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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus April 30th, 2022

April 30th, 2022, we have our first eclipse of the year. The New Moon Solar Eclipse happens at 10 degrees of Taurus at approximately 1:28 PM MST. A Solar eclipse puts the Moon between the Earth and the Sun. This happens twice a year, allowing for a reset to occur. If you are off your path the reset will be life changing. For an eclipse to occur the Moon and Sun must be close to the North and South Node. This year the North Node is in the sign of Taurus. This shows us our fated path, and it takes about 18 months for us to do the work here. The South Node is our Karma and the things we need to release so we can let ourselves grow. It is always exactly opposite the North Node. It is then in the sign of Scorpio. This sign is a water sign, very intuitive and sensitive. While Taurus thrives on all that is sees around it, Scorpio thrives on all the things that are hidden and a bit taboo. Believing is seeing, vs Seeing is believing.

The sign of Taurus is the 2nd sign in the zodiac. After the identity of self is realized in the 1st house, aka Aries, we are ready to define our values, identify our self-worth, think about how we will make money. Venus is the ruler of Taurus so where she sits in your chart may carry a special message for you during this event. Venus rules over money, so changes may occur involving the money you make.

Taurus is a fixed sign, which means they are a bit stubborn to let change in. It is also an Earth sign so they are very grounded. This is a sign that revels in sensual experiences. Good food, good drink, luxurious surroundings, anything that indulges the senses is on the table here. So, what is keeping you from getting what you deserve in this lifetime? The Solar Eclipse will soon show you.

About every 19 years the North Node/South Node revolve around the zodiac. This means you can reflect back on 2003 for the themes of the last series of eclipses in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Or 19 years before that. Each new visit is an opportunity for more growth to occur. And if you didn’t finish the work the last time around, now is your chance to do so.

With each new moon we have a chance for a new beginning in the area that sign represents. But the eclipse helps remove roadblocks so that new beginning can come in. You can’t so easily avoid doing the work when it is fated. We of course have free will in how we react to the changes, but they are coming. Adding a little extra zing to this one is the fact that the Moon and Sun are conjunct to the planet Uranus. This is the planet that rules our inventiveness, our uniqueness; surprises especially shocking one’s should be expected.

Mars the planet of action, is in a sextile to the eclipse. This is giving even more power to the changes about to come through for you. The need to take action on what is presented to you will be powerful, you will feel driven to do something that seems completely outside your comfort zone, and you will do it. Mars is in the watery sign of Pisces which makes it not as strong as usual, however emotionally you will feel brave and able to tackle whatever shows up for you. This is the only other planet making direct contact with the eclipse. Mars is a part of your new beginning. Mars and Uranus combined will help you breakthrough and overcome any oppressors in your life.

Blessing us during the eclipse is Venus, ruler of the eclipse, and Jupiter exactly conjunct in the sign of Pisces, with Neptune nearby as well. This means when you take that risk you will be greatly rewarded. Could be a new love, new job, new financial blessing of some kind. Neptune and Jupiter have been together all month and now are separating. With Venus’s help here, you are able to bring their work to life, with love.

Empowering the above planets is Pluto at 28 degrees of Capricorn, having just turned retrograde. This suggests someone or something from the past, perhaps career related could help your dreams come true. A sextile is gentle easy energy. This will be with you for a few days so take advantage of this opportunity. It is not the time for mulling things over, take the risk.

While the nodes are activated with the eclipse, so is the square from Saturn. In fact, Saturn is closer to the Nodes than the actual eclipse planets. Saturn has been pushing you to do the work, to get on your fated path. To release the blocks that hold you back from pursuing your dreams. To get free of those who would hold you down, make you doubt your worth, and encourage your self-doubt. No more, the eclipse says.

Last, but not least, Mercury has just entered into its home sign of Gemini. It will be sitting at 0 degrees, which can bring in intense communication, intense thoughts. As a planet first enters a sign it brings with it a surge of energy. It is also just coming off its trine to Pluto, so again the planet of transformation is supporting you in making a big change. Your mind is being cleared of fear thoughts so you can finally move on.

Below are some ways this eclipse may show up to help you based on your Rising, Sun and Moon signs. Most notable will be the rising sign. Don’t know yours? Just use any astrology program to create one, like

Taurus – the eclipse happens in your first house which can help you achieve a personal goal, after you get out of your own way. The blessing comes from your 11th house which is benefactors and friend groups. Perhaps a close friend helps you see yourself as others see you. This new-found self-confidence is all you need to go out and conquer your goals. A friend may even help you complete a makeover so you shine as you are meant to.

Aries – the 2nd house as mentioned above is the money you make. You could see blocks to you getting a new job, or a new source of income removed. The blessing comes from your 12th house, which frees you from the thoughts that are buried in your subconscious mind, that can be holding you back from being all you are meant to be. This could also be a financial gift from some kind of large institution. Something hidden is revealed in a positive way.

Pisces – the third house brings a new beginning in all things that involve how we communicate, how we think, how we learn, how we fit into our community. This is also our transportation and communication devices. What blocks to communication do you need removed? This could be a big aha breakthrough moment for you. The blessing comes from your first house, yourself. You may be recognized for being a leader in your community.

Aquarius – an eclipse in your home and family sector can cause big changes at home or where you live. Someone may move in or out of your home that you were not expecting and quite suddenly. With the blessing coming from your 2nd house of the money you make perhaps you are getting a new job or a raise that allows you to move.

Capricorn – you as a fellow earth sign might have a little easier time with this eclipse especially those early born or early degrees. In the 5th house there could be sudden changes involving your children, your romances, or your hobbies. Blocks to having fun can be removed. The blessing comes from your 3rd house, which could bring a new car, or phone, or a new role within your community.

Sagittarius – the eclipse happens in your 6th house of health and daily activities. A health issue that has kept you from work can be resolved. The blessing comes from your 4th house of home and family, there may be a new member joining your household. Or you could be moving to a new home.

Scorpio – this eclipse happens in your 7th house of serious relationships, meaning one could suddenly end or begin out of nowhere. The blessing happens in your 5th house of romance so perhaps you are ready to take a casual relationship to a more serious level. You could also be blessed with children at this time. If not children, you could give birth to a new creation.

Libra – your 8th house rules over death and transformation and the money you receive from others. You could secure funding for a new venture from outside sources. If intimacy is an issue in your relationship, blocks may suddenly be removed. The blessing comes from your 6th house of health and daily life. You could start a new health routine or a new job.

Virgo – an eclipse in your 9th house can bring in a clear understanding of your belief systems. This is the house that rules over foreign travel, higher learning and expanding your horizons. Something is removed that is blocking you from growing at this time. The support comes from your 7th house so a serious relationship or business partner may help you in your expansion.

Leo – your 10th house of career and fame is getting a big reboot. A complete shift in your career could happen at this time. Out of nowhere you may start down a new career path. The support and blessings for you comes from your 8th house. Your willingness to really transform yourself and be open to this growth opportunity could be a big financial win for you.

Cancer – the 11th house rules over your friend groups. You may suddenly find your tribe, feel like you fit in after a long period of feeling like an outsider. You could make a new friend in a fated way perhaps overseas or at some kind of spiritual retreat with Venus and Jupiter blessing you from your 9th house. If you are hanging with the wrong friends you could find them suddenly removed from your life.

Gemini – the 12th house brings new beginnings within the large institutions you are a part of, and of course this is unexpected. You could be going overseas. The blessing from Jupiter and Venus comes from your 10th house of career and recognition. Perhaps a bonus is coming your way as a result of being open to making a big change, like relocating for your company.

Of course, the above are just generalizations and how this actual occurs in your chart can only be seen by doing a personal reading. There is still time to book a New Moon session and you can do so at

Love and Light!

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