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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius Dec 4th, 2021

At approximately 12:44 am on Dec 4th we have the final eclipse of the year. The Moon and Sun will combine in the sign of Sagittarius at 12 degrees and 22 minutes. Whenever we see 222, that is an Angel number that speaks of having patience and knowing things are turning out for the best.

An eclipse removes something from your life that is keeping you from your fated path. Something that does not serve you, or your success, is removed with the energy of the eclipse. In the sign of Sagittarius, we are looking for new beginnings in the areas of learning, expansion, spiritual teachers, and foreign places, maybe even learning a new language. What is keeping you from pursuing a goal in that area of your life?

New Moons are a time for creating wishes. If you follow my work you know I suggest Jan Spiller’s New Moon Astrology book as a guide for manifesting with the new moon. This gives you 10 wishes to write out related to Sagittarius themes, and then I like working with fire as your write them. You can also burn them, safely of course. I also have a free hypnosis with Sagittarius energy on my Youtube channel here. If you are writing out wishes during an eclipse you want to focus the energy on removing a block in your life that is related to the sign and house this eclipse will occur in. Really important to think about the language you use. Make sure the removal happens easily and effortlessly for example.

The Moon and Sun will be at 12 degrees of Sagittarius while Mercury sits nearby at 15 degrees. It is past its Cazimi point with the Sun, but still an influence to our new beginnings. Mercury rules our mind, our speech, our vehicles, movement within our community. It rules teachers, and learning. Sagittarius rules higher learning, like getting an advanced degree. With the help of the eclipse you may be able to take your knowledge to a new level. To believe in yourself and take a big leap forward.

Of course, Uranus is involved as it sits retrograde still in the sign of Taurus at 11 degrees. This could bring some unexpected twist of fate to the new moon beginnings. Love or finances may cause you to suddenly shift gears. The planet is also still in its extended square to Saturn, as the two are getting closer to the exact square yet again. So, we still have that need to break free from authority. Which means we are likely seeing a rise in covid cases and lockdowns. Especially in the places where the eclipse is visible, overseas.

Also, during the eclipse, we will see Mars sextile to Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. This is power, passion, finances all on steroids. But don’t do anything drastic, as Venus is getting close to her retrograde during the upcoming full moon. Chances are things will not turn out as expected. Especially since Jupiter is squaring with Mars and that pushes tempers to the brink of explosion. Jupiter wants Mars to act more responsibly about the action he is taking, especially where Venus is concerned. Passion is wonderful, but not if it is hurting someone else.

Neptune and Mars are also in a trine, both in water signs. There is some opportunity to be a bit over the top emotionally, and play the victim. Don’t fall for it, no matter what end of the spectrum you may be on. Instead channel this energy into some sort of creative or musical project. Since Venus and Pluto are also sextile with Neptune we can really be deluding ourselves in love. As all are moving away from Neptune there is hope the fog is lifting, and you can see the truth in the situation.

Lastly, we have Saturn and Chiron who have been in an extended sextile all year. They are just starting to separate. But this energy asks that you be disciplined about your healing journey. Find the groups that can help you heal, find your tribe. Look into alternative methods of healing. Define who you are, and be comfortable being on your own. There is nothing wrong with being alone or being independent. There is a lot you can accomplish in isolation. If you don’t like being alone with yourself why would anyone else want to spend time with you? It is ok wanting to be with other people, to feel better around others, but you should also be equally ok alone.

So, what might you expect to have eclipsed out based on your Rising, Sun or Moon sign? Rising sign will be most noticeable based on the below. You may also need to adjust for the houses in your actual chart as this is a general reading. I do have New Moon reading specials if you just want to look at that in a brief reading with me. See that offer here.

Aries – as a fire sign you are in harmony with the energy of the new moon. Sag is your 9th house, so all that was stated at the beginning applies to you. Anything that is blocking your path to a new beginning to learning may be removed for you.

Taurus – in your 8th house your new beginnings my come from resources you receive from others by way of loans, or partnerships. This is the house that rules death, taxes, transformation and sexuality. A new relationship may go to the next level after those barriers to intimacy are removed.

Gemini – the 7th house rules over your serious relationships and partnerships. A new beginning here means a block is removed that allows you to commit to someone or something without fear. It’s time to get out of your head. Just feel into it for once.

Cancer – the 6th house rules our health and our career, being of service, even our pets. You could be starting something new in any of these areas. Of course, a block may be removed that is keeping you from the new beginning, like a boss being sent to work somewhere else.

Leo – another fire sign with energy in harmony with the lunar eclipse. Leo rules over the 5th house so you feel at home with this energy. This is new beginnings in love and romance with a bit of a twist. Are you with the wrong partner? That situation may need to dissolve so you no longer just love the one you’re with.

Virgo – the 4th house of home and family means you might want to start some major project at home, maybe even move suddenly! You have a lot of new ideas about what you want to renovate. But something at home may need to be let go of first. You rising signs at 7-17 degrees may feel this the most as you are squaring off with the eclipse. Might be best to just get that decorating done for the holidays or start some baking!

Libra – the 3rd house rules over our siblings, our cousins, our community, how we communicate with others. You might be thinking about a move, or a new vehicle. Something that is keeping you from moving forward may suddenly just disappear. Like a serious relationship that his holding you back from achieving your purpose.

Scorpio – the 2nd house rules the money you make, your self-worth and your value systems. A new job may suddenly appear for you, or the one you have is lost in order for you to pursue the one of your dreams. Something strange may happen in one of your partnerships that instigates this change for you as well.

Sagittarius – this is your 1st house, something about yourself is eclipsed so you can shine the way you are meant to in the world. This sudden change could be health related or job related, but whatever is removed it helps you feel more like yourself again.

Capricorn – an eclipse in your 12th house can remove a subconscious block. This is the hidden and unseen area of the chart, it rules endings, and far away places. A block to spirituality or your creativity could help you finish a project. A child could surprise you as well.

Aquarius – the 11th house rules our friends and our networking groups, being part of a new one, supporting a cause all feels like home to you. This is finding your tribe finally. Something at home or involving family might be involved in your finding this group.

Pisces – the 10th house of fame and career could mean a huge shift in your job. This could bring you a totally new career, or some long overdue recognition for all of your hard work. You could get a call from someone from the past that lures you to this new opportunity out of the blue.

This is the end of the South Node work you have been doing while the Nodes have been transiting Sagittarius and Gemini. This is karma being paid or recognized as a part of this eclipse. The North Node, fated path work concludes with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 18th with Venus standing still and about to go retrograde. Never a dull moment in life or astrology these days!

Love and Light!

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