have a full moon in your 7th house. How it unfolds depends on whether your relationship is healthy or not.

Cancer – the 8th house rules our intimate partnerships, and the resources we receive from others. This is also the house of death and transformation. Maybe you don’t have to keep making all the money on your own, or maybe the way you make money needs to change and you can balance what you make with what you take. This is also a sign where we have to learn that we don’t get our values from others, or adopt their values just to keep peace. We need to be truly intimate with our partners, and that means letting down our walls and being genuine. This is also a time where if you have been working on getting a loan or financing of some kind it will get approved and conclude over the next 30 days.

Gemini – the 9th house is where we go to expand our horizons, be they virtual, or just mentally. We seek answers and want to open our minds to learning. The Sun in the 3rd house shows you how much you have already learned, but it’s time to take it to the next level. Expand our knowledge, as in completing a course of learning at a higher level. Planning that trip abroad and breaking free from our local communities. You might need to let go of a way of thinking in order to push yourself and grow.

Taurus – the 10th house represents our career and our standing in the world, how others see us. You may be concluding something in your current career. Making a job change of some kind. This can also be about your marital status and making some sort of change there. If single maybe you are ready to get married, if married maybe you are wanting to get divorced. The 4th house where the Sun is says something at home is calling you to make a change, or someone in your family is heavily influencing you.

Aries – the 11th house of friends, networking, and benefactors can help you find your tribe. It can also help you realign yourself with the right tribe, where you are able to make a better fit. The Sun in your 5th house of fun and romance may help you see best where you do actually fit in. You could meet someone as a result of your hobbies that ends up playing an important role in your life. You just have to remember to balance fun and responsibilities.

Pisces – in the 12th house your outcome of this full moon is a bit more emotional and hidden. There could be secrets brought to the surface. There could be subconscious blocks removed as a result of adopting a daily meditation practice. The Sun is in your 6th house of health and daily routines, shining a light in the darkness of the 12th house. Can you get through all of those emotional triggers this month and be set free? Can you clear that past life karma and finally be released? Or are you going to just keep running around being super busy and ignoring that voice in your head? You know the truth here and it’s time to act on it.

All of the above are of course just general statements. If you want to know specifically what will occur in your chart then book a session with me here. And if you want to get in tune with the Aquarius energy try my free hypnosis session here.

Love and light!

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